Clerk: To be appointed



Thursby Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Draft Minutes of Meeting

Council Members:  Councillors Wendy Bowe (Chair), Mike Rorke, Ray McCreadie, Peter Hunter, Chris Haig-Prothero, Helen Barlow.

Apologies                                                                 Cllr Myra Armstrong,                    

Cumbria County Council:                                Mike Johnson           

Allerdale Borough Council:                            Apologies

Members of the public:                                    One Member of the Public

Parish Clerk:                                                        To be appointed

070/04/2021    Apologies:                                  Cllr Armstrong, ABC Vaughan Johnson

071/04/2021 Declaration of Interests:          None

072/04/2021 Dispensations:                            None

073/04/2021 Minutes of previous meeting:   The March 2021 Minutes were approved with the following Amendments (3):

Amendments to the minutes:-

New  Lights – not an agenda item from the last agenda but were paid for.  The Council Resolved to pay before the end of the financial year.

Cumberland news invoice was for the  Cumberland News Advert £228.06 not £228.08.

064/03/2021 Accounts

No Approval of Bank Reconciliation as at 28 February 2021 – it was not Presented accounts were agreed to the bank reconciliation statement from the Cumberland.

074/04/2021 Progress Updates:  The Chairman outlined actions taken since the previous meeting and updated Councilors:  All the following actions completed:

  • Interview for the Parish Clerk position.  Interview Panel Cllrs Bowe, Armstrong and McCreadie
  • Feedback on Accounts completed by P L Gauntlet Cllr Bowe
  • Operation Forth Bridge Protocol established for Thursby Cllrs Bowe/Armstrong
  • Palace contacted re official photo Duke of Edinburgh Cllr Bowe
  • Web site update re Duke of Edinburgh Cllr Bowe
  • Information sent to applicants for Parish Clerk job Cllr Bowe
  • Effective Councilor Part 2 Training attended by 4 Councillors: owing to unforeseen circumstances Cllr Bowe
  • Hole filled in Village Green Cllr Rorke
  • Defibrillator Cabinet Checks carried out.  Cllrs Bowe/Rorke
  • Parish Website updated: Agenda and Minutes Cllr Bowe
  • Minutes sent to Throstle Cllr Barlow
  • Information re Duke of Edinburgh sent to Throstle Cllr Bowe
  • Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref W2181035413 – Revisited Pot Holes Cllr Armstrong.   Reported 2 Pot Holes near Village Green.
  • Cllr Barlow reported that a reply from CC Mike Johnson had been circulated to Councillors regarding the speed on the A596 through the village of Micklewaite, and there was a proposal for a 40mph speed limit through Micklewaite.  CC Mike Johnson confirmed at the Council Meeting that this figure had been calculated using a “Means Speed” by traffic counters on this stretch of road to reduce the speed to 40mph.  Cllr Haig-Prothero pointed out that the last survey had taken place in 2008.  CC Mike Johnson to check.  

075/04/2021 Chairs Announcements: 

The Annual Parish Meeting – 7.00pm, Tuesday, 4 May 2021

076/04/2021 Public Participation:   A Member of the Public joined the Meeting and requested if the Parish Council could provide an area in the Village that would be suitable for Allotments, such as the Glebe Field.  It was Resolved to include this item on the Agenda for the May Meeting.  A list of 10 to 12 who are interested in an Allotment would be provided, also further enquiries would be made.

Also raised concern as to why the Highways have erected a 40mph sign on the Evening Hill/Curthwaite road.  Cllr Hunter stated that three years ago Cllrs Hunter and Armstrong attended a meeting in Wigton and were informed that the speed limit would be increased and did protest at that time.  The Council is well aware that the Thursby/Curthwaite road has areas with no footpaths, bends and blind spots, also used by farm traffic.  It is frequently used by walkers.

077/04/2021 County Council and Borough Councilors reports: 

CC Leader Mike Johnson stated Tony Markley was now the Chairman of the Council.  Elections had been suspended but the ongoing day to day business and Council Meetings were now starting to open up.   Elections to take place on 6 May, 2021.

£40 million has been given by Central Government to Allerdale Borough Council who will benefit from investment.

