Thursby Village Show 2015 Results

Flowers & Plants (Classes 1 – 13) – Dennis Robinson Challenge Trophy: Mr Ted Swainson

Most outstanding exhibit – Mr Alec Beck, Class 7, Gladioli

Fruit & Vegetables (Classes 19 – 33) – Donaldson Challenge Trophy Mr Ted Swainson

Most outstanding exhibit – Mr Alec Beck, Three Onions from sets

Floral Art (Classes 14 – 17) – Wheeler Challenge Trophy Mrs Joan Gate

MOST OUTSTANDING EXHIBIT Mrs Joan Gate, ‘How Does your Garden Grow’

Best  Garden’ (Classes 33) – Trophy Winner Mrs Mary Thompson

Cookery  (Classes 34 – 45) – Watson Challenge Trophy Mrs Mary Faulder

MOST  OUTSTANDING EXHIBIT Mrs Janice Beck- Three Cup Cakes

Cookery  (Classes 42) – Martin Challenge Trophy Winner: Mrs Elizabeth Hinsley

Cookery  (Classes 44 – Male only) – The Ship Inn Trophy Mr Frank Pattinson

Preserves  (Classes 46-52) – Fairfield Challenge Trophy Mrs Ann Haugh

MOST  OUTSTANDING EXHIBIT Mrs Elaine Gray, Jar lemon curd

(Classes 53-60) – Shaw Wood Challenge Trophy Mrs Sue Foulger

MOST  OUTSTANDING EXHIBIT Mrs Sue Fougler, A Needlework Item

(Classes 61-62) – Willis Challenge Trophy: Mrs Ann Mawdsley

Photograph – Weather

Cumberlaid  Challenge Cup – (Classes 1 – 75): Mr Ted Swainson

Show_Schedule_2015 final

I’m please to say that at our committee meeting last month we agreed a great  2015 Village Show schedule.  And what is more the detials of the main classes are detailed below.  We hope you will be encouraged to start planting or making or practicing making items for the show.  But before you go through the categories you should know that this year the Garden and Allotment Club are putting the BEST GARDEN 2015 COMPETITION as their category for the show.  There is a trophy to be won here!  Entries for the Best Garden Competion willl be included in the usual schedule form but what we ask of potential participants is to let the entry secretary know before the end of July that you are entering.  Details are in the schedule which is available on line by downloading from the above link or from Thursby Post Office, Ship Inn and Thursby Parish Hall. 

Classes for 2015 

 FLOWERS  AND  PLANTS - Foliage Plant, Flowering Plant, Four Fresh Herbs in a Tumbler, A Vase of Cut Garden Flowers to include a minimum of three distinct kindsThree Asters, Three decorative Dahlias (full double bloom showing no disc) , One Stem Gladioli , Three Stems of one variety of Annual , Small Bowl of Marigolds, Seven Sweet Pea Stems, One Specimen Rose, Small bowl of Nasturtiums , Three Shrub Stems in a vase
FLORAL ART SECTION – miniature Exhibit, arrangement not to exceed 4″, A Modern Design using three flowers and foliage, space  allowed 10″, Arrangement of Foliage, space allowed 18″, ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’, space allowed 20″, A Wine Glass Arrangement, not to exceed 10″ x 10″ – class open to anyone who has not won a prize in the Floral Art Section in the last five years.
FRUIT & VEGETABLES SECTION- Three Tomatoes, Four Cherry Tomatoes, Three Dessert Apples, Three Cooking Apples, Three Plums, Saucer of soft fruit, any variety, Three  Potatoes, Three Beetroot, Three Runner Beans, Three Onions from Seeds, Three Onions from Sets, Three Carrots, Three Courgettes, Collection of Four Vegetables, one of each variety, not to include tomatoes, Special Category Open to All – ‘Best Garden’ (Sponsored by the Gardening Club). Those wishing to enter ‘Best Garden’ must do so by contacting our Entry Secretary on or before 31st July.
COOKERY SECTION – Three white Rolls, ,  Tea Bread, Three Cheese Scones, A Pizza, approximately 8″, Victoria Sandwich, approximately 8″, to be baked in one tin, Three Sausage Rolls, Three Biscuits, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Apple Plate Cake, Three Cup Cakes, MALE ENTRY ONLY – A Chocolate Cake, Individual Summer Sweet
PRESERVES SECTION – One Jar Marmalade – any kind,One Jar Strawberry Jam,One Jar Jam, any other variety,Small Glass Dish Rum Butter,Small Jar Lemon Curd (should not be less than 8oz),Jar Chutney,A Savoury Dip
HANDICRAFT SECTION- Handmade articles to have been made in the last three years.A Mounted Picture, any medium, A Pen / Pencil Holder made from recycled material, A hand crafted Bag, any medium, An item created from Wool, A Needlework article, An item of Headwear, any medium, A Posy of hand crafted Flowers, any medium, An item of Jewellery
PHOTOGRAPHY SECTION – An Un-mounted Photograph, ‘Weather’, not to exceed 7″x 5″, An Un-mounted Photograph, ‘Funny People Pictures’ with Caption, not to exceed 7″ x 5″
Thursby Village Show, Saturday, 6th September 2014
What a great show and a big thanks to all who came along and enjoyed the day.  A special thanks to all those who helped.

