Monday 1st October 2018


Clerk: Jeff Downham,
Tel: 07795484126

 An  Extraordinary General Meeting of Thursby Parish Council to be held in Thursby Parish Hall on Monday 1st October 2018 from 7.00 to 7.30pm.

Jeff Downham
Clerk to Thursby Parish Council


1. Apologies – Clerk to receive and note apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of Interest – Clerk to receive declarations by elected and co-opted members of interests in respect of items on the agenda.

3. To consider the exclusion of press and public for consideration of the following items: –
a. Personnel issues.
b. Legal issues.

4. Councillors code of conduct – Councillors to review the existing councillors code of conduct under the 2011 Localism Act.

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