(COVID-19 Support Group)

IMPORTANT CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION SUPPORT Thursby Parish Council Dear Resident – Are you unable to leave your home due to Coronavirus and do you know who to turn to for help?

We may be able to assist you.

The Thursby Parish Council COVID-19 Support Group is a newly established sub group of the parish council. We are a mix of parish councillors and local volunteers that are available to provide you with support.

We are able to assist with tasks such as collecting your shopping (*), prescriptions, dog walking, posting mail etc and signposting you to other organisations that can provide welfare assistance, should it be needed.

In general, all Coronavirus (COVID-19) medical related issues should be referred to NHS 111 or in the case of a genuine emergency, call 999. Please try to avoid contacting your surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you require support please either call or text us on 07392 459404 between 9am and 5pm or email us outside of those hours on thursbypccovid19@gmail.com and we will endeavour to help you.

Please note the telephone number and email address will be active from 9am on Saturday 4th April 2020

The advice from our Government and NHS can change daily so please keep up to date by watching and listening to the local TV and radio news. We will also circulate information via Thursby Parish Council web site and Facebook groups including Thursby Parish Council, Thursby Parish in Cumbria & Thursby Social. Information can also be found on noticeboards around the village.

(*) Residents remain responsible for their own food purchases. The method of payment will be discussed with the nominated volunteer in line with the Supporting Others in Your Community during COVID-19,


Cumbria Community Resilience Group and national Government COVID-19 guidance Volunteers Supporting Others in Your Community During COVID-19

Following a recent Thursby Parish Council meeting, it has been decided to set up a sub group called the Thursby Parish Council COVID-19 Support Group. The aim of the group is to:

“Provide information regarding COVID-19 and to respond to requests for welfare assistance from within Thursby Parish and, where appropriate, the Allerdale Hub”.

Parish councillors will be acting as co-ordinators to sign post information on the various Parish Facebook pages, notice boards and the Parish Council web site. Additionally, councillors will be acting on a rota basis to take welfare-based calls, texts or emails from vulnerable individuals across the Parish. This may include people who are self-isolating, shielding, disabled, over 70 or perhaps living alone.

Whilst the Thursby Parish Council Covid-19 Support Group has registered with the County Council’s Community Resilience Group and the Allerdale Hub we are hoping to move forward and be fully active from 9am Saturday 4th April 2020 for around 4 weeks, subject to government guidance.

To support requests for help, we need a good number of volunteers within the Parish who would be prepared to collect shopping or possibly medicine for vulnerable individuals. You would only be asked by one of the Support Group Co-ordinators (councillors) to collect shopping, post mail, walk a dog or a pick up a prescription and nobody else.

Volunteers always have the right to decline a request. You would be supplied with a list of the Co-ordinators at all times. Volunteers must be over the age of 18, should not have symptoms of COVID-19, should not be self-isolating or part of a family who are isolating, should not be in a group strongly advised to socially distance themselves from others or have been told to shield because they are extremely vulnerable.

If you would like to volunteer please contact Thursby Parish councillors on: thursbypccovid19@gmail.com or call/text on 07392 459404

Please leave or send your name and contact number. Alternatively, you can simply express your interest on the Parish Council Facebook page.

A parish councillor will get back to you in the first instance.

Volunteers will be provided with guidance and further information courtesy of Cumbria Community Resilience Group before being asked to collect anything. National government COVID-19 guidance applies at all times.

Thank you
Thursby Parish Council