Clerk: Gillian Martin,


Tel No 07923 983 473

Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 29th September 2020  

Draft Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Councillors Wendy Bowe (Chair), Chris Haig-Prothero, Ray McCreadie, Helen Barlow, Mike Rorke, Peter Hunter

Cumbria County Council:  Councillor Mike Johnson

Allerdale Borough Council: Offered Apologies

Members of the public: None

Parish Clerk: Gillian Martin

55/09/2020 Apologies: Councillor Armstrong, Councillor Hodgson, Councillor Hedworth

56/09/2020 Declaration of Interests: Councillor Wendy Bowe declared an interest in any item relating to the Sports and Recreation Committee. Councillor McCreadie declared an interest as he is involved with a company providing training for Story Rail.

57/09/2020 Dispensations: None

58/09/2020 Minutes of previous meetings: The minutes of the meeting on 21st July 2020 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

59/09/2020 Progress updates: The clerk outlined actions taken since previous meetings.

60/09/2020 Chairs announcements: Allerdale and Lakeland Lottery is launching later this year. Allerdale Borough Council is holding an online information session at 4pm on Monday 5th October about how the lottery works and how it can help community groups raise funds. Councillors can contact for the joining details.

61/09/2020 Public Participation : None raised at the meeting however via email residents had raised concerns about road diversions and Councillors noted that the Chair had responded.

62/09/2020 County Council and Borough Councillors reports: Councillor Johnson advised that the focus for County and Borough Councillors was on Covid. Case numbers were generally lower in Cumbria but the trend was upwards. Borough Councils are managing local outbreaks and there are additional local restrictions in Barrow. Further localised restrictions may be necessary and Colin Cox, Director of Public Health in Cumbria is in daily contact with Borough Councils and Councillor Johnson will be involved in discussions should restrictions be necessary in Allerdale.

Councillor Johnson asked for feedback about the recent road resurfacing work in Thursby village. Parish councillors were positive about the work that had been completed but asked for improved communications with the local bus company to support the continued service. Councillor Johnson will feedback to highways and parish councillors resolved to explore ways of publicising information to residents. Councillor Johnson advised that footpath workis due to begin in Thursby village on 7th October and signage will be put up in advance by Cumbria County Council.

Councillor Hunter said ABC had provided an excellent response to fixing streetlights that were out. Councillor Johnson will feedback that the metal plates left after street surveys need to be removed.

Councillor Johnson asked for feedback about the bin collection service which had been brought in house by ABC. Feedback was positive with parish councillors saying the operatives were pleasant and efficient. Councillor Johnson will feedback and advised that residents will shortly be asked to wash their bins.

42/07/2020 Footway lighting – Councillors agreed to reorder the meeting agenda to take item 15. Councillor Johnson advised that ABC will not be passing on the energy costs for street lighting to the parish council. It was felt that this decision was not appropriate at this time due to local government restructuring. Councillor Rorke passed on his thanks to Dave Bryden at ABC for his assistance providing information.

63/09/2020 Local Government Reorganisation in Cumbria – Councillors agreed to reorder the meeting agenda to take item 22. Councillor Johnson advised that CCC are looking to go with one unitary authority. ABC are suggesting two unitary authorities (Copeland/Allerdale/Carlisle and Eden/South Lakes /Barrow) Councils need to be invited by the central government minister to engage in dialogue about the process and ABC are waiting for a government response. Councillors resolved to note the CALC Interim Position statement.

64/09/2020 Drainage problems Evening Hill, ThursbyCouncillors agreed to reorder the meeting agenda to take item 25. Several drains and gullys on evening hill were blocked and the problem had been reported. Councillor Johnson agreed to follow up the report and advise on the schedule of work to rectify the matter.

Councillor Johnson left the meeting.

The meeting returned to the agenda order.

65/09/2020 External Bodies Report: Councillors found the updates from Cumbria Police useful and resolved to have this as a standing item at future meetings.

66/09/2020 Payroll and Internal audit Arrangements – Councillors discussed whether the two roles should be separate to avoid a possible conflict of interest. Councillors resolved to contact Cumberland Building Society to see if the clerk could be paid by direct debit rather then standing order to allow for salary variations month to month. Clarification also to be sought on the number of signatures possible on the council account.

67/09/2020 Payment of Accounts: The Council resolved to authorise approval for the following payments and to implement the new pay scale for the clerk.

  • Clerks Salary July £352.27 (SO)
  • HMRC July £88.00 (SO)
  • Clerks Salary August £352.27
  • HMRC August £88.00
  • Clerks expenses August £ 12.94
  • Clerks Expenses September £ 10.00
  • Tivoli Grounds maintenance July and August £510 x2 = £1020
  • Reimburse Wendy Bowe for payment of website hosting to TSOhost £125.28
  • Repairs to Bus Shelter Graeme Dixon £120.00 ( approved by Chair during August recess to prevent further damage/risk)
  • The National Joint Council for Local Government Services (NJC) has agreed the new pay scales for 2020-21 to be implemented from 1 April 2020. NALC have published the rates for clerks. The clerk is currently paid on point 7 £19554 £10.16 ph. Councillors to approve the increase in salary for the clerk on the new pay scales on point 7 to £20092 £10.44 ph backdated to 1 April 2020.

