21st November 2017


 Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com

Tel No 07795484126

 Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 21st November


  Minutes of meeting

 Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Ray McCreadie, Ken Peerless, Peter Hunter, Myra Armstrong.

 Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Pat McDonald

 Members of the public: 6

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

 123/11/17 – Apologies – Cllrs Haig-Prothero, Cllr Tom Girdwood, David Pattinson and John Robson.

 124/11/17 – Declaration of interests – Cllr Bowe on the sports and recreation.

 125/11/17 – Dispensations – None

 126/11/17 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 17th October 2017 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

 127/11/17 – Chairs announcements – None

128/11/17 – Public participation: – It was reported that the Allerdale Street Scene Officer had been around the village and either moved, replaced or installed new dog waste bins with the area now having 15 bins in total. He had noticed the amount of dog mess and was intending to patrol the area at some point in the future with a view to catching and prosecuting anyone found allowing their dog to foul. He had also posted several dog waste notices around the village, it was resolved that the council forward a letter to Allerdale praising the officer for this work. It had been noticed that a fly poster had been stuck to the side of the telephone kiosk housing the defibrillator which had now been removed, and waste was blowing into the kiosk from the openings at the bottom. The council resolved to address these two issues. Manhole covers causing potential trip hazards on Greenwood Close were raised, with Cllr Fairbairn taking responsibility for addressing this with the County Council. Two street lamps numbers 6 and 7 on the Chapel side of the entrance to the village from the roundabout are no longer working, and overhanging trees on Curthwaite road and on Matty Lonning are obstructing the street lights. The council resolved to report these lighting matters.  A question was raised about the A595 safety audit that was carried out in 2016 and whether it would be published, Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that a request would have to be made to the Highways Engineer for North Cumbria, the council resolved to make this request.

129/11/17 – Reports from: –

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn reported that the next area committee meeting would be considering the removal of the exemption for catering vehicles at Low Whinnow layby. He also raised the Allerdale Local Plan part two and suggested that the parish council view the document, which is undergoing a consultation until the 18th January 2018, and can be viewed at the Local Links Office and the Library in Wigton.

Allerdale Borough Council– Cllr MacDonald agreed with Cllr Fairbairn the importance of viewing the Allerdale plan.

 130/11/17 – St Andrews Development – Representatives from Story Homes gave an outline of progress to date on the St Andrews View development, and took questions from Councillors and members of the public. The questions related to speeding through the village, difficulty in accessing individual addresses on the estate and confused signage, timing of the streetlighting to the site. Members of the public wished to thank Mr Andrew Pearson, one of the Story representatives present, for his help since the development started, and for the contribution from Story’s to the purchase of the village defibrillator. The issue of the levelling of the land outside the parish hall is yet to be resolved.

 131/11/17 – Community Speed watch scheme – The date of the training is to be Saturday 16th December 1pm in the Parish Hall, it is expected that councillors and residents will number sufficient to allow the training to take place.

132/11/17 – Gully identification – A map of the parish was produced, and the locations of the gullies that were marked on it discussed. Due to the confusion of the map, and the small scale of the area, it was agreed that Cllr Bowe take the map away and blow up the relevant areas, to allow the locations of gullies not currently being emptied to be marked on it.

 132/11/17 – Police attendance at council meetings – Following a meeting of local parish council representatives with the Police, of which only representatives from Thursby and Waverton attended, the police agreed to have joint meetings with the cluster of parishes in the north Allerdale area every 10 weeks. These meetings would alternate between each parish and the first meeting will be in Thursby Parish hall on Monday 12th February at 7.30pm.

 133/11/17 – Thursby village bus shelter – Following the raising of the leaking bus shelter roof near to the Ship Inn, in the public section of the last council meeting, quotes were requested from three contractors to make good the leaking roof. The council resolved that Graeme Dixon, Joiner and Carpenter carry out the work, and to include the addition of side panels to the shelter.

 134/11/17 – Additional street signage – The replacement signs to be installed at the three recently erected sign posts in the village were discussed, with councillors agreeing that they were a big improvement on visibility. The council resolved to purchase additional signage to the school and the jubilee field.

 135/11/17 – LGBCE – Following circulation to councillors on the proposed parliamentary boundary changes, the council did not feel there was a need to comment further on them, with some councillors having submitted their own comments.

136/11/17 – Inclusive mobility service – This is a Cumbria County Council budget which is used to improve accessibility on the highway to aid people with disabilities or mobility issuesFollowing a safety inspection of Thursby village they have now issued a works order to install dropped kerbs opposite either end of the village green footpath, to meet with the recently installed dropped kerbs on the village green. The council resolved to highlight other priority areas and forward it to the county council.

 137/11/17 – Clerks report on actions not covered on the agenda –

Actions from previous meeting: –

115/10/17- Contacted United Utilities re Matty Beck discharge and circulated their reply to councillors.

116/10/17 – Fed back to Cumbria County Council Thursby Parish council’s agreement to support the Low Whinnow layby 2-hour parking exemption for catering vehicles.

