Clerk: Gillian Martin,


Tel No 07923 983 473

Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 20th October  2020  

Draft Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Councillors Wendy Bowe (Chair), Chris Haig-Prothero, Ray McCreadie, Helen Barlow, Mike Rorke, Peter Hunter

Cumbria County Council:  Councillor Mike Johnson

Allerdale Borough Council: Councillor Vaughan Hodgson

Members of the public: One

Parish Clerk: Gillian Martin

83/10/2020 Apologies: Councillor Armstrong

84/10/2020 Declaration of Interests: Councillor Wendy Bowe declared an interest in any item relating to the Sports and Recreation Committee.

85/10/2020 Dispensations: None

86/102020 Minutes of previous meetings: The minutes of the meeting on 29th September 2020 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

87/102020 Progress updates: The clerk outlined actions taken since previous meeting and updated councillors that one resident had expressed an interest in the co-opted councillor vacancies.

88/10/2020 Chairs announcements: None.

89/10/2020 Public Participation : None raised at the meeting however via telephone a resident had raised concerns about tree trimming and grass cutting in the Stonehouse Park area of Thursby. The Council resolved to advise the resident to contact Stonehouse Park trustees.

The member of the public raised the possibility of additional houses being built by Story in Thursby. The Chair approved the resident’s request to speak at item 21c.

90/10/2020 County Council and Borough Councillors reports: Councillor Johnson advised he had requested the clearing of blocked drains and gullys and as this work hadn’t been carried out by Cumbria County Council he would contact highways again and arrange for a representative to come out to Thursby to meet with a councillor to see the problems around the village. Councillors resolved that Councillor Rorke/ Councillor McCreadie would represent the council at the meeting.

Councillor Johnson advised there was a 5 year plan to improve road surfaces. In addition, he had responded to a complaint from a resident about the recent resurfacing work in Thursby.

Parish Councillors expressed concern at farm debris left on some roads in the parish and Councillor Johnson advised that incidents should be reported to the County Council as cleaning up was the responsibility of the individual farmer.

Councillor Johnson confirmed he had raised with highways about the question of removal of the metal plates following traffic surveys and would chase up a response.

Councillor Johnson confirmed he would follow up again the request from Councillor Barlow to consider reflectors at the end of Low Road and the A595 and chase up a response.

Councillor Hodgson apologised as he had been unable to attend the previous meeting and he confirmed that the cost of footway lighting would not be passed on to the Parish Council at this time but this matter may come back.

All Councillors discussed hedge trimming on Shaw Wood Road/around the Thursby roundabout and Councillor Johnson said the highways representative would look at hedges during the visit to the village. Councillor Hodgson confirmed hedge trimming was the responsibility of the hedge owner.

Parish Councillors asked for a survey to be undertaken of the Thursby roundabout and the surrounding footpaths relating to accessibility and visibility. Councillor Johnson confirmed the highways representative would consider this matter when they visited Thursby village and met with Parish Council representatives. Councillors resolved that Councillor Rorke / Councillor Mccreadie would represent the Council at the meeting.

Councillor Johnson left the meeting.

91/10/2020 External Bodies Report: Councillors noted the information circulated but commented that sometimes the same details were repeated by different organisations.

92/10/2020 Payment of Accounts: The Council resolved to authorise approval for the following payments

  • Clerks Salary (September) £352.27 (SO)
  • HMRC (September) £88.00 (SO)
  • Clerks Expenses October  £ 13.50
  • Tivoli Grounds maintenance September  £510
  • Donation – Royal British Legion £50.00
  • PKF Accountants Limited Assurance Review £240.00

93/10/2020 Accounts:

  1. The Council resolved to approve the financial statement for August 2020 and September 2020 and signed the accounts and accompanying bank statements. The Council resolved to contact the Cumberland Building Society to stop the standing order payments to the Clerk and HMRC and replace with payments by cheque in the future.  
  2. The Council resolved to note the conclusion of the audit and approved the charge of £1.00 for copies of the accounts upon request.
  3. The Council noted the communication from the Hall Committee advising that Thursby Toddler Group had folded and the Hall held £262.50 of the last grant awarded from the Parish Council. The Council resolved to contact the Hall Committee to ask for the money to be returned to the Parish Council.

Councillor Hodgson left the meeting.

94/10/2020 Budget Planning process – Councillors noted the updated information circulated and resolved to review the budget for 2021/2022 at a specially convened meeting planned for 7.30pm Tuesday 3rd November 2020. Councillor Bowe to distribute Zoom invites. Councillor McCreadie to recirculate the Thursby Community Led Plan 2018-2023.   

