Agenda 17th March 2020

Clerk: Gillian Martin,
Tel: 07923 983 473

Dear Councillor
You are summoned to attend the next Council Meeting of Thursby Parish Council to be held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 17th March 2020 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Yours sincerely
Gillian Martin
Clerk to Thursby Parish Council


  1. Apologies – Clerk to receive and note apologies for absence.
  2. Declarations of Interest – Clerk to receive declarations by elected and co-opted members of interests in respect of items on the agenda.
  3. Dispensations – The clerk to report any requests received since the previous meeting for dispensations to speak and/ vote on any matter where a member has a disclosable pecuniary interest.
  4. Minutes of previous meeting – Councillors are requested to authorise the Chair to sign the minutes as a true record of the meeting held on Tuesday 18th February 2020.
  5. Progress Updates
    184/02/2020 -Battle of Britain anniversary – announcement put in the Throstle
    185/02/2020 – VE day celebrations – announcement put in the Throstle
    190/02/2020 – Tree trimming – Electricity North West will advise when work to be completed
    192/02/2020 – NALC JPAG survey completed and returned
    196/02/2020 – ABC will forward all future planning information to the clerk
    197/02/2020 – Emergency expenditure – advice from CALC is that emergency expenditure up to £100 can be spent but going forward advice is to set aside a contingency amount in a separate budget line when the budget is set for unforeseen expenditure and emergencies.
  6. Chairs announcements – To receive any announcements.
  7. Public Participation – The chairman will adjourn the meeting to allow members of the public an opportunity to ask questions or raise matters of interest.
  8. County Council and Borough Councillors reports – For information.
  9. 189/02/202 – Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interest and Other Registerable Interests – request from ABC for all Councillors to complete new forms
  10. Cumbria in Bloom Pride in Your Community Competition 2020
  11. Review Grants Application Process
  12. Climate Emergency Support
  13. Surface Water Flooding
  14. North Allerdale Traffic Regulation Order
  15. CALC Development Courses
  16. Annual Play Equipment Inspection
  17. Date of Annual Parish Meeting
  18. Summary of Internal Control – Review of Financial Regulations and Standing Orders
  19. Review of Asset Register
  20. Review of Risk Assessment Schedule and Insurance
  21. Environment Action Plan

22.The Great Cumbrian Litter pick

  1. Support for the Local Electricity Bill
  2. Sewage Works
  3. 193/02/2020 Working Together Service
  4. Crosby Ravensworth Tree Group
  5. Dog Poo Problem in Thursby Village
  6. Internal auditor – need to approve ( Thursby internal audit procedures state that the internal auditor has no other role within the council- section HI in Governance folder)
  7. Responsible Financial officer – need to approve
  8. Footway lighting electricity charges
  9. Clerks annual leave
  10. Progress reports for information reflecting the priorities of the Community Led Plan: –
    Health and Wellbeing
    Environment – drains and gullies update – Cllr Hall, highways/ potholes update
    Housing issues – clearance of rubbish at St Andrews View – Cllr McCreadie
    Community amenities
    Communications – loose notice board at St Andrews View – Cllr Hunter, Facebook updates – Cllr McCreadie, website development, google account
  11. Planning
    OUT/2019/0002 Church Lane
    OUT 2020/0046 43 Stonehouse Park Proposed front extension to provide larger lounge
  12. Payments of Accounts
    Authorisation required for the following payments: –

• Clerk’s Salary £352.27
• PAYE £88.00
• Clerk’s Expenses £41.22
• Domain Renewal £28.78
• Supply gravel to footpath to Jubilee park £200.00
• Module 2 Councillor training 24th March 2020 including hire of parish hall and refreshments £170 plus venue and refreshment costs
• Finance and End of Year Accounts training for Clerk 18th March 2020 £45.00
• 198/02/2020 – the following payments authorised at the meeting on 18th February 2020 of cheque number 615 for £215.48 and cheque number 616 for £53.80 have been unpresented and cancelled. The income will be coming back into the account.
• 175/01/2020 – £80 previously approved however £60 charged as handouts were not complete at the event on 25th February and CALC charged a reduced fee.

  1. Accounts
    Financial statement as at 29th February 2020
  2. Councillors’ reports and items for future agenda
    Each Councillor is requested to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the agenda and to raise items for future agendas.
  3. Correspondence received and circulated by the clerk
    CALC Developing your skills programme
    Major package of support announced by Government for storm hit areas
    North west Coastal monthly update
    Message from the Chief Executive forwarded by Vaughan Hodgson
    Details of urgent temporary road closure
    News release – Allerdale’s Executive agrees 2020/2021 budget proposals
    Caring for your community
    Public Works Loan Board
    Footway lighting electricity lighting
    ACT Gazette Spring 2020
    Coronavirus/Covid-19 advice from Public Health
    Advert for Parish Clerk at Blindcrake

Date of the next Parish Council meeting 7.30pm Tuesday 21st April 2020 Thursby Parish Hall.

Parish Surgeries Wednesday 15th April 2020 3pm to 5pm
At Thursby Parish Hall Wednesday 29th April 2020 9am to 11am