Thursby Parish Council – Ways of Working

Due to the impact of the coronavirus, Thursby Parish Council meetings and Clerks Surgeries will be cancelled until further notice in line with advice from the Government on social distancing. Thursby Parish Council is operating on a minimum requirement basis and essential council business will be conducted using delegated powers as outlined in our policy on High Consequence Infectious Disease.

Since the last council meeting on 17th March 2020, Councillors have been having regular discussions using Zoom video conferencing to decide how to support local residents during this challenging time and have set up a specific group to offer help.

Thursby Parish Council COVID-19 Support Group is a group of parish councillors and local volunteers who are available to provide residents in the Thursby area with support (collecting shopping and prescriptions, dog walking, posting mail) if they are unable to leave their home due to Coronavirus. The group can be contacted by phone or text on 07918 482 344 between 9am and 5pm and will endeavour to help.

In addition the group will also circulate information via Thursby Parish Council web site and Facebook groups including Thursby Parish Council, Thursby Parish in Cumbria & Thursby Social. Information can also be found on noticeboards around the village. The parish council will continue to post regular updates to keep the residents of Thursby Parish informed.

Gillian Martin
Clerk to Thursby Parish Council
07923 983 473