Minutes of Meeting 17th December 2019

Clerk: Jeff Downham,
Email: thursbypc@gmail.com
Tel No 07795484126

Thursby Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 17th December

Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair) Myra Armstrong (deputy chair), Mike Rorke, Peter Hunter, Chris Haig Prothero, Ray McCreadie, Helen Barlow and Ewan Hall.

Cumbria County Council: Cllr Mike Johnston

Allerdale Borough Councillor:

Members of the public: None

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

142/12/19 – Apologies – Cllr Vaughn Hodgson Allerdale Borough Council

143/12/19 – Declaration of interests – None

144/12/19 – Dispensations – None

145/12/19 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meetings of the 19th November 2019 were discussed, and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

146/12/19 – Chairs announcements – The chair announced that a public meeting had recently taken place to discuss the planning application for the housing development on Church Road, as a result of the meeting a small committee had been formed to make any representation on behalf of the community at the future planning committee meeting.

147/12/19 – Public participation. – A recently erected fence around Crofton Lake was raised but had recently been taken down following intervention by Cumbria Highways. The notice board at St Andrews View was reported as being insecure.

148/12/19 – Reports from: –
Cumbria County Council – Cllr Johnston stated that he was still following up actions relating to the signposting at the How End Junction on the A595, and the traffic flow issues on Matty Lonning. The issue of slit drains having no suitable drains to run into was raised, with modern cleaning equipment not being suitable to clean old cast iron piping. The increased number of grit bins on Curthwaite road was raised, with the Councillor reassuring the council that this would not mean in severe weather the roads would not be gritted, they were merely there to enable self help in severe weather. The CCC budget for the next financial year was currently being consulted on.

Allerdale Borough Council – Cllr Hodgson forwarded a report stating that he had received a complaint from a local resident about the fence around Crofton Lake, which he is currently investigating, and that he had been in contact with the Pest Control Officer at the Borough Council regarding the rats along Matty Beck.

149/12/19 – Council website – The meeting to discuss updating the current council website has not yet taken place, and a discussion was had around the future of the Throstle beyond May, councillors agreed a date of Tuesday 28th January 2020 7.30pm for a council website meeting to take place, and report back to the council meeting in February, and to add to the next agenda an item about how the council could support the continuance of the Throstle

150/12/19 – Footway lighting – Following the circulation of a report from ABC regarding the future of footway lighting in Allerdale, the council discussed the 6 proposals contained in the report. Councillor Johnson stated that he could provide the costs of maintenance of lighting. The Council resolved to delay any further response until a complete inventory had been received with full maintenance costs.

151/12/19 – Rats along Matty Beck and neighbouring properties – Further complaints are still being made re rats being seen in properties alongside Matty Beck and Westhaven. Allerdale BC’s Pest Control Officer has stated that they will attend residents’ properties at a charge of £68 for 3 visits, but will not place poison alongside the beck, due to the belief that there are water voles in the area which are a fully protected species. The council resolved to allow Cllr Johnston to make enquiries with Allerdale BC Pest Control Officer to see if anything further could be done.

152/12/19 – NALC Disciplinary and Grievance arrangements – The council acknowledged the new Disciplinary and Grievance arrangements.

153/12/19 – Thursby Village seat – The cost to have the seat installed by a contractor approved by the County Council would be in excess of a £1000. Cumbria Highways have confirmed that the footpath leading from the village to Greenwood Close is on their list of approved works for 2020/21 to be re-surfaced, they have agreed that they would install the seat at the same for no cost. The council resolved to wait until the footpath was due to be resurfaced and have the seat fitted then, at no cost to the council.

154/12/19 – Clerks report on actions not covered on the agenda
The clerk outlined to the council an update on actions from the previous meetings and a report of his activities since the council last met in November.

155/12/19 – Progress reports for information reflecting the priorities of the Community Led Plan.

• Health and Wellbeing – No report

• Environment – The corner of the village green in Thursby opposite the garage is being churned up with vehicles cutting the corner, this is being caused due to vehicles parking near the junction, the council resolved to enquire whether Cumbria Highways would consider double yellow lines at this location.

• Housing Issues – Following issues raised at the last meeting contact had been made with Story Homes re the sustainable drainage system, the streetlighting and the hedgerow and these issues were being worked through with the estate managing agent.

• Community amenities –
Parish Hall – The sensor lights at the foot of the foot of the steps have now been installed and are working well.

Thursby school –. A number of festive events have been planned by the school, and the heating in the infant’s classroom has not worked for two weeks, with alternative arrangements in place for these children.

156/12/19 – Planning applications: –
Received: – None

Decisions – None

157/12/19 – Payment of accounts.
The council resolved to authorise approval for the following payments: –
• Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £389.00
• PAYE – (Standing Order) – £97.20
• Clerks expenses – £65.00
• Wigton baths donation – £180.00
• CHBT – £126.00
• PWLB – £1,666.77

158/12/19. Accounts
• The council resolved to approve the financial statement as at 30th November 2019 and signed the accounts and accompanying bank statement.
• The council resolved to pay the amount of outstanding leave to the current clerk on termination of his contract.
• The council resolved to have the accounts audited prior to the commencement of the new clerk.

Any additional agenda items to be with the clerk by Monday 13th January

Date of the next Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 21st January 2020 Thursby Parish Hall,