September 18th 2018


Clerk: Jeff Downham,
Tel No 07795484126

Thursby Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 18th September

Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter, Chris Haig-Prothero, Ken Peerless, Myra Armstrong, Mike Rorke and Ray McCreadie.

Cumbria County Council: Cllr Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Cllr MacDonald

Members of the public: 6

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

322/9/18 – Apologies – Cllrs Ewan Hall and Duncan Fairbairn

323/9/18 – Declaration of interests – Cllr Bowe on agenda item 8, Cllr Peerless on agenda item 9

324/9/18 – Dispensations – None

325/9/18 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 17th July 2018 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

326/9/18 – Chairs announcements – Cllr Bowe announced that the next meeting of the Allerdale three tier council meeting will take place on the 20th September at 7pm in the Allhallows centre in Fletchertown and asked if any councillor would wish to take this on as a regular attendee at these meetings. The chair also announced the resignation of Cllr Peerless, who has given notice that he will retire from the council at the end of the year. The chair thanked him for his loyal service to the council over the last 5 years.

327/9/18 – Public participation – Support for the sports and recreation application for funding was expressed together with the bell ringers grant application. The residents experiencing flooding problems from the neighbouring field on School Road were still awaiting an update from CCC. Comment was made about noise from the parish hall on one occasion and a bus waiting in the Paddocks entrance, and the recent visit to the parish hall car park of a pizza van.

328/9/18 – Reports from: –
Cumbria County Council – No report

Allerdale Borough Council – Cllr MacDonald reported that there was to be a full Allerdale council meeting on the 19th September following which she would report back to the next parish council meeting.

329/9/18 – Thursby Sports and Recreation funding proposal – The council discussed the proposal circulated as part of the papers for the meeting, for funding to support the annual running costs of the Jubilee playing fields site. Following a lengthy discussion, the council resolved that as they had a power to provide recreational facilities they would allocate £2,000 to the committee and consider raising subsequent funding to support the devolvement through the parish precept, An additional £1,000 to be considered to be added to the grant from this year’s budget, should there be a surplus from the current years finances.

330/9/18 – Grants – The following grants / donations were approved by the council: –
Thursby Throstle – £470.00
Thursby gardening club- £50.00
St Andrews PCC – £400.00
Crofton Social Club – £170.00
Great north Air Ambulance – £55.00
Citizens Advice Bureau – £55.00
Thursby mother and toddlers – £400.00
St Andrews Church bell ringers – £550.00
331/9/18 – Park fence – The condition of the rendering on the wall around the fence was discussed with the council resolving to accept the quotation of £400 to make good the wall, and to get quotes to have the railings painted.

332/9/18 – Missing flower tubs/Paddocks grit bin – These items will now be removed from the parish council’s asset list, together with missing Paddocks bin, and the grit bin and notice board provided by Story Homes to be added to the list.

333/9/18 – Low Whinnow lay-by A596 – The email circulated from Cumbria Highways regarding the decision to make no further improvements to the layby, but to continue with enforcement procedures for any vehicles exceeding the 2-hour parking restrictions was discussed by councillors with a resolution being made to contact CCC to ensure regular visits are maintained by the Civil Enforcement Team.

334/9/18 – CALC membership funding formula – The proposed new funding formula was discussed, and the council resolved to agree that this was a fairer way to calculate membership fees.

335/9/18 – Speed watch update – Cllr Hunter outlined to the council that Curthwaite Road had now been risk assessed by the police and could now be used by the speed watch team.

336/9/18 – Dangerous tree Church Lane – Councillors acknowledged the urgent need to have the tree cut down during the summer break and resolved to have the stump ground down by the same company, following enquiries with the utilities companies that no underground services would be at risk, on the condition that the price quoted would ensure the stump and roots were below ground and the surface made good.

337/9/18 – Clerks report on actions not covered on the agenda
Actions from previous meeting: –
310/7/18 – Flooding issues School Road/Curthwaite Road – follow up email to highways re this issue.
311/7/18 – Home Group boundaries – maps obtained from CCC re ownership/adoption of land in Thursby, map obtained of Home group estate.
313/7/18 – Weed killing – weed killing carried out on the 7th September
317/7/18 – Thursby sign, Evening Hill – response from Highways to say that the sign will be replaced as part of their replacement programme
Clerks update: –
A595 Peter Lane to Thursby Roundabout Consultation notified Cumbria Highways of support from the parish council.
Raised the issue with the police again re speed watch signs.
Arranged for the training for councillors to take place on Tuesday 2nd October 7pm, trainer requires access from 6.30.
The external auditors report has now been received which shows everything to be in order. The report, together with the financial records, and all other requirements of the Transparency Code Regulations are now published on the website, together with a notice on the notice boards of how resents can access the council’s financial records.
338/9/18 – Progress reports for information reflecting the priorities of the Community Led Plan.
CLP – One last section of the plan to be completed which should be done within the week.

Health and Wellbeing – nothing further to report

Environment – nothing further to report

Housing Issues – St Andrews View – As of the end August
Properties occupied – 39 including rented and discounted for sale
Properties completed – 41
Properties reserved and sold – 49 including rented and discounted for sale
Affordable homes plan:
4 for sale – all occupied
13 for rent – 10 occupied
Community amenities –
• Parish Hall – The hall has recently received the Hallmark 2 award, the only hall in the county to have received this. The land at back of the hall has now been re-seeded.
• Thursby school – An open meeting was held on the 10th September for the new classroom but planning permission has not yet been granted, finance for the building is now in place. The school now produces a regular after school report and a harvest celebration is to take place in October, with nominations being taken for residents wishing to receive harvest festival gifts.
Communications –
• Broadband issues – Residents are encouraged to check with their internet providers to see if fibre broadband is available, a new cabinet has recently been installed serving High and Low Whinnow.
• Social media policy – The social media policy recently circulated was adopted by the council.

339/9/18 – Planning applications
Received: 2/2018/0331 – 2/2018/0363 – 2/2018/0360 – 2/2018/0356 multiple applicatuions by John Hewson, Parton Hall farm, Parton for erection of agricultural sheds, upgrading existing mud tracks to compacted stone tracks, replace damaged concrete yard with new concrete – no council objections

2/2018/0330 – Proposed new dwelling (resubmission of 2/2017/0357) Plot 9 Evening Hill, Thursby – Peter Ashworth Irthing Developments Ltd – no council objections

2/2018/0354 – Erection of building for housing cattle and livestock – East Park farm, Crofton – no objections

2/2018/0450 – Change of use to ancillary dwelling – 19 School Road Thursby. Councillors did not object to the proposal but raised the issue of increased parking at this location.

Decisions – HOU/2018/0151 – Replacement general purpose shed – Fairfield Thursby Carlisle. Full plans approved.

340/9/18 – Payments of Accounts
The following payments were authorised by the council: –
• Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £378.80
• PAYE – (Standing Order) – £94.80
• ISS Grass cutting – £510.00 – (539)
• ISS Grass cutting – £510.00 – (543)
• Clerks expenses – £112.46 – (540)
• Removal of tree Church Lane – £480.00 – (541)
• Annual audit fee – £240.00 – (542)

341/9/18 – Accounts
Financial statement as at 31st August 2018 was approved by the council.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 16th October 2018 – 7.30 Thursby Parish Hall