Clerk: To be appointed



Thursby Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Draft Minutes of Meeting

Council Members:  Councillors Wendy Bowe (Chair), Myra Armstrong, Mike Rorke, Ray McCreadie, Peter Hunter, Chris Haig-Prothero, Helen Barlow.                                                    

Cumbria County Council:                  Apologies        

Allerdale Borough Council:              Vaughan Hodgson

Members of the public:                     1 Member

Parish Clerk:                                      To be appointed

047/3/2021 Apologies:                        CC Mike Johnson (Another Meeting)

048/03/2021 Declaration of Interests:    Cllr Bowe – Cumberland News reimbursement

049/03/2021 Dispensations:              None

050/03/2021 Minutes of previous meeting:   The February 2021 Minutes were approved with the following Amendments (2):

036/02/2021 – Story Homes St Andrew’s View Phase 2 Schedule 106

To read as follows:

The Council resolved to take no further action other than submitting Schedule 106 requests to Allerdale Planning department  until the Planning Application regarding the St Andrew’s View Phase 2 has been submitted by Story Homes to Allerdale Borough Council.

041/02/2021 Accounts – to read as follows:

Approval of Bank Reconciliation as at 30 December 2020

Approval of Bank Reconciliation as at 31 January 2021

051/03/2021 Progress Updates:  The Chairman outlined actions taken since the previous meeting and updated Councilors:  All the following actions completed:

  • Email sent to CALC requesting advert for new Clerk on the CALC web site updated by Cllr Bowe
  • Audit of Accounts completed by P L Gauntlet
  • Advert placed in Throstle again for a Clerk Cllr Bowe
  • Advert placed in Cumberland News for a Clerk Cllr Bowe
  • Effective Councilor Part 2 Training 14/04/2021 organised for 6 Parish Councilors; Cllr Bowe
  • Defibrillator Cabinet Checks carried out. 10/03/2021  Cllr Bowe/Rorke
  • Account Books collected from Lynne Gauntlett. Cllr Bowe
  • Contacted Connecting Cumbria/Mark Jenkinson’s Office re lack of mobile signal difficulties as per Post Code in Thursby. Cllr Bowe
  • Parish Website updated – Agenda and Minutes Cllr Bowe
  • Land Registry update completed by Cllr Hunter
  • Updating of signatories to Parish Council Accounts Cllr Bowe
  • Minutes sent to Throstle Cllr Barlow
  • Highways Feedback Survey Cllr Hunter
  • Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref W2181035413 – Pot Hole. Cllr Armstrong
  • Update sent to MP Mark Jenkinson regarding traffic on A596. Cllr Haigh-Prothero

052/03/2021 Chairs Announcements: 

  • Census Day Sunday 21 March 2021
  • Public Health England New Breastfeeding campaign and support Start4Life social media activity.
  • Roots of Remembrance This Winter, the RHS is inviting community groups, schools, businesses and local authorities to plant trees in memory of those who have lost their lives during the pandemic.

053/03/2021 Public Participation:    A member of the Public joined the Meeting.

Concerns were brought to the Council Meeting regarding the amount of Dog Faeces to be found in Thursby village.  There has been a noticeable increase over the last few weeks that has been left by irresponsible dog owners.  It is not confined to any one specific area.  It is noticeable in a number of areas around the village. Cllrs responded bins are situated around the village,  reminders are placed in the Throstle, stencil markings on the pavement also stickers on lamp posts and bins.   It is a small number of  irresponsible dog owners who are repeat offenders and making the area unpleasant for others.

The Council is well aware that this is a long standing problem in Thursby. Councillors also confirmed having noticed an increase.  Cllr Rorke has done a lot of work over the years and liaison with the Dog Warden, trying to educate people, especially with regard to the health issues etc.  There are responsible dog owners and there are those who are not.  Letting dogs off the lead, also fouling in the fields instead of keeping to the footpath and grass verges.  It is a few who spoil it for other responsible dog owners and the more the public report it the better.  The Council resolved to discuss with ABC Cllr Vaughan Hodgson for the Dog Warden to visit Thursby at various intervals.

Concerned was also raised regarding the change of the speed limit on the Curthwaite Road.  Cllrs Hunter and Armstrong stated that three years ago they attended a meeting in Wigton, and were informed the speed limit would be increased and did protest at the time.  To date there has been no change in the speed limit.  This road from Thursby to Curthwaite has areas with no footpaths, bends and blind spots, also used by farm traffic.   It is frequently used by walkers.

