Clerk: To be appointed



Thursby Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Draft Minutes of Meeting

Council Members:  Councillors Wendy Bowe (Chair), Myra Armstrong, Mike Rorke, Ray McCreadie, Peter Hunter, Chris Haig-Prothero, Helen Barlow.

Member of Parliament:                        Mark Jenkinson MP (+Hannah Dolan) 

Cumbria County Council:                  Mike Johnson

Allerdale Borough Council:             

Members of the public:                     None

Parish Clerk:                                      To be appointed

023/02/2021 Apologies:                      Councillor Vaughan Hodgson (another engagement)

024/02/2021 Declaration of Interests:    None

025/02/2021 Dispensations:              None

026/02/2021 Minutes of previous meeting:   The minutes of the meeting on 19 January 2021 were discussed and the Council resolved to sign as being a true record of the meeting

027/02/2021 Progress Updates:  The Chairman outlined actions taken since the previous meeting and updated Councillors:

  • Email sent to CALC requesting advert for new Clerk on the CALC web site. Closing date 1 March 2021.  Also advert to be inserted in the Cumberland News
  • Tivolli signed the Grass Cutting Contract and returned.
  • The Defibulator pads have been replaced

028/02/2021 Chairs Announcements:      

A Thank You received from Wigton Baths for the donation.

029/02/2021 Public Participation:     Councillor Rorke spoke on behalf of a member of the public regarding introducing eco-friendly wild flowers and grass areas in the village together with the suggestion of a band stand on the village green. This item to be discussed in 037/02/2021, as it had also been requested as an Agenda item by another parishioner.

030/02/2021 Mark Jenkinson MP.   The Chair (WB) welcomed Mark Jenkinson MP to Thursby Parish Council Meeting.   Mark Jenkinson updated Councillors with the new Planning Reforms that will become Legislation in 2024. The present Planning rules have been in place for 50 years. The new Reforms will allow Parish Councils to receive notification of Planning Applications/Developments at the first stage with the intention of allowing earlier participation.     With the reorganisation of Local Government, it is the intention for Parish Councils, with devolution, to receive notification at an earlier stage and thus avoid being involved too late in the Planning Application process.

Councillors welcomed Mark Jenkinson’s information and update with regard to the new Planning Reforms.  This would have added weight to the Parish Councils argument re the Glebe Field Windfall development site.

Councillors Bowe and Hunter drew Mark Jenkinson’s attention to the lack of Mobile signal in Thursby.  He acknowledged that he had already received correspondence from Councillor Bowe about this.  He said that it is the intention that the owners of the Masts should share Masts to help the Police and isolated communities receive a better signal, he will update us with the progress of this situation.  Specific scenarios were discussed and Mark Jenkinson asked that individual parishioners who could not get a mobile signal, smart meter, or had problems with landlines to contact himself and Connecting Cumbria to make sure they were aware of the scope of the problem.

Councillor Rorke confirmed that he had had confirmation from Matt Hancock that this would be in place by 2017 but it is still not operational.

Concern was raised regarding the number of wagons carrying wood and timber on the A596 road and the possibility of a feasibility study to use the rail network.  Mark Jenkinson’s predecessor was aware of this problem.

Mark Jenkinson informed Councillors that the problem is with the roundabout on the A66 and the redevelopment of this roundabout for the wagons to get to the north of the river to the Port area in Workington.  It is a recognised problem. Councillor Haig-Prothero to keep in touch with Mark Jenkinson.

Councillor Bowe raised the issue of potential new housing developments in the village and the need to provide secondary school transport.  At present, funding is provided for transport to Caldew in Dalston, Carlisle, but many parents choose to send their children to Nelson Thomlinson, Wigton, Allerdale, and have to pay for transport.  The County Council says that this is based on school catchments and is determined by postcode.  Councillor Bowe agreed to drive both bus routes and send the details of distances to County Councillor Mike Johnson so that he can investigate transport arrangements further.

Mark Jenkinson MP left the Meeting and the Chair (WB) thanked Mark Jenkinson MP for his attendance.

031/02/2021 County Council Report:   Councillor Mike Johnson reported that the Local Government reorganisation will be released to the press and social media shortly.

Councillors raised the following points –

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the Street Lights on Low Road

Speed limit review on Curthwaite Road – Walkers, dogs and children use this road and there are areas without a footpath.  It is proposed to increase the speed limit.

Councillor Mike Johnson stated he would look into those items raised.

Councillor Mike Johnson left the meeting

032/02/2021 External Bodies Report:  Nothing to report

033/02/2021 Request to ask member Councillors to complete the HMLR Land Survey.

It was resolved that Councillor Hunter complete the HMLR Land Survey.

034/02/2021 Parish Noticeboards Purchase/Repair/Replace – Is there a need for a Noticeboard at Micklewaite?   There is a problem with the 4 Noticeboards serving the Thursby Parish area which play an important part in communication and information.  Condensation and rainwater appear to be affecting the reading ability of the notices, possible suggestion is to laminate. There is no request for a noticeboard at Micklewaite.  The Council resolved that a Sub Committee is to investigate further on the repairs necessary and report to the March Council Meeting.

