Clerk: Gillian Martin,


Tel No 07923 983 473

Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 15th December 2020    

Draft Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Councillors Wendy Bowe (Chair), Tinna- Maria Belsham-Noons, Ray McCreadie, Helen Barlow, Mike Rorke, Peter Hunter, Myra Armstrong

Cumbria County Council:  Councillor Mike Johnson

Allerdale Borough Council:

Members of the public: 2

Parish Clerk: Gillian Martin

128/12/2020 Apologies: Councillor Chris Haig-Prothero and ABC Councillor Vaughan Hodgson

129/12/2020 Declaration of Interests: Councillor Barlow for item 12 Planning Application FUL/2020/0243; Councillor Wendy Bowe for item 15 Schedule 106 regarding Sports and Recreation Committee; Councillor Belsham-Noons for any item regarding Story Homes Development.

130/12/2020 Dispensations: None

131/12/2020 Minutes of previous meetings: The minutesof the meeting on 17th November were discussed and the Council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

132/12/2020 Progress updates: The clerk outlined actions taken since previous meeting.

133/12/2020 Chairs announcements: The Chair welcomed co-opted councillor Tinna- Maria Belsham- Noons to her first meeting of the Parish Council. The Chair thanked the clerk who is leaving the Council on 2 January 2021 for all her hard work during the past year.

134/12/2020 Public participation: The Chair invited comments from the members of the public attending the meeting but none were made.

135/12/2020 County Council and Borough Councillors reports: Councillor Johnson updated that the County Council had submitted a one unitary bid for Cumbria and Allerdale Borough Council had submitted a 2 unitary bid. He hopes for the 2 unitary bid as we have a directly elected Mayor which would attract additional funding. He advised that Cumbria came out of lockdown at Tier 2 and this is being reviewed on 16th December. He doesn’t believe the tier will change. Fortunately, numbers are declining here but there is a spike in London area and numbers are increasing there which could spread across the country as people move around. He advised there had been high profile patrols in Thursby regarding dog fouling and new markers had been sprayed onto the footpaths about picking up dog fouling. Councillor Rorke thanked highways for doing the footpaths and fixing the seat on the footpath beside the garage. Councillor Johnson asked Parish Councillors if there were any questions for him. Councillor Hunter mentioned that the gullys at Thursby roundabout hadn’t been cleaned and the work on painting white Give Way lines at the end of Low Road leading on to the A595 hadn’t been completed. Councillor Armstrong advised that the work signs to clean the gullys had been put out but then removed. Councillor Johnson had raised this with highways and will prompt for the work to be done. Councillor Rorke asked about the procedure for replacing damaged domestic waste bins to the lids and if there was a charge. Councillor Johnson said no charge if damaged and a new bin can be requested via the My Allerdale App or ABC online. Councillor Rorke asked about the procedure for getting a larger dustbin and Councillor Johnson said resident would need to justify any request. An officer would visit and check that all possible recycling is being done. Councillor Bowe asked about the procedure for removing abandoned vehicles and motorbikes as it had recently taken some time to remove reported vehicles. Councillor Johnson confirmed the procedure was to email ABC. Councillor Hunter asked if there were any plans around litter picking on the Thursby roundabout to Great Orton road and around the Thursby roundabout and along the bypass and around Low Road and the layby at the junction with the A595. Councillor Johnson said along the A595 this is a County Council function but elsewhere it is the responsibility of ABC and he would take up with the appropriate officer. Councillor Johnson thanked the Parish Council for their support throughout the year and wished everyone all the best for Christmas and hoped 2021 would be better than 2020. Councillor Bowe wished Councillor Johnson a Merry Christmas.

Councillor Johnson left the meeting.

136/12/2020 External Bodies Report: Councillors noted the information circulated.

116/11/2020 Grass Cutting Contract: Councillors voted unanimously to award the grass cutting contract to Tivoli. There would be no price increase over the three years of the contract.

121/11/2020 Upgrade of Streetlight Curthwaite Road end: Councillor Rorke updated the meeting that he had spoken to Highways and they had agreed the area was dark. They had advised that adding a new head to the light would not make that much difference. They noticed a general need for 5 additional lights in the area and if the Parish Council could wait 2 years then highways may be able to put up 5 lights no charge. ABC would charge £280 per light for bigger heads. Councillor Hunter asked about a taller post to throw light further out. Councillor Bowe mentioned that some overhead lights needed to be capped to reduce the light as they turned night into day.Councillors expressed concern about potential future costs. Councillors resolved to ask Councillor Rorke to research if CCC would put in longer posts for free or what would the cost be.

137/12/2020 Planning: Councillors commented that they had been unable to view the applications as the ABC planning website was not accessible. Councillors resolved to seek an extension to the timescale for submitting comments to ABC for application 0204 and for application 0243 until after the next Parish Council meeting and to defer both applications for consideration at the next meeting.  

138/12/2020 Proposed amendment to Standing Orders to facilitate responding to Planning Consultations before the next normal Council meeting: Councillor Bowe read out proposed words to amend Standing Orders as follows –  S14 “refer a planning application received by the Council to the Councillors of the planning working group within 2 working days of receipt to obtain comments if a planning application requires consideration before the next ordinary meeting of the council. The clerk has delegated powers to submit comments to the planning authority between council meetings.”

