15th May 2018


Clerk: Jeff Downham,
Email: thursbypc@gmail.com
Tel No 07795484126

Thursby Annual Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 15th May

Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter, Chris Haig-Prothero, Ken Peerless, Myra Armstrong and Ewan Hall

Cumbria County Council: Cllr Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Cllr Pat MacDonald

Members of the public: One

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

261/5/18 – Election of Chairman of the council – Cllr Wendy Bowe was proposed by Cllr Peerless and seconded by Cllr Armstrong and duly elected as the chair for 2018/19

262/5/18 – Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office – Cllr Bowe signed declaration of acceptance of office.

263/5/18 – Appointment vice chair of the council – Cllr Peter Hunter was proposed by Cllr Armstrong and seconded by Cllr Peerless and elected vice chair for 2018/19

263/5/18 – Apologies – Cllrs McCreadie and Fairbairn

264/5/18 – Declaration of interests – Cllr Peerless declared an interest in agenda item number 14.

265/5/18 – Dispensations – None

266/5/18 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 17th April 2018 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

267/5/18 – Chairs announcements – None.

268/5/18 – Public participation – It was reported that the street scene officer for Allerdale had been in the village to view CCTV footage of a dog owner allowing their dog to foul outside a house, because the regulations for the use of CCTV in a public place had not been observed, the officer informed the householder that evidentially it could not be used in any prosecution. The officer stated that he was now able to work flexible hours and would welcome times dates and locations of offending and structure his duties accordingly, he also stated that he would be prepared to visit the school re the litter issues and advise accordingly. The council resolved to allow Cllr Peerless to raise this with the school. It was reported that some of the gullies in the village had been emptied but more were still blocked.

269/5/18 – Parish Councillor vacancy’s – Following an application letter to the council from Mike Rorke for a position on the council, councillors discussed the application and agreed to co-opt him onto the council from immediate effect.

270/5/18 – Reports from: –
Cumbria County Council – No report

Allerdale Borough Council – Cllr MacDonald reported that Cllr John Crouch had now been elected as the Allerdale Mayor with Cllr Schofield deputy mayor. She stated that she had recently undergone GDPR training with ABC and suggested that parish councils may be interested in similar training, if it could be arranged. She stated that there was still confusion as what items could be recycled and would continue to follow this up within the borough council.

271/5/18 – Footway lighting – Councillors discussed the removal of a streetlight from the top end of the village green and resolved to follow this up with Allerdale BC.

272/5/18 – Parking Matty Lonning – Difficulty had been experienced by residents getting in and out of their drives due to parking when events were on at the hall, the council resolved to raise this with the parish hall committee.

273/5/18 – Park Fence – The condition of The Park fence was discussed, which was in a poor state, needing sanding down and re-painting, residents had agreed to carry out the work themselves if funding could be provided for the materials. The council resolved to provide up to £250 for the purchase of the necessary materials.

274/5/18 – GDPR – An outline was given to councillors of the requirements of the new data protection regulations, and they were informed that a full audit had been completed of all the council’s systems. On completion of the audit the required privacy notices have been completed and will be displayed on the council’s website. A register of all data processed by the council is now in place, and the council should be well on the way to being compliant with the new regulations by the required date of 25th May

275/5/18 – Risk assessment and Council Insurance – A review of the current levels of insurance cover and a risk assessment was undertaken. No new risks were identified but it was noted that the additional assets of the Nealhouse bus shelter and the new street signage were now included on the fixtures and fittings list.

276/5/18 – Policy documents – Councillors noted and agreed to adopt the revised Standing Orders 2018, and the updated asset register following minor amendments. Councillors undertook to establish whether a grit bin still exists in the Paddocks and to identify the condition of the 10 planting tubs around the village.

277/5/18 – Councillor training – This matter was referred to the next meeting due to councillor’s apologies.

278/5/18 – Community plan – The Community plan is now complete and will be available on the council’s website. It is intended that a copy of the action plan from the plan be produced and delivered to all households in the parish, costs for this are still being sought.

279/5/18 – Clerks report on actions not covered on the agenda
Actions from previous meeting: –
250/4/18 – Forwarded a letter of support from the parish council to the sports and recreation committee, offering the councils support in any future funding bids.
253/4/18 – Contacted the Highways Area Steward re a site visit to discuss blocked/missing gullies, still awaiting a response.
254/4/18 – Contacted Action with Communities in Cumbria for an application form to apply for a grant to help publish the community plan.
An appointment has been made with the Highways Area Steward to attend Thursby to view locations of blocked gullies.

280/5/18 – Progress reports for information reflecting the priorities of the

Health and Wellbeing – Progress on getting funding and appointing a contractor to upgrade the play area on the Jubilee field are progressing well, with some good presentations having been received. A decision on this will be made soon.

Environment – The faulty street light at the Park has now been repaired. An application has been made to Highways to allow signage to the Jubilee Field to be fixed to street lamppost, this is being considered. The blocking off of layby on Low Road still requires attention, with only minimal work having been carried out by the County Council. Further options are being considered.

Housing Issues – St Andrews View
• Dust & noise from the site have been a major issue in the last month for residents adjacent to the site, Story Homes have been informed & have taken some steps to alleviate
• Entrance sign to the village has been reinstated
• New notice board for At Andrews View in place

Housing Stock Scorecard – updated end April
• Properties occupied 27
• Properties completed 28
• Properties reserved & sold 37
Affordable homes plan:
• 4 for sale, all occupied
• 13 for rent, 7 occupied

Community amenities –
Parish Hall – no report, their meetings are now on the 3rd Monday in the month.
Thursby School – The status of the new classroom is currently at feasibility study/cost analysis with October being the earliest any further update will be available.

Communications – Lack of mobile phone signals continues to be an issue in the village and continues to be raised, following last months meeting two residents contacted the council regarding lack of fibre broadband and this had been passed on to the broadband project team.

281/5/18 – Planning applications

Received: – None

Decision Notices: – HOU/2018/0047 – Conversion of existing detached bungalow to detached dwellinghouse, 45 Stonehouse Park, Thursby, Carlisle – Full plans refused on 19.4.18

282/5/18 – Payments of Accounts
The following payments were authorised by the council: –
• Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £359.10
• PAYE – (Standing Order) – £89.80
• Clerks expenses – £147.04
• PLG accountants – £50.00
• Microsoft 365- £59.99
• Zurich Insurance – £461.49

282/5/18 – Accounts
Financial statement as at 30th April 2018, internal auditors report, and the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017/18 were approved by the council.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 19thJune 2018 – 7.30 Thursby Parish Hall