Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting

held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 19th Nov 2013 at 7.30pm.

Thurs min 10   Draft minutes to be ratified at the17th December 2013 Parish Council Meeting  

Members present: Cllr P Hunter, Cllr W.Bowe, Cllr Ken Peerless

Cumbria County Council: Cllr Fairbairn.

Allerdale Borough Council: Cllr McDonald

Sports & Rec Committee Rep– Richard Johnson & Keith Mason

Hall Committee – Peg Eastwood.

Members of the Public -1

Parish Clerk: Miss Joanne Charlton.


87/11/13– Chairman Cllr W Bowe welcomed everyone to this evening’s meeting.


88/11/13- Apologies  

89/11/13- Minutes Resolved: that the Chair sign as a correct record minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 15th October 2013.  

Subject to the following amendments:- 83/10/13 That the internal Auditor had not checked the Asset Register not as stated that there was no asset register.


90/11/13- Chairman’s Announcements

a) Cumbria Independent Custody  Visiting Scheme- West Cumbria, are needing to recruit several new members to make weekly unannounced visits to the designated Police custody suites to check on the well-being of the people detained there. This is a voluntary role for more information contact or telephone 01768217158 (mornings only), closing date for applications will be 29th November 2013.


b) Green Waste collection- There will be an extra green waste collection during the first two weeks of December commencing on Monday 2nd December 2013, households will be advised of specific dates. Recycling centres Wigton,Maryport and Workington accept green waste. Householders can also take the opportunity to compost at  home, discounted compost bins are available at


c)Local Healthwatch Allerdale meeting to be held St Michaels Parish Church Library,Falcon Place, Workington on Tuesday 26th November 2013, 1.30pm-4pm. More details Tel 01900 607208 or


d) The County Council would like to brief Councils on the budget consultation and the District Council want to discuss the present situation regarding the removal by ENW of footway lighting in the parishes. A meeting has been arranged for Thursday 12th December 2013 beginning at 7pm at Bothel Village Hall.


e) Cumbria County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service has created a new web based fire safety tool   to identify an individual’s level and type of risk to gauge their risk of falling victim to fire in the home. The assessment can also be carried out over the telephone, the Freephone number is Tel 0800 358 4777 or click on or visit


f) West Cumbria Rape Crisis are appealing for donations to allow them to continue working, they have applied for grants but are requesting for a £50 donation from the Parish Council.


91/11/13 Public Participation

Sports & Recreation Committee have now secured Funding of £50,000 from Sport England and £5,000 from Cumbria County Council, more grants have been applied for but none confirmed to date for the draining of the Jubilee Field. The Committee would like to see more people in the Parish get involved with this fantastic project that would benefit the Community and surrounding areas.  The next meeting will be held at Thursby Parish Hall on Sat 7th December 2013 at 1pm everyone welcome to attend.

The Jubilee Field was too late in their application to be part of the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge but they can now apply to be part of The Field Protection Programme. Maintenance to the electrics in the pavilion is required Sports & Rec Committee agreed to obtain three quotes from local contractors. Funding has only been applied for work to be carried out on the Jubilee Field and does not include the school field.

Councillor Bowe thanked the Sports and Recreation Committee for all their hard work and commitment to the project. 


Dog fouling-Resident made a complaint about the dog fouling in the village, how they never see the dog warden or hear of anyone being caught and fined in the newspapers, why do Allerdale Council charge us for notices being put up at the Jubilee field.


92/11/13) Requests for Dispensations

Cllr Bowe-13b as a Committee member of the Sport & Rec Committee.

Cllr Hunter-13c as a dog owner.

77/10/13) Declaration of Interests


93/11/13) Reports

a) Cumbria Constabulary

3/8/13-complaint to the manner of driving of a vehicle.

18/8/13-police received a call a bike being left in the road, Police recovered the bike.

20/8/13-report of people lamping in Thursby, Police attended but no one located.

21/8/13-spillage on A595 Highways attended the scene.

1/9/13-theft from a vehicle in Thursby.

10/9/13-report of vehicle swerving on the A595.

14/9/13-Bull and cows on the road Police attended but no animals located.

21/9/13-Wagon parked in a layby with 2 hour limit, Police moved on.

23/9/13-Broken down vehicle on the roundabout, Police attended and vehicle recovered safely.

4/10/13-Two males arrested for criminal damage in Thursby.

4/10/13-Two vehicles collided on the A595 Thursby Roundabout.

9/10/13-Report of cattle on the road at Thursby, farmer attended and secured.

25/10/13-Report of a suspicious vehicle in Thursby, Police attended but unable to locate the vehicle.