95/10/2020 Grass cutting contract – councillors approved the specification circulated with the addition of the closing date for tenders of Friday 13th November. Councillors approved the advert for the Cumberland News and the cost of £147.89. Councillors agreed to contact current firm Tivoli and Wigton Town Council directly to obtain quotes.

96/10/2020 Planning –

  • Councillors discussed the response from Allerdale Borough Council dated 13th October 2020 relating to the classification of Thursby Village as a Local Service Centre and resolved to contact ABC again to state the Council found the response upsetting and unacceptable and to ask for the matter to be reconsidered.

97/10/2020 Broadband Upgrade Funding – The Council considered this pilot and resolved to advertise the details as widely as possible across the parish.

98/10/2020 Grant Applications – Two applications had been received and the Council resolved to seek additional information from the applicant organisations.

99/10/2020 Sports and Recreation Committee – Councillors voted to adopt the Policy on Grants under Section 19 of the Local Government Act 1976 and resolved to approve the application for a grant of £3000 from the Sports and Recreation Committee.   

100/10/2020 Focus Groups about policing in Cumbria – Councillors discussed the two dates and resolved to seek additional information on the agenda items for discussion. Councillor Rorke and Councillor McCreadie expressed an interest in attending via Zoom.

101/10/2020 Gullys and drainageCouncillors resolved that this item had been discussed earlier in the agenda and minuted at item 90/10/2020.

102/10/2020 Training Requirements – (1) Councillors resolved to contact CALC to arrange to attend Effective Councillor Module 2 training. Councillor Haig- Prothero expressed an interest in attending Effective Councillor Module 1 training. (2) Part 2 of the Allerdale Planning Training led by Simon Sharp will take place at 7.30pm Tuesday 27th October. Councillor McCreadie to re-distribute the joining instructions.

Councillor Haig- Prothero left the meeting.

103/10/2020 Progress Reports for information reflecting the priorities of the Community led plan:-

  1. Health and Wellbeing – Councillor Barlow provided the following information about Covid cases in Cumbria. Week ending 2nd October  373 cases; week ending 9th October 592 cases. With the increase in Covid-19 cases parishioners to be extra vigilant.
  • Environment – Cumbria County Council will post signs in advance of footpath work being carried out in Thursby Village. Councillors resolved to put up signs and publicise on social media.  

The Council gave a vote of thanks to Jeff Thompson for maintaining the The Park Hedge and resolved that Councillor Hunter would contact Mr Thompson to thank him on behalf of parishioners and the Council.

  1. Housing – Councillor McCreadie advised that a number of councillors had attended a briefing session with Story Homes regarding the proposed phase 2 development of the St Andrews View.

    Key facts taken from the session:
    1. Story Homes propose to make a planning application for 65 homes on the western side of St Andrews View.
    1. Timetable for the application:
    1. Complete preparation January / February 2021
    1. Application approval by Summer 2021
    1. Proposed site startup spring 2022
    1. 20% of homes will be designated as affordable
    1. Story Homes will communicate directly with all homes that will be affected by the application in the next 4 / 6 weeks

Key issues noted about the application:

  1. Potential housing density greater than proposed in the Allerdale Plan Part 2
  2. Noise levels from the A595,
  3. Noise levels from the wind turbine and the potential impact of flash from the turbine
  4. Traffic movements in and around the village in particular (1) entering the village from the A595 (2) exiting from Low Road onto the A595 (3) Addition volume of traffic entering the Thursby Roundabout (4) Use of Matty Lonning which has restricted entry as a route to / from the roundabout

The Council resolved that Councillor McCreadie would act as contact point in any future discussions.

  • 45/07/2020 – OUT/2019/002 – Land at Church Lane – Councillor McCreadie confirmed that the complaint to the Ombudsman regarding the planned development of 12 homes at the Glebe Field site is ongoing.
    • Community amenities – item taken in camera. No decisions taken.
    • Communications – No update

104/10/2020 Councillors’ reports and  items for future agenda

Councillors resolved that any additional items to be with the clerk by 5pm  Friday 6th November 2020.

105/10/2020 Correspondence received and Circulated by the Clerk : Councillors noted the content.  

Dates of Future Parish Surgeries – Councillors approved the date for the next telephone surgery to be held by the clerk on Wednesday 18th November 2020 10am to 11am

Date of the next Parish Council meeting – Councillors resolved the next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 17th November  2020 and not 24th November as on the agenda. Under current restrictions it is anticipated this will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.