Councillor Bowe confirmed that all councillors can be on the planning sub committee and that Councillors could agree to put any application to the planning sub committee for discussion. Councillors unanimously agreed to pass the Motion and amend Standing Orders in accordance with the Motion put forward. 

139/12/2020 Stonehouse Park Grass Cutting /Maintenance of Area: Councillors discussed this matter and resolved that as the area is private land the Parish Council cannot touch this.

140/12/2020 Story Homes St Andrews View Phase 2, Schedule 106: Councillor McCreadie spoke to a presentation which had been previously circulated to all councillors to introduce this topic, often referred to as “developers contribution”. No formal planning application had been made but this was about what we might want to add in. There was a general discussion around possible site specific suggestions around the development relation to highways, education facilities and use of open spaces and housing density. Information was shared that the school can currently take 140 pupils plus nursery and has 106 on roll leaving space for 34 extra if Phase 2 goes ahead. CCC predicting extra 27. Other possible suggestions include looking at outdoor space at the school and use by the community and currently looking at the mile track around the field through support from Sports Premium Funding. There is also the wild area nearer to school and potentially a tunnel under the existing mound of grass and could this be used for enhancing child physical development in the community or a relaxing garden area. Also the Sports and Recreation field could be enhanced perhaps with some benches. The Sports Ground and the School could look at sharing funding and further enhancing eg the adventure trail area – this is a possibility. Developing a school roadway was another suggestion, near the indoor facility, with possible extra parking and the Sports field and school field linking up and a link to join the school path. Consideration could be given to tarmac drive to the Sports and Recreation facilities and tarmac a path all around so it can be used as a running track. Councillors commented that children and parents could be encouraged to walk to school and the school do this through newsletters. In relation to transport there is a need to look at all 3 junctions, the roundabout, and the hedges. Councillor Bowe to convene a planning sub meeting in the new year to consider this further and look at what councillors might want to include in the s106.  

141/12/2020 Reports Reflecting the Priorities of the Community Led Plan:

  1. Health and Wellbeing – Councillor Barlow provided the following information about Covid cases in Cumbria week ending 13th November 1058 cases, week ending 20th November 860 cases, week ending 27th November 403 cases and week ending 4 December 374 cases.
  2. Environment – Councillor Rorke updated the meeting to advise that highways are working through the list of issues raised on 17th November. Councillors resolved to ask Councillor Rorke as lead to convene an environment sub meeting in January in the new year to consider future actions.
  3. Housing Issues – Councillor McCreadie updated the meeting on 4 issues:

St Andrews View 1: the Hedge – Story Homes confirmed the hedge has been cut, however, the question of ownership still to be resolved and Councillor McCreadie will update on this. Councillors commented that the hedge was not the responsibility of the parish council and couldn’t be touched.   

St Andrews View 2 – consultation extended to17 December and he will pick up on this

Land off Church Lane (Glebe Field) – Awaiting feedback from the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

Councillors resolved to ask Councillor McCreadie as lead to circulate a date for a Housing sub meeting in January 2021.

  • Community Amenities – No update.
  • Communications – Councillor Bowe advised that she has had feedbackaround the upgrade of broadband and will update the meeting about opportunities in January. Councillors resolved to ask Councillor Bowe to check the Parish Council website to ensure contact details are up to date. Community Plan to be updated and circulated.

142/12/2020 Training Spreadsheet: Councillor Bowe advised that the clerk had updated the training website which was working.  Councillors resolved to ask Councillor Bowe as Communications lead to roll this out for councillors to complete. Councillors to submit requests for training.

120/11/2020 Change to Council Bank account: The Council resolved to defer this item to a future meeting.

143/12/2020 Precept: Councillors unanimously voted to agree the precept of £25520 for the financial year commencing 1 April 2021.  

144/12/2020 Payment of Accounts:  The Council resolved to authorise approval for the following payments 

  • Clerks Salary November  £361.80    
  • HMRC November    £90.60
  • Clerks expenses December £10.00
  • Grant – Thursby Throstle £500.00
  • Donation – St Andrews Church, Thursby £400.00
  • PWLB – £1640.43 (Standing Order)
  • CALC Code of Conduct Training 25th November for Cllrs McCreadie and Barlow £20 each £40.00 total
  • CALC budgeting course 3 December 2020 Clerk £30.00
  • Councillors are requested to authorise the attendance of the clerk at CALC Finance and End of Year Accounts training at a cost of £30.00.

145/12/2020 Accounts: The Council resolved to approve the financial statement for November 2020 and signed the accounts and accompanying bank statements.

146/12/2020 Councillors Reports and items for future agenda:

Community Heatbeat invoice number 7348 for £151.20 to go to next meeting in January 2021 for approval.  

The puddle at the end of the track to the Sports and Recreation field to be discussed at the next environment meeting.

147/12/2020 Correspondence received and circulated by the clerk: Councillors noted the content.

Dates of Future Parish Surgeries: Councillors resolved that there would be no Parish Surgery in January 2021.  

Date of the next Parish Council meeting: Councillors resolved the next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 19th January 2021. Under current restrictions it is anticipated this will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.