Clerk: Gillian Martin,


Tel No 07923 983 473

Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 16th June 2020  

 Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Councillors Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter, Myra Armstrong, Mike Rorke, Chris Haig-Prothero, Ray McCreadie, Helen Barlow

Cumbria County Council: Mike Johnson

Allerdale Borough Council:

Members of the public: None

Parish Clerk: Gillian Martin

01/06/2020 Apologies: None received

02/06/2020 High Consequence Infectious Disease Policy : Councillors voted to deactivate the policy of using delegated powers to manage the essential business of the council. 5 in favour, 2 against. Thursby Parish Council will in future hold virtual meetings.

03/06/2020 Declaration of Interests: None

04/06/2020 Dispensations: None

05/06/2020 Progress reports for information reflecting the priorities of the Community Led Plan

  • Community amenities – Councillors agreed to reorder the meetingagenda to take part of item 19 first to hear from Councillor Armstrong who gave an update on Thursby School and Thursby Parish Hall. Thursby School has made significant changes to address the coronavirus pandemic and is open 4 days a week. The school is at capacity of 15 to accommodate social distancing measures. The Parish Hall is looking for additional trustees. The Covid 19 risk assessment has been updated and insurance is happy all is safe. There is a bin and hand sanitiser outside and plastic chairs in the foyer to facilitate cleaning. The books remain in the foyer and if touched are put in a box for 72 hours. The Post Office is open on Tuesday and Friday and staff have been reminded to comply with PPE requirements.

Councillor Armstrong left the meeting and the meeting returned to the agenda order.

06/06/2020 Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes of the meeting on 17th March 2020 were discussed. Councillors asked for deferred items to be brought forward to the next meeting. Councillors asked for a summary of what had been agreed by them under delegated powers to be brought to the next meeting. The Clerk will hold a surgery on Wednesday 8th July 2020 and residents can call Gillian Martin on 07923 983 473 between 10am and 11am. The Council resolved to sign the minutes of 17th March 2020 as a true record of the meeting.

07/06/2020 Chairs Announcements : Councillor Johnson said how pleased he was to see everyone at the meeting and acknowledged the challenging times. Cumbria County Council had been leading on the Covid19 response supported by district councils. Councillor Johnson confirmed that Cumbria Highways have reprogrammed the approved work to the footpath leading from the village to Greenwood Close for 2020/21 to be re-surfaced and they will install the village seat at the same time for no cost. He will advise the new date for the work. Signage at the How End junction and lighting were ongoing issues.

08/06/2020 Footway Lighting: Councillors agreed to reorder the agenda to take item 15 now. Councillor Rorke asked for confirmation on which lights were Cumbria County Council (CCC) and which were Allerdale Borough Council (ABC). Property Services ABC had advised councillors they were still checking plans and would provide an update following a site visit. Councillor Johnson confirmed the maintenance of the lights and the asset would stay with ABC. The cost of electricity would pass to the Parish Council.

Councillor Johnson left the meeting.

Councillor Rorke restated that up to date information was required. Councillor Haig – Prothero advised that Micklethwaite and Crofton light numbers given were correct. Councillors resolved to consider this item in budget discussion for next year. Councillors resolved to have an agenda item at the next meeting to discuss whether Thursby Parish Council will pay for footway lighting or do parishioners accept if not pay then the lights will be turned off.

The meeting returned to the agenda order and resumed Chairs Announcements.

The Chair announced that notices to keep roads clear for Fire vehicles were being supplied by ABC. Information on funerals had been circulated. Potential funding was available for environmental projects from The Royal College of Arts and the Transport Planning Society. The Council resolved that the Chair register an interest.  

The Chair gave a vote of thanks to the clerk Gillian Martin for the work that she had done during these difficult times.

09/06/2020 Public Participation: none raised.

10/06/2020 Internal Audit Report 2019/2020 : Councillors resolved to approve this report.

11/06/2020 Annual Governance Statement 2019/2020: Councillors resolved to approve this statement.

12/06/2020 Annual Accounting Statement 2019/2020: Councillors resolved to approve this statement.

13/06/2020 Notice of dates of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights- Councillors resolved to approve the dates.

14/06/2020 Payment of accounts : The Council resolved to authorise approval for the following payments.

  • Clerks salary (SO) £352.27
  • PAYE (SO) £88.00
  • Clerks Expenses £16.98

15/06/2020 Accounts

The Council resolved to approve the financial statements for 30th April 2020 and for 31st May 2020 and signed the accounts and accompanying bank statements.

16/06/2020 Social Distancing:

Councillors resolved to remind parishioners to maintain social distancing as lockdown is easing and to be considerate to all.

17/06/2020 Update from Covid 19 Support Working Group

Councillor McCreadie advised that the group had discharged 29 requests for assistance since inception on 4th April 2020. Councillors resolved to thank the 4 co-ordinators and 15 volunteers and subject to no second wave and agreement from volunteers and those previously supported, the group would be suspended from the end of June.

18/06/2020 Planning

On 16th June 2020 Allerdale Development Panel voted in favour of outline planning application OUT/2019/002 Land at Church Lane Thursby, for a residential development of 12 dwellings. 8 for and 3 against. A lot of effort had gone into gathering information and 4 speakers gave very clear and detailed presentations to the panel. Councillors resolved to have an item on the next agenda to consider a section 106agreement.   

19/06/2020 Grant application process

Councillors resolved to approve the process and invite organisations to apply for grants but requested additional clarity around section 137 funding.

05/06/2020 Progress reports for information reflecting the priorities of the Community Led Plan

Councillors considered the remaining sections of item 19.

  • Health and Wellbeing – Sports and Recreation Committee are seeking more volunteers. After recent vandalism on the field facilities are to be restored and additional CCTV fitted to aid security.
  • Environment – area to watch
  • Housing issues – Home Housing have contacted all residents during Covid 19 pandemic. 2 footpaths have been reported to ABC and will be surveyed – top of Matty Lonning including signage and Crofton area across the A595 to review stiles across the fence. Mole hills and rats remain issues in Thursby village..
  • Community amenities – a playground risk assessment has been completed through ABC and this will be passed to Sports and Recreation Committee to take forward.
  • Communications – the Council have upgraded zoom package directly and will look at any potential savings next year if CALC are offering a reduced rate. Parish Council documentation will be uploaded to Thursby Parish Council website.

20/06/2020 Councillors reports and items for future agenda.

Items deferred from March 2020 meeting

Items agreed under delegated powers

Siting of village seat at Greenwood Close

Signage at How End junction

Footway Lighting

Environmental projects that may be eligible for funding from Royal College of Arts and Transport Planning Society

Suspension of Covid 19 Support Working Group

Consideration of Section 106 Agreement 

Section 137 grant funding


External Bodies report

Date of the next Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm Tuesday 21st July 2020. Under current restrictions it is anticipated this will be a virtual meeting.