Minutes of meeting 18th June 2019


Clerk: Jeff Downham,
Email: thursbypc@gmail.com
Tel No 07795484126

Thursby Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 18th June

Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Mike Rorke, Peter Hunter, Chris Haig-Prothero, Ewan Hall, Ray McCreadie and Helen Barlow.

Cumbria County Council: Offered apologies

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Offered apologies

Members of the public: None

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

41/6/19 – Apologies – Cllr Myra Armstrong

42/6/19 – Declaration of interests – None

43/6/19 – Dispensations – None

44/6/19 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meetings of the 16th May 2019 were discussed, and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

45/6/19 – Chairs announcements – None

46/6/19 – Public participation – The following items were raised on behalf of members of the public: –
Rats are still an issue along Matty Beck and have also been seen near Westhaven, ABC bin collections are still sporadic, speeding is an issue on Shawk Crescent and the verge along Matty Lonning needs cutting. The council resolved to raise the rat’s issue with the Allerdale councillors, notify the police of the speeding on Shawk Crescent and contact highways re the grass verge on Matty Lonning.

47/6/19 – Reports from: –
Cumbria County Council – Cllr Mike Johnson sent the following report: –
• Thursby Sign and marker posts for the south entrance to the village are still ongoing with CCC officers
• Drain cleansing/gully cleaning, if there are any specific gullies that aren’t taking water, we need to pass these on the highway team, and they will target these specific ones.
• Matty Lonning used as a cut through, CCC will look at what can be done, and I have a meeting set up with the highways engineer to look at this and will update as soon as I have a way forward with some options.

If the Parish Council have any further issues or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
The council resolved to contact Cllr Johnson for the date of his meeting with CCC and request that a Thursby councillor be at that meeting.

Allerdale Borough Council – No report

48/6/19 – Thursby Green bus shelter and the repositioning of then old shelter seat – A further option of replacing the roof with a larger overhang to afford greater protection from the weather was discussed, and the council resolved to go ahead with the design and quote for a new roof, with the proviso that the roof angles at either end of the design be filled in, and the cost of that extra work be circulated to councillors. A decision as to the position to locate the seat being removed from the shelter was deferred until after it had been removed, to see whether it would be in any condition to re locate.

49/6/19 – Parking at the school – Several issues have been raised with parking at the school during the ongoing works with councillors resolving that this be a matter between the school and the residents in the area.

50/6/19 – New streetlights on Low Road – Several of the streetlights have cracking around the junction boxes with one visible moving, these lights have not been adopted by Highways. The council resolved to contact Storey Homes to have them repaired.

51/6/19 – Damage caused to layby on Low Road – This matter was discussed by councillors with a consensus being reached that this damage was likely caused by the loading and offloading of skips. The council resolved to report the damaged drain to United Utilities / Highways

52/6/19 – Candidate spending returns – All councillors completed their spending returns for the recent election all of which were nil returns.

53/6/19 – Councillors team structure – Cllr Hall was appointed onto the Communications and Community Amenities groups, and Cllr Barlow appointed onto the Housing and Environment groups.

54/6/19 – Parish Council website – Several options of website designs were considered by the council with councillors resolving to enquire further options for either a specific website, or an upgrade to the management information system currently in place.

55/6/19 – Clerks report on actions not covered on the agenda
The clerk outlined to the council an update on actions from the previous meetings and a report of his activities since the council last met in May.

56/6/19 – Progress reports for information reflecting the priorities of the Community Led Plan.

• Health and Wellbeing – The new play area on the Jubilee Field is progressing well.
• Environment – Several highway surface issues were raised on Stonehouse Park and roads through Thursby village, Curthwaite Road street sign has still not been lifted. Buses are cutting the corner of the green and the road sign at the bottom of Curthwaite Road needs replacing. Dog fouling is becoming an issue on the Paddocks with a suggestion being made that the council consider a bye law for a dogs on lead order for the area, with a further request to be made to ABC to have someone from the their environmental team attend a council meeting.
• Housing Issues – St Andrews View: – Properties occupied 62 including rented and discounted for sale, properties completed 65, properties reserved and sold 68 including rented and discounted for sale.
Affordable homes plan: 4 for sale all occupied 13 for rent all occupied
• Community amenities –
Parish Hall – Cllr Armstrong attended the Parish Hall Committee meeting last night and reported that the new chairs should be delivered early July. The position of treasurer will be coming vacant in the future and will be advertised in the Throstle in September.

Thursby school –.
Cllr Armstrong reported that the BIG PICK UP was extremely successful and enjoyable the weather extremely kind. The afternoon involved a brief assembly and an introduction to all the various bodies who were involved. There were various work parties, litter picking, weeding and gardening, and working in the reception with the younger children. The event was attended by Cllrs Armstrong, Rorke and Barlow, representing the Parish Council.
The work has commenced on the new building at the school and would appear to be going well, the builders being very mindful of safety and the children. The school will be closing 3 days early for the summer term and starting one day late due to this upheaval.

• Communications – Further work being done on an introduction pack for new residents to the parish

38/5/19 – Planning applications: –
Received: – None

Decisions – 2/2018/0142 – Tower View Thursby Carlisle – Variation of conditions 1,7,10 and 11 of approval 2/2015/0520 relating to enlarged parking and turning area to front, boundary and surface treatments and to create vehicular access from Westhaven
Full plans approved dated 31/05/2019
HOU/2019/0046 – Single story ground floor extension Coach House, Evening Hill, Thursby Full plans approved.

39/5/19 – Payment of accounts.
The council resolved to authorise approval for the following payments: –
• Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £389.00
• PAYE – (Standing Order) – £97.20
• Clerks expenses – £78.50
• Tivoli – £510.00
• PWLB – £1,679.94

40/5/19. Accounts
The council resolved to approve the financial statement as at 31st May 2019 and signed the accounts and accompanying bank statement.

41/5/19 Items for the next agenda: –
Condition of the hedge leading to the jubilee field
Council assets check
Parish footpaths walk.
Any additional agenda items to be with the clerk by Monday 8th July

Date of the next Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 16th July 2019 Thursby Parish Hall,