Question Time

Cllr Rorke requested if there was any further information regarding the School Bus Fares.  This has to be taken into consideration if moving to Thursby, the extra expense entailed.

Cllr Bowe had received a reply from Mark Jenkinson MP, that the school boundaries had been set and this was County Policy.

CC Johnson, no information to date, this item is still being discussed. Cllr Bowe to send the response from Cumbria to Cllr Johnson so that he can take this matter further.

Cllr Hunter, a group from Thursby did a litter pick on the A595.  There is rubbish and litter under the hedgerow, whose responsibility is it to pick up.

CC Johnson stated that the adjoining landowner is responsible.

Cllr Hunter, there is one rubbish bin situated in the lay-by at How End, which is slightly damaged.  Normally this bin is full by the weekend and is not emptied until Monday.  When the bin is full it is this litter that gets blown along the highway and into the hedgerows.  Is it possible to have another bin.

CC Johnson, this is easily remedied.

Cllr Bowe, Coastal Highways use prisoners from Haverigg to work on the coastal and to help clear litter and rubbish

CC Johnson,there are similar opportunities in this area where offenders  who do not warrant a prison sentence and the running of this scheme is well organised in the local area.   He will get back to the Parish Council with further information. 

078/04/2021 External Bodies Report:  For information – Police Report via Cllr Hunter

As per email circulated by Cllr Hunter regarding Local Focus HUB Meetings. 

The Council Resolved to assess the monthly meetings value to the Parish Council.

056/03/2021 – 079/04/2021 Parish Notice Boards: Progress Update Cllr Hunter:  Cllr Hunter reported that a specification or refurbishment of the Noticeboards is required.  Refurbishment will entail replacing seals to stop the holding of the water and better air circulation to stop the condensation.  The Council Resolved to refurbish with polycarbonate sheet replacements.  Cllr Hunter to obtain quotes for refurbishment.

080/04/2021 Parish Council Insurance Due June 2021 

The Council resolved that Cllr Hunter to obtain the necessary quotes for the May Parish Council Meeting.

081/04/2021 Planning Applications:  

CLDP/2021/0001 – 5 The Paddocks, Thursby, Carlisle CA5 6QE.  Certificate of lawful development for proposed fencing. This item has already been passed.

FUL/2021/0064 – West Park, Crofton.  Proposal – Landscaping work – no objections.

082/04/2021 Procedure for Interview of Applicant for Parish Clerk:    

The Interview Panel will consist of Cllrs Bowe, Armstrong and McCreadie. 

A Welcome Pack for the Clerk will be made available.

083/04/2021 Report Reflecting the Priorities of the Community Led Plan:   

  • Health and Wellbeing – Cllr Barlow provided the following information regarding the Covid-19 positive cases in Cumbria, Week ending 12 March 138 cases.  Week ending 19 March 114 cases. Week ending 26 March 134 cases.  Week ending 2 April 81 cases.  Week ending 9 April 69 Cases.  The numbers are falling, but parishioners are still to continue to be vigilant.
  • Environment
  • Wild Flower areas

A reply has been received from Thursby Gardening Club and circulated.  The Council Resolved to review this item together with the allotment project.  To await feedback regarding the numbers interested as per the Member of the Public, and the areas to be considered for both projects.

  • Cllr Rorke informed the Council that New Fencing will be erected alongside the public footpath along the CA2 garage and the entrance at Greenwood Close.
  • Cllr Rorke informed the Council that the Highways Department have contacted the Developer of the Welgate area and have issued a 28 days notice to rectify the problem of flooding during periods of heavy rain.
  • Cllr Rorke informed the Council that the Environment Agency had been notified of a sandstone slab which had fallen into the Matty Beck located at the lower part of Matty Lonning.
  •  Housing Issues – S106 submission
  • Cllr McCreadie was asked if he had submitted the S106 requests on behalf of the council. Cllr McCreadie informed the Council that the Story Homes Board had still to meet and discuss this Phase 2 Development.
  • In connection with the handling of the planning permission for the Glebe field. Cllr McCreadie informed the Council that Judgement by the Ombudsman had still not been received and was delayed for further information.
  • Glebe Field is now “For Sale” at £400,000
  • Community amenities
  • Thursby School – Cllr Bowe informed the Council that pupils had now returned to Thursby School.  Extra funds had enabled a class  to be split.
  • Parish Hall – Council Representative

Cllr McCreadie nominated as the Representative on the Parish Hall Committee.  Proposed by Cllr Rorke, Seconded by Cllr Hunter

  • Sports and Recreation

Flood – Cllr Bowe informed the Council that there had been a flood in one of the changing rooms on the playing field and repair work is necessary.

