Broadband in Cumbria

Cumbria awarded the program for the roll out of Broadband in Cumbria to BT Openreach. This is a separate company to BT retail.

At present they are putting a fibre network across Cumbria and installing new cabinets to provide superfast broadband to many parts of the county.

To be able to ask your ISP to move you to superfast broadband you have to be within 1.4 KM of one of the new fibre cabinets.

To some extent their location depends on local interest and the number of homes potentially available to be served.

There is a Connecting Cumbria Web site where you can find out more about exchanges which have been activated and a postcode checker wither you can check availability and register your interest.

 A second DSLAM unit for fibre has been installed adjacent to Thursby village green and smaller units now placed in other parts of the parish.

For further information contact Cllr Bowe who is the hub coordinator for Thursby.

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