Clerks update: –

The report submitted to Connect Roads regarding the installing of a new bus shelter at Nealhouse has now been received back by the County Council with no objections, and is awaiting signing off by the county, that is expected imminent following which purchase of the shelter can be made and arrangements made for it to be erected.

Three expressions of interest have been made for tendering for the grass cutting contract with tenders expected by the 1st December deadline.

I have attended the parish hall on three occasions since the last meeting with visits by two councillors, a contractor regarding repairs to the bus shelter, a contractor for the grass cutting contract for a site visit, and the Allerdale street Scene Officer. Five members of the public visited with issues of dog fouling, speeding through the village and streetlighting raised, with a volunteer recruited for the speed watch training on the 16th December.

138/11/17 –  Progress reports for information: –

Community led plan – No progress had been made since the last meeting, but councillors agreed that a meeting would be convened before the next council meeting.

 St Andrews view development –

Site working times are being breached, on several occasions the road sweeper has been working after the agreed site finishing time to the annoyance of the people in the houses adjacent to Matty Lonning.

Vehicles using Matty Lonning and the Village as a short cut to the A595.

Dust issues.  Blue mesh and the silica covering is still in-situ and functioning.

Re-routing of the new footpath at the top of Matty Lonning.  The hard works from the footpath is now complete, the landscaping is currently on going. In addition, new street sign (Matty Lonning) has been ordered and a new grit bin, locations to be agreed. The entrance sign to the village is to be reinstated (new one) along with the furniture (planters) for the flower beds. Pedestrian protection will also be installed as part of the path furniture. The street lighting will be on the side of the site into the village prior to the site entrance entering the village from the A595

New notice board for St Andrew’s View site. The notice board will be ordered week commencing the 27/11.

Story Homes advertising of St Andrews View.  Rightmove street view for St Andrews View it is still named as “Matty Lonning”.   Story Homes have updated the reference and modified the advertising.

Potential gulley flooding. The issues reported in July regarding a potential flooding hazard in severe weather conditions due to the fall of the road has now been addressed by Story Homes.

Removal of Electricity poles. Overhead power lines have now been removed from the development together with one pole at the rear of the Parish Hall.

Potential for dirty water leaking into Matty Beck, the recent sewage leak was escalated to the waste water agency and they determined that the discharge was from the Thursby treatment works.

Site debris found on footpath from Thursby Church to Crofton next to the sewerage connection point for St Andrews View.  Debris cleared next day by site team.


As at Monday 20th November 2017:

Properties occupied – 10

Properties completed – 14

Properties reserved and sold – 26 four of which are “Discount for Sale”, 16

Affordable housing units:

Discounted properties – Four discounted for sale properties have been reserved / sold.

Rental properties – Thirteen properties (a) nine 2 bed, 3 persons houses (b) four 3 bed, 5 persons houses.
Ten Rental properties reserved by Castles & Coasts Housing Association (CCHA) will be available from January to March 2018 – now CCHA have reported that no one has applied for the properties.  Posters are now displayed in the parish – approximate rents £98 pw (2 bed), £109 (3 bed) actual rents tbc. Interested parties to contact Brenda Hodgson or Jeanette Fuller at CCHA on 01228 635502 or 01228 635500

Story Homes alignment to the schedule 106:

Prior to the occupancy of the 20th dwelling a contribution of £13,427 to Allerdale BC for play equipment.

Prior to the occupancy of the 30th dwelling a contribution of £223,791 to Cumbria CC for classroom.

Prior to the occupancy of the 60th dwelling a contribution of £71,250 to Cumbria CC for secondary school’s transport

 Thursby Parish Hall – The committee met on the 8th November and a job description for a hall caretaker was still being progressed. Hallmark award part 2 is still ongoing and someone is very interested in taking on the role of Arts Out West promoter, but is still considering what is involved.

Thursby School – Following the last council meeting the school had been advised of the requirements on Story Homes of the 106 agreement to provide funding for the building of an additional classroom. A new headmistress had been appointed with no date agreed when she would take up the position.

Broadband – Instances of the broadband in the village going down are still occurring, and a new junction box is being installed to allow additional residents to access the system.

 Sports and Recreation – The committee are continuing to fund raise with the next committee meeting on the 11th December.

139/11/17 –  Planning applications

 Received: – 2/2017/0054 – Listed building consent for re-roofing and refurbishment work to existing barn – Evening Hill Farmhouse, Evening Hill, Thursby – No council objections.

Decision Notices: – None

120/10/17 – Payments of Accounts

The following payments were authorised by the council: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £359.10
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £89.80
  • ISS – £468.46
  • Clerks expenses – £106.85



149/11/17 – Accounts

The financial statement as at 31st October 2017 was agreed and signed by the council chair.


150/10/17 – Councillors reports and future agenda items–


Date of next meeting – Tuesday 19th December 2017 –  7.30 Thursby Parish Hall




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