Clerk: To be appointed



Thursby Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Draft Minutes of Meeting

Council Members:  Councillors Wendy Bowe (Chair), Myra Armstrong, Mike Rorke, Ray McCreadie, Peter Hunter, Chris Haig-Prothero, Helen Barlow.

Cumbria County Council : 

Allerdale Borough Council:    Vaughan Hodgson

Members of the public:           None

Parish Clerk:                            To be appointed

001/01/2021 Apologies:          Councillor Mike Johnson (another meeting attendance)

002/01/2021 Declaration of Interests:    None

003/01/2021 Dispensations:    None

004/01/2021 Minutes of previous meeting:   The minutes of the meeting on 15 December 2020 were discussed and the Council resolved to sign as being a true record of the meeting

005/01/2021 Progress Updates:  The Chairman outlined actions taken since the previous meeting and updated Councillors:

  • CALC have extended the date for the Thursby Town Clerk Vacancy until 29 January 2021.
  • Change of address for Council bank account covered under Section 011/01/2021
  • Training Spread Sheet has been updated
  • Planning covered under Section 012/01/2021
  • Tivolli Grass Cutting covered under Section 010/01/2021
  • Satisfactory handover completed with outgoing Clerk
  • Defibulator pads still an outstanding item (Annual inspection noted that the pads were out of date, this was duly reported)
  • ABC given new contact telephone/email address (Chairman).   
  • ABC Precept update covered under Section 016/01/2021)

The Committee discussed the purchase of a telephone for Parish Council business. Councillors resolved to be arranged once a new Clerk had been appointed.

006/01/2021 Chairs Announcements:      

  • Received resignation from Tinna-Maria Belsham-Noons
  • Notification of Three Tier Meeting on 20 January 2021, Councillors McCreadie, Hunter and Barlow to attend.

007/01/2021 Public Participation:     The Chair invited comments from the members of the public attending the meeting but none were made.

008/01/2021 County Council Report:           None

Borough Councillor Report:    Councillor Vaughan Hodgson to join the meeting later.

009/01/2021 External Bodies Report:

  • The Police/Met Office had issued a Yellow code warning for heavy rain and possible flooding until Thursday, 21 January 2021
  • Councillor Bowe presented to Councillors an App which defines the total number of Covid-19 positive cases in one particular area.  NHS “Coronavirus in your area”

010/01/2021 (116/11/2020) Grass Cutting Contract:  The Grass Cutting Contract was awarded to Trivolli at the 15 December 2020 Meeting, after minor amendments an updated Specification had been circulated to Councillors.  The Chairman signed the contract.  Councillors resolved to accept the new version and no price increase over the three year period of the contract.     

011/01/2021 Proposal that the address for the Parish Council Cumberland Building Society Statements be changed:    The address in the Cumberland building Society Account to be changed to FAO Wendy Bowe,  Evening House, 2 Matty Lonning Thursby Carlisle CA56PQ.

The Chairman to change the name and address on the Deposit and Current Account.  Councilors resolved to accept the Proposal

012/01/2021 Planning / Outstanding Planning Applications:    No comments raised on the previous outstanding Planning Applications.  FUL/2020/0243 CA2 Garage Extension, concern over the parking on the road and introduction of a Turning Circle on the premises.  No new Planning Applications submitted.  It was resolved that Councillor Bowe forward an email to Allerdale Planning Department to ensure that the objections raised have been received as there appears to be no evidence of the objections submitted on the Allerdale Planning website.

008/01/2021 Borough Councillor Report:  ABC Councillor Vaughan Hodgson joined the meeting.  The Census will take place on 21 March 2021, further information will follow.  It will be conducted electronically as Covid-19 is a problem.  Those without Internet access will also be contacted.    Councillor Bowe raised the problem of trying to make contact with ABC Office, Councillor Vaughan replied this was attributed to staff working from home and the telephone connections.  Councillor Armstrong thanked the Bin Men for doing an excellent job.  Councillor Hunter raised the problem of the collection of leaves in Matty Lonning/Westhaven/Church Lane as there had been no road sweeper, also grit bin 108 in Low Road is cracked and would require to be moved,  Councillor Barlow had requested 3 grit bins for delivery to St Andrews but not yet received.   Councillor Hodgson said he would look into the matters raised.

Councillor Vaughan Hodgson left the meeting.

The meeting reverted back to the Agenda

013/01/2021 Story Homes St Andrews View Phase 2 Schedule 106:     Councillor McCreadie spoke through a presentation which had been previously circulated to all Councillors.  The Council finalised the priority items to be included in the Section 106 request.   It was resolved that Councillor McCreadie as Story Home Lead should update the presentation using only priority items and submit to Cumbria County Council, Allerdale Borough Council and Story Homes for inclusion in the Schedule 106 for the Phase 2 Development.  It was noted that Story Homes expect the Planning Application for St Andrew’s View Phase 2 to be submitted during March 2021.