Cllr Haig-Prothero updated the Council regarding a major head on road collision on the A596 at Micklewaite, A casualty had to be air lifted to hospital.  A resident’s record indicates that since 1997 there have been 90 accidents on this particular stretch of road.  There is an advisory speed limit of 30mph, it is ignored and there is no way of enforcing it. Cllrs Bowe and Hunter stated that this road had been inspected previously and hedges had been cut back.  The speed limit is 60mph through the village and it should be 50mph, the same as the Wigton Bypass.  The Council resolved to write to County Councillor Mike Johnson with regard to this particular stretch of road.

Cllr Haig-Prothero agreed to take the lead on this with support from Cllr Barlow and Hunter.

055/03/2021 External Bodies Report:  Police Covid Report – Nothing to report

056/03/2021 Parish Notice Boards: Progress Update Cllr Hunter – There are 5 Noticeboards, 3 in Thursby village, 1 at Crofton and 1 at Nealhouse. The oldest at 14 years.   The problem is condensation and rain water infiltrating into the noticeboard together with the angle is siting.  Quotes have been received whereby the Noticeboards have been redesigned and upgraded with better ventilation, total cost for 5 replacements would be £5,172. Each section is considered to be one noticeboard so to replace the one on the green would cost £3103.20.  It was agreed that the Noticeboards are of great benefit and an important part for communicating information. It was resolved that Cllr Hunter obtain further quotes for Noticeboards with the possibility of replacing the Noticeboards in stages also re-siting 2 Noticeboards to reduce the likelihood of buildup of condensation.

054/03/2021 County Council and Borough Councillor’s Report –

Cllr Vaughan Hodgson joined the meeting

  • ABC Cllr Hodgson reported that County Councillor Mike Johnson had now been appointed Leader of Allerdale Borough Council at the last Council Meeting. 
  • £23 million has been awarded to Allerdale Borough Council by the Government for the new Workington facility and stadium, also a community running track.  £10 million has also been awarded by the Government for Maryport.  It is hoped that this will help with development in Maryport.
  • The March Meeting of Allerdale Borough Council agreed to a small modest increase to properties in Band D.
  • There will be an announcement shortly regarding the Local Government reforms, awaiting Central Government approval.  Allerdale will have an elected Mayor.
  • The Census will take place on 21 March 2021.   Help is available from the Library to fill in the census form, by appointment.  Paper copy forms are also available.

Question Time

Cllr Rorke brought to Cllr Hodgson’s attention the problem of dog faeces.  A Parishioner had attended the Public Participation Section to draw attention to this problem and concern about the continued problem of irresponsible owners not picking up after their dog in multiple areas around the village. The Dog Warden has been helpful over the years.

Cllr Hodgson will arrange for the Dog Warden to be in attendance in the Evening Hill Road/Matty Lonning to How End Junction areas between the hours of 4-6pm.

Thursby is experiencing a problem with flooding.  This is a problem during heavy rain and the drains are unable to cope.  The three areas where the flooding occurs are namely Evening Hill, Curthwaite Road/Low Road and Stonehouse Park/Fairfiield. 

Cllr Hodgson was made aware where the drains are situated and will arrange for the necessary work to clear the drains. 

Cllr Bowe queried how the litter gets picked up on the grass verges on the A595 and A596.  A Parishioner had noted the amount of litter on the A595 and A596 on the verges and the roundabout in all directions.  

Cllr Hodgson stated that there has been clearing up of the grass verges but a week later litter accumulates again and “Take-Aways” are most noticeable.   Cllr Hodgson will discuss with CC Mike Johnson regarding a litter pick.  The Council resolved to wait for feedback from Cllr Hodgson.

Cllr Armstrong raised the problem of pot holes on the roads.  There are 9 pot holes on the West Curthwaite to East Curthwaite Road, which caused a cyclist to fall off his bike. 

Cllr Hodgson is aware of problems with pot holes in the area and the general condition of the roads.  After the initial repair work has been carried out there is a time period allowed if continued repair work is required.

Fly tipping of tyres at the Bus Stop, Nealhouse, A595.  Cllr Hodgson will arrange collection.

Cllr Vaughan Hodgson left the Meeting.   The Meeting reverted back to the Agenda

057/03/2021 Parish Council Insurance – Due June 2021 – The Council resolved that Cllr Hunter to obtain the necessary quotes together with updating the Council Assets List. 

058/03/2021 Planning Applications:  Outstanding Planning Application:

FUL/2021/0075 East Park Farm, East Park, Crofton, Thursby, Carlisle CA5 6QE

Erection of an agricultural workers dwelling – closing date 30/03/2021

The Council resolved no objections be raised.

059/03/3021 Feedback on Code of Conduct training and reflection on our practices.

In the light of recent issues with other councils in the press Cllr Barlow presented the Code of Conduct for Councillors and listed the seven general principles of good conduct.    

