Clerk: Gillian Martin,


Tel No 07923 983 473

Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 21st July 2020  

Draft Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Councillors Wendy Bowe (Chair), Myra Armstrong, Chris Haig-Prothero, Ray McCreadie, Helen Barlow

Cumbria County Council:  Councillor Mike Johnson offered apologies.

Allerdale Borough Council:

Members of the public: None

Parish Clerk: Gillian Martin

26/07/2020 Apologies: Councillor Rorke

27/07/2020 Declaration of Interests: Councillor Wendy Bowe declared an interest in any item relating to the Sports and Recreation Committee.

28/072020 Dispensations: None

29/07/2020 Minutes of previous meetings: The minutes of the meeting on 16th June 2020 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting. The minutes of the EGM on 7th July 2020 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

30/07/2020 Progress updates: The clerk outlined actions taken since previous meetings.

31/07/2020 Chairs announcements:

Cumbria County Council have advised that the temporary road closure planned at The Paddocks on 23rd July has been postponed.

A small group of residents are planning a garden trail around the village on 9th August 2020 1pm to 4pm and further details will be shared on social media and parish noticeboards.  

The council noted the clerks annual leave dates in September.

32/07/2020 Public participation: none raised at the meeting however via social media and email residents had expressed environmental concerns and concerns about weeds in Thursby village and councillors resolved to address these matters at item 40 on the agenda.

33/07/2020 County Council and Borough Council reports: Councillor Johnson sent the following information –

“Unfortunately I’m unavailable to attend this evenings meeting, therefore would you please give my apologies and advise Councillors if there’s anything I can do to assist with anything, please let me know.”

34/07/2020 External Bodies Report: Councillors found the updates from Cumbria Police useful and resolved to have this as a standing item at future meetings.  

189/02/2020 Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interest and Other Registerable Interests:  Councillors resolved that an electronic copy of the form required by Allerdale Borough Council should be circulated to all councillors and completed forms to be returned to the clerk.

209/03/2020 Cumbria in Bloom Pride in Your Community Competition: the Britain in Bloom competition had been advertised on parish council notice boards. Councillor Barlow advised that the date for individuals to submit photos had been extended to September.

211/03/2020 Climate Emergency Support: A Centre for Sustainable Energy event was scheduled for 13th March but was cancelled due to coronavirus.

212/03/2020 Surface Water Flooding: Councillors resolved to keep this concern under review.

213/03/2020 North Allerdale Traffic Regulation Order: Councillors noted that there are no proposals for Thursby in the current review of the TRO.

214/03/2020 CALC Development Courses: Councillors noted thatCALC have advised they are moving courses to an online offer.

216/03/2020 Date of Annual Parish Meeting: Postponed to May 2021.

220/03/2020 Environment Action Plan: Councillors noted that New Hutton Parish Council is considering compiling a five year environment action plan and resolved to pursue this no further at this time.   

221/03/2020 The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick: This was cancelled due to coronavirus but Councillor Armstrong advised that Thursby School had expressed interest in being involved.

222/03/2020 Support for the Local Electricity Bill: Councillors resolved to take no action on this matter.

193/03/2020 Working Together Service: Councillors considered this service from ABC and the additional information that had been provided and resolved to pursue this no further at this time.  

224/03/2020 Crosby Ravensworth Tree Group: Councillors considered the tree survey information provided by Crosby Ravensworth Parish Council and resolved to defer this item to January 2021.

225/03/2020 Dog Poo problem in Thursby Village: Councillors resolved to remind residents to pick up and dispose of waste properly across the parish.

35/07/2020 Finance payments authorised under delegated authority

(items a to t):

Councillors unanimously approved all items of expenditure listed below.

  1. PAYE Invoice (AccountantCQ623)                                        £40.00
    1. Clerks Expenses (CQ 624)                                                     £38.98
    1. Clerks salary(CQ625)plus Standing Order form from

Cumberland Building Society to sign to set up future                           monthly payments                                                             £352.27                                  

  • HMRC (CQ626) plus Standing Order form from Cumberland

Building Society to sign to set up future monthly payments                                                                                                                 £88.00

  • Tivoli Grounds Maintenance   (CQ627)                                  £510.00
    • CALC Annual Subscription(CQ628)                                       £257.07
    • Clerks Expenses (CQ 629)                                                     £69.99
    • Clerks salary (SO)                                                                  £352.27
    • HMRC (SO)                                                                            £88.00
    • Annual Play Area Inspection                                                  £80.85
    • Tivoli Grounds maintenance (CQ630)                                   £510.00
    • Clerks expenses (CQ631)                                                      £13.50
    • Zurich Insurance (CQ632)                                                      £494.45
    • Internal Audit (Accountant CQ 634)                                       £50.00
    • Clerks salary (SO)                                                                  £352.27
    • HMRC (SO)                                                                            £88.00
    • PWLB Loan Repayment (SO 15 June)                                  £1653.60
    • Data Protection Registration   (SO 23 June)                          £35.00
    • Principles of Rodent Control (PH to attend)                           £115.00
    • Upgrade Zoom Package (£11.99x12reimburse WB)             £143.88

36/07/2020 Payment of Accounts: The Council resolved to authorise approval for the following payments  

  • Clerks salary (SO) £352.27
  • PAYE (SO) £88.00
  • Clerks Expenses £ £20.29
  • Tivoli Grounds Maintenance £510.00
  • CALC Clerk Induction Courses 4th and 25th February 2020 £60.00
  • Annual Play Area Inspection £80.85 previously approved under delegated authority however £67.20 charged as a standard assessment was carried out not including DDA, Play Value and Life expectancy assessments.

