The Sports and Recreation committee manage the use of the Jubilee field and recreation facilites.

The Committee are making good progress with the playing field development project. To date £72,000 has been secured in grant-aid towards the project, with a number of other applications outstanding. The bulk of the funding to date has been sourced from Sport England, who will work with the Committee throughout the duration of the project. The money raised will ensure that we have a fantastic well drained full size adult football pitch as well as a new youth pitch with improved changing facilities for use by the whole community all year round. This is only the first phase of the Committee’s plans which also include improving the play area for the young children of the Parish.

This project was identified as the number one priority for the Committee following the recent consultation exercise undertaken with all parishioners earlier this year.

Can you help? The Committee is looking for assistance from members of the community in driving forward this exciting project, and are looking for old and new committee members to join in and support this work, with the aim of transforming the playing fields into a well-used and vibrant community asset. We are looking for people with a range of skills, so if you feel you have something to contribute, please come along and get involved.

If you would like more details please contact Stuart Eastwood on 01228 710101