Cllr Bowe asked for confirmation of which Playing Field Report we would like to authorise for the safety of users.The Council Resolved that the  Standard Payment is  to be paid

  • Benching

Cllr Hunter reported to the Council regarding the status of the 12 Benches (6 wooden, 3 metal, 3 plastic), with regard to the necessary repair and cleaning work required.  The Council Resolved that Cllr Hunter to report on an estimate for the work required at the May Council Meeting.

  • Travel and Transport – feedback on Bus Service for Secondary Pupils

Cllr Bowe to forward reply received from the County  to CC Mike Johnson so that he can progress the matter.

  • Communication – Lack of Mobile signal coverage in parts of the Parish

Cllrs Bowe and Rorke had received a reply from Mark Jenkinson MP together with information and updates from the Suppliers to the Thursby area.  However parishioners are still experiencing a poor sign and smart meters are failing to function correctly even when the suppliers indicate that there is good coverage.  The Council Resolved to ask individuals to  reply back to their supplier  also get in touch with OFCOM to put pressure on the issue.

084/04/2021 Summary of Internal Control

Review of Financial Regulations and Standing Orders

Review of Asset Register

Review of Risk Assessment Schedule and Insurance

Cllr Bowe to circulate information to Councillors prior to next meeting

Visible on Web site.   Cllr Bowe to check  (AGAR)

085/04/2021 Payment of Accounts

The following accounts were approved for payment:

Finance Course Cllrs Bowe and McCreadie

– revised figure £30 each, total £60 (carried forward).  CALC had an External Tutor engaged

PLG Accountants payroll £40

CALC membership £266.11

Allerdale Borough Council Invoice (2 Lights) £793.57 (was paid to last year’s account)

Microsoft Office Licence is now due

The Council Resolved that Cllr Bowe to contact regarding delaying renewal until a new clerk is appointed unless they have already taken payment on this account, in which case we would need to reimburse the precious clerk.

086/04/2021 Accounts –

  • Revision and balance for end of year/opening balance statement 2019/2020. The Council Resolved to adopt the Clerk Gillian Martin’s Statement which was correct, and had appropriately handled the error made by the Cumberalnd Building Society- This was then  both internally and externally audited. The council resolved to contact Jean Alrey,  our new auditor to explain  and clarify to her the error which affects the opening balance  made by the Cumberland Building Society for the Financial Year Ending March 2020.
  • Approval of Bank Reconciliation as at 31 March 2021, £8643.78
  • Discussion of balance remaining in Accounts

The Council resolved to transfer £8,000.00 into the Savings Account. 

Proposed by Cllr Hunter, Seconded by Cllr Haig-Prothero

087/04/2021 Councillors’ Reports and items for future agenda –

Cllr Bowe reminded the Councillors that if an item has been on the agenda and dealt with in the last 6 months it cannot go on the agenda again.

Requests made:-

Allotment and Wild Flower Areas

Noticeboard quotes for refurbishment Cllr Hunter

Cllr Hunter to supply quote for repairs etc to Parish Benches

Parish Council Insurance quotes Cllr Hunter

Code of Conduct – Respect

Progress on recruitment of Parish Clerk

Recruitment of 2 new Parish Councillors under the co-option rules  

088/04/2021:   Correspondence Received and Circulated

089/04/2021:   Dates for Future Parish Surgeries:  Awaiting appointment of new Clerk

090/04/2021:  Councillors Resolved that the Annual Parish Meeting will be 7.00pm, Tuesday, 4 May 2021. The next Parish Council Meeting will be 7.30pm, Tuesday, 4 May 2021.  Under the current restrictions it is anticipated this will be a virtual meeting via zoom.

Minutes prepared by Cllr Barlow