2014 Trophy Winners

Horticulture -Denis Robinson Challenge Trophy: Ted Swainson. Most outstanding exhibit: Tom Martindale

Floral Art – Wheeter Challenge Trophy: Mary Watson. Most outstanding exhibit: Mary Watson

Fruit and Vegetables – Donaldson Challenge Trophy: Ted Swainson. Most outstanding exhibit: Tom Martindale

Cookery – Watson Challenge Trophy : Mrs Janice Beck. Most outstanding exhibit: Elaine Taylor

Martin Challenge Trophy for apple plate cake ( Choice of Committee for 2013): Mary Faulder.

The Ship Inn Trophy for mens birthday cake challenge: Mark Voisey

Preserves – Fairfield Challenge Trophy: Mrs Sheila Reynolds. Most outstanding exhibit: Janice Beck

Handicrafts – Shaw Wood Challenge Trophy: Mrs Sue Foulger. Most outstanding exhibit: Anne Noble

Willis Challenge Trophy for Photographs: Keith McIntosh. Most outstanding exhibit: Keith McIntosh

Cumberland Challenge Cup for most points in show: Ted Swainson


Past info
Committee members met on Friday 21 February to agree the classes for this years Village Show. The Schedule will be available at the beginning of June and we hope everyone is enthused to give it a go. So to help you decide what you need plant and nuture for the  ’growing categories’ we are giving you a heads up on two of the sections. If you want to know more please look on under parish organisations.
Horticulture section: Foliage Plant, Flowering Plant, Fresh Herbs, Cut Garden Flowers, Asters, Dahlias,  Gladioli,  Annuals, Marigolds,  Sweet Peas, Rose, Cactus Garden, Planter.
Fruit and Vegetables: Tomatoes; Cherry Tomatoes; Dessert Apples; Cooking Apples; Plums; Saucer of soft fruit,Potatoes; Beetroot; Runner Beans; French Beans, fresh salad, Onions; Carrots; Courgettes; Four different vegetables (not tomatoes)

Thank you for all who turned out to our AGM on 13 November.  Thank you to Margaret Hall and Anne Noble for their committment and help over many many years of the Thursby Show and we hope they will both continue to contribute to the 2014 show day.  Our first committee meeting to confirm judges takes place at Rowan Lea, Church Lane on 3 December at 10.00am.   The 2014 committee  includes:

Karen Eaglesfield ( Henderson)
Claire Cowing
Elaine Smith
Vice Chair and Minute  Sec
Beth Voisey
Entry Secretary
Jo Dancer
Committee members
M Watson, H Hadden E Wilson, J Gate, Y Kent, J Donaldson


 THURSBY VILLAGE SHOW ON Saturday 7th SEPTEMBER 2013 took place in the Parish Hall and was a great success.  

Thank you for all your support and exhibits in this years village show, auction and children’s games.  Once again the  auction was a great success and raised valuable funds for next years show. Here is a selection of the photos.

A big thank you to everyone who made this years show a huge success !  Entries this year increased overall by 25% so lets hope that trend continues for 2014.  The children’s games proved fun and well supported.  For those that donated their exhibits for the auction (and more) a huge thanks and of course to the purchasers too.  If anyone purchased a bakery item and the plate went with it please will you return the plate to Rowan Lea, Church lane if you don’t know whose plate it is – Thanks.  All funds from the show will go towards the 2014 show. Well done to the winners in the show and for the full results view on  www.thursbyonline under parish organisations/thursby village show.

Once again a huge thank you to all our sponsors.  In particular to the Neighbourhood Forum, Cumbria council, Thursby Parish Council,  Thursby Parish Hall an d the village show committee for their generous donations towards the new display panels.  The panels made a huge difference, being much more user friendly and providing a clear view of all the children’s work that they could see.


Well done to all prize and trophy winners.  A full list of prize winners is attached here: Show Results 2013

2013 Trophy Winners

Denis Robinson Challenge Trophy for Horticulture: Mr A T  Beck

Wheeler Challenge Trophy for Floral Art: Mrs Mary Watson

Donaldson Challenge Trophy for Fruit and Vegetables: Ted Swainson

Watson Challenge Trophy for cookery and Preserves: Mrs Janice Beck

Martin Challenge Trophy for mens flap jack( Choice of Committee for 2013): Keith Mason

Fairfield Challenge Trophy for Preserves: Mrs Peg Eastwood

Shaw Wood Challenge Trophy for Handicrafts: Mrs A Noble

Willis Challenge Trophy for Photographs: Megan Percival

Cumberland Challenge Cup for most points in show: Ted Swainson