1/11/13-Collision at Thursby Roundabout Police attended no injuries.

6/11/13-Theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle in Thursby inquiries into this are ongoing.


b) Thursby Parish Hall-nothing to report.


c) Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn.

Bus Routes-Several bus routes are currently at risk due to the low uptake of passengers. The 554 and 300, Carlisle to Cockermouth evening run, Carlisle to Silloth evening run.


Damage to the Village Green, buses are struggling to get around the green when cars are parked close to the corners therefore they have been going on the grass and have damaged the grass and a drain- Clerk has notified Highways and Stagecoach on the matter, Council would like a site meeting arranged.  


d) Allerdale Borough Council-.

-Wigton Swimming Pool still closed due to a leakage into the drain’s, There are a number of Councillors trying to raise funding to reopen the pool due to it being our only facility available.

Council Resources staffing and services will be shared with other districts due to financial cuts.

-Drains at Nealhouse Cllr McDonald will follow up as nothing has been done.


e) Sports and Recreation refer to 91/11/13 Public Participation.


f) Thursby School-no report.


g) Broadband in Cumbria

Thursby are looking at late 2014 for a cabinet to be installed to increase broadband speed, for more information log on to .

h) Neighbourhood Forum

Cllr Hunter had been to a very interesting meeting on the Health Trust, Public Health and the changes to West Cumberland Hospital. Concerns were raised to the length of time it takes to transfer a patient from West Cumberland to Carlisle Infirmary due to the volume of traffic.

More information go to


94/11/13) Payment of Accounts Resolved – the following payments were approved:

a) CALC Training Course for new clerk- £50.00

b) Clerks Wages for Sept & Oct- £472.85

c) HMRC Income Tax Sept & Oct- £118.00

d) HMRC Income Tax Nov- £78.60

e) Vodafone- £10.15

f) Allerdale Council Dog Control Order- £350.00

g) Poppy wreath- £20.00

h) Envirocare Maintenance- £216.00

i) USB Drive- £19.99


95/11/13) Financial Statement

Opening Balance 1/4/13 (90 Account)                                               £3022.44

Opening Balance 1/4/13 (Current Account)                                       £2814.86        

(Cheques not banked in 2012/13 gone out in 2013/14 total £467.77)

Income to 19/11/13                                                                           £23701.90

Expenditure to 19/11/13                                                                     £9181.38

Balance of Current Account 19/11/13                                              £16867.61

Request to transfer £8000 to 90 day Account to be placed on next agenda.



a) App No 2/2013/0642- Agricultural storage building- Approved.

b) App No /2013/0764- Installation of summer house at Greenwood House- Concern raised over the impact of the raised wall on visibility coming out of the estate junction, clerk to raise concerns with planning.

c) App No 2/2013/0663-amendment to floor finish- no concerns raised.

d) App No 2/2013/0776- Proposed installation of stove and flue at Carras, Thursby- no concerns raised.


97/11/13) Ongoing Matters  

a) Parish Councillor Vacancy and Training-place on next agenda.

b) Jubilee field-refer to 91/11/13, next agenda to discuss the conditions of  The Fields Protection Programme Clerk to obtain.

c) Street Lights- Refer 90/11/13.


98/11/13 Cutting of Hedge on Evening Hill and Chalk Rise- resolved.

99/11/13 Road Sign- cattle warning sign reported broken on A595- reported to Highways Ref 11\1187821.

100/11/13 Condition of Village Green- Clerk to arrange a site meeting with Stagecoach and Tim Shield from Highways to discuss the condition of the green and damaged drain.


Envirocare Maintenance have resubmitted a quote for the grass collection of the village green at a cost of £10.00 extra per cut and to collect the green and the triangle in front of The Ship and around the notice board would be £20.00. To be reviewed next month when setting the budget for 2013/14.


101/11/13 Holme housing have said that this will be the last time they are cutting the hedge as they say it is County Council owned. Clerk to write to Holme Housing to clarify the ownership of the hedge and railings.

102/11/13 Budget Consultation Questionnaire issued to all Councillors and to be placed on next agenda.

103/11/13 Declaration of Acceptance- Clerk received copies.

104/11/13 Code of Conduct- Cllr Pattinson did not attend the meeting.

105/11/13 Local Plan- Information pack still being passed around the Councillors – item to be on next agenda. A request for Allotments to be made for the residents of Thursby.


13) Items for Next Agenda-forwarded to the clerk by the 10th December 2013.



14) Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 17th December 2013 in Thursby Parish Hall.


Signed………………………………………………..on behalf of the Parish council.

Meeting closed 9.30pm