September 18th 2018


Clerk: Jeff Downham,


Tel: 07795484126


The next Parish Council Meeting of Thursby Parish Council to be held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 18th September 2018 from 7.30 to 9.30pm.

Jeff Downham

Clerk to Thursby Parish Council


 1 Apologies – Clerk to receive and note apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of Interest – Clerk to receive declarations by elected and co-opted members of interests in respect of items on the agenda.

3. Dispensations The clerk to report any requests received since the previous meeting for dispensations to speak and/ vote on any matter where a member has a disclosable pecuniary interest.

 4. Minutes of previous meeting – Councillors are requested to authorise the Chair to sign the minutes as a true record of the meeting held on Tuesday 17th July 2018.

5.  Chairs announcements – To receive any announcements

6 Public Participation – The chairman will adjourn the meeting to allow members of the public an opportunity to ask questions or raise matters of interest.

7 County Council and Borough Councillors reports – For information.

8.Thursby Sports and Recreation funding proposal – Councillors to consider an application for support funding for the Jubilee field site (paper circulated)

  1. Grants – Councillors to consider the grant applications.

 10 Park fence – Estimate for the repairs to the fence wall to be considered by the council

  1. Missing flower tubs/Paddocks grit bin – Councillors to discuss the missing parish council assets.

 12 Low Whinnow lay-by A596 – The council to be updated on the situation regarding contravention of the 2 hours parking restrictions.

13  CALC membership fees funding formula – Changes to the funding formula to be considered by councillors.

  1. Speed watch update – Councillors to be updated on speed watch deployments.

 15 Dangerous tree Church Lane – Councillors to ratify decision to remove tree and consider stump removal and appropriate replacement


  1. Clerks report on actions taken not otherwise covered on the agenda.


  1. Progress reports for information reflecting the priorities of the CLP: –
  • CLP

 Health and well being

  • Sports and recreation update


 Housing issues

  • St Andrews view development report

 Community amenities

  • Parish Hall and Thursby School report


  • Broadband issues
  • Social media policy (circulated)


  1. Planning

 Received: 2/2018/0331 – 2/2018/0363 – 2/2018/0360 – 2/2018/0356 multiple applicatuions by John Hewson, Parton Hall farm, Parton for erection of agricultural sheds, upgrading existing mud tracks to compacted stone tracks, replace damaged concrete yard with new concrete.


2/2018/0330 – Proposed new dwelling (resubmission of 2/2017/0357) Plot 9 Evening Hill, Thursby – Peter Ashworth Irthing Developments Ltd


2/2018/0354 – Erection of building for housing cattle and livestock – East Park farm, Crofton.


Decisions – HOU/2018/0151 – Replacement general purpose shed – Fairfield Thursby Carlisle. Full plans approved.


  1. Payments of Accounts

Authorisation required for the following payments: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £359.10
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £89.80
  • ISS Grass cutting – £1,020.00
  • Clerks expenses – £112.46
  • Removal of tree Church Lane – £480.00
  • Annual audit fee – £240.00


  1. Accounts

Financial statement as at 31st August 2018


  1. Councillors’ reports and items for future agenda

Each Councillor is requested to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the agenda and to raise items for future agendas. Councillors are respectfully reminded that this is not an opportunity for debate or decision making.


Date of the next Parish council meeting 7.30pm Tuesday 16th October 2018 Thursby Parish Hall.


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