Clerk: Jeff Downham

Tel. 07795484126

                                                                     Invitation to tender to tender for grass cutting in Thursby Parish

 The council is looking to tender for a one-year contract (2018) and a three-year contract (2018 – 2020)

 Area 1

Village Green

Notice Board area                               28 cuts weekly from mid-March

Triangle in front of the Ship Inn

The Paddocks play area

 Area 2

Grassed area on the right-hand side from Fairfield Road junction to Daggart Lonning. To include sight lines onto the A595.

How End junction to the village 30mph signs, both sides, to include sight lines onto the A595

Three full verge cuts from mid-March to the end of the season (note Cumbria County Council also cuts these verges so cuts must be scheduled at regular intervals).

 Area 3

Thursby roundabout from the end of the tarmac footpath at the roundabout, to the end of Matty Lonning, both sides of the footpath. The Chapel to the second lamp post on the roundabout Carlisle side.

The top of Matty Lonning both sides of the road from the 30mph signs into the village, also to be included in this area the grass around the lay-by

Curthwaite Road junction and the area in front of the Park Estate.

Area 4

From the bottom of Matty Lonning to Yew Tree Drive, the west side verge only – 3 cuts from mid-March

The seat area between Yew Tree Drive and the Parish Hall to be cut when required.


 All grass to be collected during the first cut of the year.

Grass cuttings to be collected from the village green, (could a quote be given for the additional cost of collecting from the notice board area, and the top of Matty Lonning triangular of land on the village side)   

In general, grassed area should be cut to an approximate height of 30mm allowing for a maximum growth height of 60mm between each cut.

After mowing cuttings should be swept or blown back onto the grass and off adjacent roads and paths.

Strimming around fence posts, lamp columns and the like should take place immediately after the cut.

All operations are to be undertaken in such a way as to cause as little disturbance to the public as possible.

Hours of work are to be limited in such a way as to cause as little disturbance to the public as possible.

The Contractor to be responsible for the collection and disposal of any litter present in the above areas, prior to cutting/strimming being undertaken.

 Closing date for applications is Friday 1st December 2017