014/01/2021 Report Reflecting the Priorities of the Community Led Plan:   

  • Health and Wellbeing – Councillor Barlow provided the following information regarding the Covid-19 positive cases in Cumbria, Week ending 11 December 487 cases, week ending 18 December 747 cases, week ending 25 December 1093 cases, week ending 1 January 2517 cases, week ending 8 January 3489 cases.  With the increase in cases, parishioners to be extra vigilant.
  • Environment –                         
    • It was resolved that Councillor Bowe to arrange with Highways for replacement “Except for Access” signage to be erected at the entrance of Church Lane and Matty Lonning.
    • Councillor Barlow reported that during the week leading up to Christmas 2020, a person was seen taking a short cut through a rear garden on the St Andrew’s estate.  Reported to the Police and an Incident number issued.   
    • Councillor Rorke provided photographs of a large puddle at the entrance of the Jubilee Playing Field.  Councillors resolved to delay further action until the weather conditions improve
    • Ownership of the pathway to the Jubilee Field to be established with the Sports and Recreation Committee.  Councillors resolved to discuss at the February Meeting. 
    • Councillor Rorke reported on a discussion with Brian Holmes, Highways, Cumbria County Council, regarding a new street light at an approximate cost of £2,500,  Councillors resolved to defer action until a later date.
    • Councillor Barlow requested the street lights at St Andrew’s on Low Road be discussed at the February meeting, Councillors resolved to discuss at the February Meeting.
  • Housing Issues –   Councillor McCreadie reported on the complaint against Allerdale Development Panel held on Tuesday 16 June 2020, regarding procedures followed when considering planning application OUT/2019/0002 – Land at Church Lane Thursby (Glebe Field).  Feedback from the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, states that an objection needs to be made by an individual and cannot be made by a Parish Council.  It was resolved that Councillor McCreadie should follow through with an application to the Ombudsman and to check the complaints procedure with Allerdale Borough Council.
  • Community Amenities –   Thursby School – Councillor Armstrong reported that there is new signage at the school gates. There are between 10 and 17 children attending the school depending on the parent’s shift work pattern.  The school is coping very well especially with the remote learning.  The Head Teacher has received numerous emails from Parents and Carers praising the staff for the quality of their presentations.  The parents also enjoying the remote learning which in the future could be used for learning support.
  • Communications – Councillor Bowe provided the following email address to be used for Parish Council Business and suggested the same email format for all Councillors. It was thought this should be the way forward for all Councillors to follow suit.

Noticeboards – It has been noted that the paper information sheets in the Noticeboards are wet and unreadable due to condensation and rain water. The Noticeboard at Nealhouse has undergrowth that will need to be cut back.  It was resolved to revisit when the weather improves.

There is a vacancy for a Thursby Parish Hall representative.

015/01/2021 Councillor Conduct and Training Spreadsheet:   CALC confirmed that the Code of Conduct training will be available at a later date.  Councillors Bowe and McCreadie booked on the Finance Courses in February 2021.  It was resolved that the current CALC courses be included in the training spreadsheet and prior attendance noted. Attendance on training courses to be agreed by the Parish Council.

016/01/2021 Precept – Precept confirmed by Allerdale Borough Council

017/01/2021 Payment of Accounts

  • Clerks Salary December £362.00
  • HMRC December £90.40
  • Finance Course –  Councillors Bowe and McCreadie £20 each, total £40. (awaiting Invoice)
  • PLG Accountants Audit £40 (awaiting Invoice)
  • CHB Invoice £151.20 (defibulator)

018/01/2021 Accounts:   Approval of Financial Statement as at 30 December 2020 – delayed until bank details are changed.

019/01/2021 Councillors Reports and items for future agenda

Street Lighting posts at St Andrews and Low Road

Pathway at the Jubilee Playing Field

Areas in the Village to be left unmowed

Defibulator update

Schedule 106 further discussion

Additional items to be with the Chair (unless a Clerk has been appointed) by 5pm Friday 5 February 2021.

020/01/2021:   Correspondence Received and Circulated

021/01/2021:   Dates for Future Parish Surgeries:  Awaiting appointment of new Clerk

022/01/2021:  Date of the next Parish Council Meeting – Councillors resolved the next meeting will be 7.30pm Tuesday 16 February 2021.  Under the current restrictions it is anticipated this will be a virtual meeting via zoom.

Minutes prepared by Councillor Barlow