035/02/2021 Planning Applications:    No outstanding Planning Applications.  The Council resolved to request a reply to a previous letter sent to Allerdale Borough Council regarding the issues of the planning web site and lack of notification that planning decisions had been made.  It was resolved that Councillor Bowe would contact Allerdale Planning.

036/02/2021 Story Homes St Andrews View Phase 2 Schedule 106 – Agreement of Priorities:    A Planning Training Session was held on 9 February 2021.  The Council resolved to take no further action until the Planning Application regarding the St Andrew’s View Phase 2 has been submitted by Story Homes to Allerdale Borough Council.

037/02/2021 Report Reflecting the Priorities of the Community Led Plan:   

  • Health and Wellbeing –   Councillor Barlow provided the following information regarding the Covid-19 positive cases in Cumbria, Week ending 15 January 2632 cases.  Week ending 22 January 1920 cases. Week ending 29 January 1332 cases.  Weekending 5 February 866 cases.  Although the numbers are falling, parishioners are still to continue to be vigilant.
  • Environment –           
    • Update of Curthwaite Road and School Road Junction footway light.  Councillor Hunter updated Councillors on the poor lighting in this area. For information Number 77 has a 30 metre splay, Number 13 has a 12 metre splay.  In order to proceed permission will need to be obtained from Allerdale Borough Council.  It was resolved that Councillor Hunter to check permission and approval to update the lighting in this area and report to the March Council Meeting.
  • Street Lighting posts Low Road/St Andrew’s – covered in Section 031/02/2021
  • Capacity of water treatment plan – Councillors McCreadie and Hunter have checked the remedial work undertaken.  It was resolved to take no further action until the Planning Application has been submitted by Story Homes.
  • There is a request from a parishioner to leave areas of the village such as the village green unmown to encourage bees.  It was agreed that this would be a good thing to encourage bees and Councillor Armstrong reported on the work involved in developing a wild flower meadow and the work involved in maintaining it.  As we would need to survey all parishioners if we wanted to make changes to the Green it was suggested that the layby on Low Road which has been grassed over would be a good starting point.  It was resolved that Councillor Rorke research the implications of this with Tirvolli and it be discussed further in the March Council Meeting.  That parishioners be asked to volunteer if they are willing to develop and maintain this area and we look at carrying out a survey of the parishioners at a future date when a Clerk has been appointed.                                           
  • Housing Issues –   None
  • Community Amenities –  
  • S137 Spending Limit.  Community amenities spending, this is up from the previous year
  • Thursby School – Councillor Armstrong confirmed that Thursby School is now on Half Term Holiday.  Awaiting Government update to confirm when schools will reopen.
  • Pathway to Jubilee field – Councillor Hunter reported that this is leased from the County Council by the Sports and Recreation Committee.
  • Lack of Mobile coverage in parts of Parish – covered in Section 030/02/2021
  • Access to electronic copies of documentation – Awaiting appointment of new Clerk

038/02/2021 Training Spreadsheet:   Six Councillors to attend the Effective Councillor Part 2 Training Course on 14/04/2021.  Councillor Haig-Prothero to complete Part 1.  It was resolved that courses be included in the training spreadsheet and prior attendance noted. Attendance on training courses to be agreed by the Parish Council.

039/02/2021 Draft Council Tax base – has been agreed by Allerdale Borough Council

040/02/2021 Payment of Accounts –  Authorisation required for the following payments:

  • CHB Invoice £62.40
  • It was resolved to add two signatories to the 90 day account – xxxxxxxx  – Myra Armstrong and Ray McCreadie,  (both are existing signatories on the current account), and to remove David Pattinson and Ken Peerless from both accounts.

041/02/2021 Accounts –

Approval of Financial Statement as at 30 December 2020

Approval of Financial Statement as at 31 January 2021

It was also resolved to discuss the Accounts at the March Council Meeting

042/02/2021 Discussion of Balance remaining in Accounts –    It was resolved to discuss the balance remaining at the March Council Meeting

043/02/2021 Councillors Reports and items for future agenda –

Councillor Rorke to report on discussion with Contractor Trivolli regarding wild flowers and grass area on Low Road

Sub Committee to report findings on repairs required on the Noticeboards

Councillor Hunter to report on the light at Curthwaite Road and School Lane

Councillor Hunter to list the benches and those in need of repair 


Balance Remaining in Accounts

Additional items to be with the Chair (unless a Clerk has been appointed) by 5pm Friday 5 March 2021.

044/02/2021:   Correspondence Received and Circulated

045/02/2021:   Dates for Future Parish Surgeries:  Awaiting appointment of new Clerk

046/02/2021:  Date of the next Parish Council Meeting – Councillors resolved the next meeting will be 7.30pm Tuesday 16 March 2021.  Under the current restrictions it is anticipated this will be a virtual meeting via zoom.

Minutes prepared by Councillor Barlow