060/03/2021 Report Reflecting the Priorities of the Community Led Plan:   

  • Health and Wellbeing –   Councillor Barlow provided the following information regarding the Covid-19 positive cases in Cumbria, Week ending 12 February 728 cases.  Week ending 19 February 556 cases. Week ending 26 February 370 cases.  Weekending 5 March 186 cases.  The numbers are falling, but parishioners are still to continue to be vigilant.
  • Environment
  • Cllr Hunter confirmed that the footway lights in Curthwaite Road and School Road Junction had now been updated.  The Invoice has been received.
  • Cllr Bowe – Issued raised by a parishioner – Litter A595 and A596 on verge.   This item covered in 054/03/2021 – ABC Councillor Vaughan Hodgson to arrange picking up of the litter and the matter to be reviewed again should build up occur.
  • Cllr McCreadie Street Lighting posts St Andrew’s – Cllr McCreadie reported that the street lights had now been passed over to Cumbria County Council.
  • Cllr Rorke – Feedback on discussion with Tivoli regarding suggestion of Areas to be left unmown for Bees.  Cllr Rorke reported that communication had been received from Tivoli after a visit to an area in Low Road with the possibility of cultivating with wild flowers and left unmown to aid the Bees.   Tivoli indicated that this particular area was too shallow for the roots, ie in the summer it would be too dry, during the winter too wet with the lack of drainage.  There is insufficient depth to allow roots to establish long term.  Tivoli suggested other areas be considered where there is better drainage on a small scale and this could be expanded to other areas. The Council further discussed the maintenance and volunteers required to maintain such areas.  It was resolved to write to the Gardening Club, Thursby, to ascertain the views of the Club on suitable areas together with the maintenance and upkeep of such a venture.
  • Housing Issues – None
  • Community amenities – None
  • Thursby School – Cllr Armstrong reported that Thursby School had now welcomed pupils back to the classroom.
  • Communication – Lack of Mobile signal coverage in parts of parish – Cllr Bowe feedback from MP Mark Jenkinson

Cllr Bowe had received a reply from MP Mark Jenkinson regarding a letter written to the providers OFCOM.  OFCOM indicated that Thursby has a very good signal with all major suppliers according to their website, particularly outdoors.   Parishioners are advised to write to OFCOM directly if they do not get a good mobile signal outside their house.  This can be done online via The 22 new masts will not be serving the Thursby area.  The Council resolved :-

to reply to MP Mark Jenkinson informing him that there is still a problem with the signal reception in Thursby. 

Also inform OFCOM that the signal reception is not as good as they claim.

To request that as many parishioners as possible who have a poor signal contact OFCOM directly so that they are aware of the extent of the problem.

061/03/2021 Summary of Internal Control

Review of Financial Regulations and Standing Orders

Review of Asset Register

Review of Risk Assessment Schedule and Insurance

It was resolved to discuss Summary of Internal Control at the April 2021 Meeting

062/03/2021 Appointment of Internal Auditor

It was resolved to appoint Jean AIrey as Internal Auditor for 2020/2021

063/03/2021 Payment of Accounts

The following accounts were approved for payment:-

Finance course WB and RMC £20 each, total £40 (carried forward)

PLG Accountants Audit £50

Cumberland News Advert £228.08: to reimburse W Bowe

Finance & End of Year Accounts Course: 24 February 2021, £15

Each Delegate(s): Ray McCreadie, Wendy Bowe, Peter Hunter £45

Allerdale Borough Council Invoice (2 Lights) £793.57 

064/03/201 Accounts –

Approval of Bank Reconciliation as at 28 February 2021.

065/03/2021 Discussion of Balance remaining in Accounts

It was resolved that a Sub Committee Meeting be arranged to discuss the LED Plan and Budget Plan for the following year.

066/03/2021 Councillors Reports and items for future agenda –

Recircling Bins, Crofton

Cllr Hunter on Parish Notice Boards

AGM May 2021

Summary of Internal Control

  • Review of Financial Regulations and Standing Orders
  • Review of Asset Register
  • Review of Risk Assessment Schedule and Insurance

Additional items to be with the Chair (unless a Clerk has been appointed) by 5pm Friday, 9 April 2021.

067/03/2021:   Correspondence Received and Circulated

068/03/2021:   Dates for Future Parish Surgeries:  Awaiting appointment of new Clerk

069/03/2021:  Date of the next Parish Council Meeting – Councillors resolved the next meeting will be 7.30pm Tuesday 20 April 2021.  Under the current restrictions it is anticipated this will be a virtual meeting via zoom.

Minutes prepared by Cllr Barlow