68/09/2020 Accounts: The Council resolved to approve the financial statement for July 2020 and signed the accounts and accompanying bank statement. The Council resolved to defer approval of the financial statement for August until the October meeting to enable the monthly documentation to be circulated.

69/09/2020 Budget Planning process – Councillors resolved to review the budget at the next meeting when details of the future grounds maintenance contract were included.  

70/09/2020 Co-option of Councillors – Councillors discussed the two vacancies on the council and  resolved to publish a notice on notice boards within the parish inviting written applications.

71/09/2020 CALC Developing your Skills Programme September to December 2020

Councillors discussed the training offer information and resolved to ask CALC to recommend a three year training programme for councillors, to provide dates for virtual Part 2 councillor training and for advice on how the training offer can be tailored to engage councillors who dial into virtual events. Councillors asked the clerk to consider future clerk training and report back to the October council meeting.

72/09/2020 Planning –

  • 45/07/2020 – OUT/2019/002 – Councillors discussed the response from ABC to the complaint about the development panel and resolved to continue to the next stage of the complaints procedure to the Ombudsman. There is no cost to the parish council.
  • Councillors resolved where possible to join the planning training via Zoom offered by ABC on 13th October 2020 at 7.30pm for the first session. An additional date of 27th October is available if necessary. The training is free.
  • Councillors discussed the response from Allerdale Borough Council about classification of Thursby Village as a Local Service Centre and resolved to ask ABC for a response to the letter submitted in November 2019 which objected to LSC.
  • WTPO/2020/0030 Notification on works to Tree Preservation Order trees. Mr and Mrs KM and ME Hutchinson, Birtley House, Thursby

Removal of two overhanging branches on neighbouring property.

Councillors agreed to discuss this as information had been circulated in advance of the meeting and ABC deadline for a response was before the October meeting. Councillors resolved to contact ABC to say they had no comments to make.

47/07/2020 Website Compliance – Councillor Bowe updated the meeting that the website was compliant and if further changes were required she would bring details to the next meeting.

48/07/2020 Grant Applications Process – Councillors discussed the additional information provided by CALC and resolved to approve the Grant Application process and add the policy and application form to the website, Facebook and noticeboards and publish in the next edition of the Throstle. The Council will send details to organisations that have already requested information.   

73/09/2020 Grant Application Sports and Recreation – Councillors discussed a request that had been received from the Sports and Recreation Committee for a grant. Councillors resolved to forward an application form to the committee to be completed and returned for Councillors to consider at a future meeting.

74/09/2020 Planning For The Future – Councillors considered the Consultation on Proposals for Reform of the Planning System in England and resolved to note the proposals.

75/09/2020 Traffic: Councillors resolved to post all notifications about road closures on parish council noticeboards/website/facebook.

76/09/2020 Grass Cutting Contract:  Councillors resolved to run a tender exercise for future grass cutting arrangements as the current contract for grass cutting ends in December 2020.

77/09/2020 Planning training for councillors: Councillors resolved to participate in free planning training provided by ABC.  

78/09/2020 Focus Groups about policing in Cumbria – Councillors expressed interest in this initiative and resolved to contact the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to find out further details about when the groups are happening.

79/09/2020 Thursby Parish Hall – Councillor Barlow confirmed she had attended August and September parish hall meetings via Zoom. Two new members joined the Hall Committee and the parish hall reopened on 1st September 2020. Councillors resolved to send two emails to the Hall Committee firstly asking if the Committee had complied with the request from the insurance company for additional information about the heating arrangements and secondly expressing concern to the Hall Committee about the comments in the September edition of the Thursby Throstle that the parish hall may have to close if additional Committee members don’t come forward.  

80/09/2020 Progress Reports for information reflecting the priorities of the Community led plan:-

  1. Health and Wellbeing – Councillor Barlow provided the following information about Covid cases in Cumbria. Week ending 18th September 105 cases; week ending 24th September 195 cases.
  • Environment – The Council thanked Councillor Rorke for his discussions with the Environment agency which had led to the clearing out of Matty Beck.  Councillor Hunter is chasing up signage for the Jubilee field.
    • Housing issues – Councillor McCreadie has received a request from Storys and will arrange an informal discussion on 15th October with a view to setting up a meeting about future plans.
    • Community amenities – No update
    • Communications – No update

81/09/2020 Councillors’ reports and  items for future agenda

£50.00 to the Royal British Legion for Remembrance day. Councillors resolved that any additional items to be with the clerk by 5pm  Friday 9th October 2020.

82/09/2020 Correspondence received and Circulated by the Clerk : Councillors found the circulated information useful and noted the content.

Dates of Future Parish Surgeries – Councillors approved the date for the next telephone surgery to be held by the clerk on Wednesday 14th October 2020 10am to 11am

Date of the next Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 20th October  2020. Under current restrictions it is anticipated this will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.