37/07/2020 Accounts: The Council resolved to approve the financial statement for June 2020 and signed the accounts and accompanying bank statement.

38/07/2020 Budget Planning process: Councillors resolved to consider budget headings at the next meeting in September

39/07/2020 Siting of Village seat at Greenwood Close: Councillors resolved to contact Councillor Mike Johnson for an update on the timescale for the work to be completed.

40/07/2020 Signage at How End Junction: Councillors resolved to contact Councillor Mike Johnson for an update on progress with this query.

41/07/2020 Borderlands Voucher Scheme: Councillors discussed this scheme and it appears that Thursby Parish Council does not qualify however councillors noted that individual households may want to pursue the scheme.

42/07/2020 Footway Lighting: Councillors discussed this item and resolved that Councillor Rorke be asked to take this item forward and provide details to the next meeting on which lights Thursby Parish Council would be liable for and how much the cost would be. Councillor Armstrong was asked to speak to Councillor Rorke who was unable to attend the meeting.

43/07/2020 Royal College of Arts/Transport Planning Society:  Councillor Bowe had registered Thursby Parish Council interest, but the Council had not been chosen to participate.

44/07/2020 Suspension of COVID 19 Support Working Group: Councillor McCreadie gave an update and shared that “thank you” cards had been received from residents thanking volunteers and co-ordinators for the help given. The group ceased at the end of June.

45/07/2020 Planning:  Councillors discussed planning application OUT/2019/002 and decided that consideration of a section 106 agreement had been superseded by the letter of complaint that Thursby Parish Council had submitted on 14th July 2020 to Allerdale Borough Council following the meeting of the Development Panel on 16th June 2020. A response was expected from ABC and councillors resolved to consider this further at the next council meeting in September.

Councillors resolved to contact ABC to trace a response to the request sent in 2017 to change the status of Thursby Village from a local service centre in the Local Plan.

46/07/2020 Councillor Training: CALC had askedcouncillors to specify the training required on responding to planning applications and Councillors resolved to ask CALC to provide training on Allerdale Borough Council planning policy, planning clauses, grounds for objecting/opposing to planning applications.

47/07/2020 Website Compliance:  Councillors discussed Thursby Parish Council website compliance with government accessibility regulations and resolved that Councillor Bowe would lead on this and report back to the next council meeting in September.

48/07/2020 Grant Applications policy: Councillors discussed the information provided by CALC and resolved to ask for a second opinion from NALC on specifically the question of whether grants under section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 can or cannot be given to support the running costs of an organisation.  

49/07/2020 Physical Council meetings:. Councillors discussed and resolved to follow the strong advice from NALC and the Society of Local Council Clerks  (SLCC) to continue to meet remotely. Councillors resolved to reassess whether to return to physical council meetings in December 2020.  

50/07/2020 Parish Hall re-opening: Councillors thanked Councillor Barlow for the detailed update she had circulated about Parish Hall re-openings. Councillors further considered the package of information circulated by the Hall Committee to all regular user groups. Councillors resolved to ask the Hall Committee for sight of the lease/trustee agreement and their insurance policy. Councillors resolved to advise the Hall Committee that the Parish Council would continue to meet remotely.  

51/07/2020 Playground Equipment re-opening:  Councillor Bowe updated the Council that a risk assessment had been carried out by the Sports and Recreation Committee in relation to Covid 19. Councillors resolved to ask the Sports and Recreation Committee for sight of the risk assessment and the lease/trustee agreement and their insurance policy.

52/07/2020 Progress reports for information reflecting the priorities of the Community Led Plan

  • Health and Wellbeing- Councillor Barlow updated on the current Covid 19 position in Carlisle and as a result the need for all residents to continue to remain vigilant.
  • Environment – Councillors resolved that Councillor Bowe would respond to an email from a resident raising environmental concerns. Councillors resolved to contact ABC to ask about weed control and timing of further spraying to control the weeds across the parish.
  • Housing issues – no issues
  • Community Amenities – Councillors discussed the damage to the bus shelter beside the green in Thursby village and resolved to get two quotes for repair work.

Councillor Armstrong advised she had resigned from the Parish Hall Committee and another councillor was sought who was willing to take on the role. Councillor Barlow was proposed and seconded to be the new representative and accepted the role. Councillor Bowe will email to advise the Chair of the Hall Committee.

  • Communications – Councillors noted that the licence to host the Parish Council website was due for payment. Financial information would be brought to the next meeting in September for approval.

Councillor Haig-Prothero left the meeting.

53/07/2020 Councillors’ reports and items for future agenda:

Councillors resolved to seek advice from CALC and ABC regarding filling these vacancies.

Water Treatment Plant and leakage into the beck.  Councillors resolved to contact United Utilities to ascertain what actions had been put in place to resolve the sewage discharges into Matty Beck first reported in September 2017.

Any additional agenda items to be sent to Councillor Bowe by Friday18th September 2020.

54/07/2020 Correspondence received and circulated by the clerk

Councillors found this item useful and resolved that it be continued for future meetings.  

Date of the next Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 29th September 2020. Under current restrictions it is anticipated this will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.