July 18th 2017


 Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com

Tel No 07795484126

 Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 18th July


  Minutes of meeting

 Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Myra Armstrong, Ray McCreadie, Ken Peerless and John Robson.

 Cumbria County Council:

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Cllr Pat McDonald

 Members of the public: Two

 Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

 61/7/17 – Apologies – Cllrs Tom Girdwood, David Pattinson, Chris Haig-Prothero and Duncan Fairbairn.

62/7/17 – Declaration of interests – None

 63/7/17 – Dispensations – None

 64/7/17 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 20th June 2017 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

 65/7/17 – Chairs announcements – None

 66/7/17 – Public participation: – Questions were raised about the drainage and possible pollution at the Story site, and the fact that they are not complying with condition 12 of the decision notice following granting the application to build. Condition 12 states that the development shall not be occupied until the drainage system has been constructed in accordance with the approved details, the drainage system clearly not yet having been constructed.

The council resolved to contact the planning department and environmental health to inform them of the council’s concerns.

 67/7/17 – Reports from: –

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn had offered his apologies but provided a report on the closure of the Low Road layby, he stated that this had been blocked off by the County Council and that time had to elapse before money is spent kerbing the area, in case anyone should make a complaint. On the Low Whinnow layby the consultation has produced replies which are helpful towards the legal process of removing the exemption of the 2-hour parking restriction specific to catering vehicles. A statutory notice will be arranged and a paper taken to the local committee in due course.

Allerdale Borough Council– Nothing to report

 68/7/17 – Community speed watch – Councillors discussed the information provided by the police, and the location risk assessed by them as a suitable location to monitor use the speed of vehicle, and resolved to ask for further training dates into September/October

69/7/17 – Vandalism – Following a recent spate of damage in the parish at Micklethwaite bus shelter, Crofton bus shelter and the grit bin at Crofton, the council resolved to have the necessary repairs carried out.

70/7/17 – Right of way across the Jubilee field – Councillors discussed whether a right of way towards the Stonehouse Park end of the field had been closed off following completion of the dog proof fencing, and agreed that this had not been a legal right of way. The council resolved to ask the sports and recreation committee why a gate had not been installed at this location to maintain this access point.

 71/7/17 – CALC survey – The council resolved to let the clerk complete the survey.

 72/7/17 – Communication/ Councillors responsibilities – Following the councillors recent meeting to discuss responsibilities 5 themes had been identified, these themes followed similar themes identified in the community plan consultation and each councillor was asked to identify those areas of interest to them.

The proposal is to setup five sub-committees, together with a communications sub-committee. These sub-committees would then handle topics listed on the sheets circulated to councillors.

o          Community Amenities

o          Health & Well Being

o          Environment

o          Housing

o          Communication

It is proposed that each sub-committee would have a lead councillor, a deputy lead councillor together with say two constituents from the parish. Each councillor was asked to identify those areas of interest to them.

73/7/17 – Overhanging trees on the cut through adjacaent to Greenwood Close – Following the circulation of the estimate of £580 to make these safe these trees the council resolved on a majority show of hands to have the work carried out.

 74/7/17 – Clerks report on actions not covered on the agenda –

Actions from previous meeting: –

  • Contacted Cumbria Highways regarding the overgrown verges on Matty Lonning.
  • Contacted the contractors for the parish grass cutting re the cutting of the green, they stated that the May cut had been a week late due to other commitments, and that it had not been collected as well as usual, so they had scheduled to go back and had done it again.
  • Contacted the gardening club re the shrubs at the Welcome to Thursby stone which have now been trimmed.
  • Contacted the village signs company who have agreed to make new directional arms with larger lettering. Two options were available to increase the size of the lettering, one by a further 1.25 inches, and a further option to increase in lettering size to 1.5 inches. The second option would require larger panels at a cost of £37 each. The council resolved to purchase the second option.
  • Contacted a tree surgeon regarding the overgrown trees on the cut through to Greenwood Close, visited the site with him he has agreed that they should be trimmed to reduce the risk to residents using the footpath, and is preparing an estimate of the cost.

Clerks update: –

Corresponded with residents of Curthwaite Road re the positioning of the SID and the problems of tractors using the road.

Liaised with the County Council re the Nealhouse bus shelter who inform me that there is to be a 2-week consultation period, following which a final report is to be written up and sent to a senior manager for authorisation. It will also need permission from Connect Roads before this type of shelter the council have agreed to purchase can be approved, he doesn’t anticipate any issues with this.

 75/7/17 –  Progress reports for information: –

Community led plan – Cllr Bowe informed the council that a meeting was to be arranged for Tuesday 25th July 7.30pm in the parish hall, with as many members of the original steering group as are available, to discuss drawing the plan together.

 St Andrews view development –

Several residents have raised concerns that “dirty water” is being discharged from a site tank into the beck. When questioned Story Homes have confirmed that the SUDs pond is coloured with run off from the rain water and possibly some of the silica that was then sprayed directly above the pond. Until Story Homes are complete with building and clear of the site, the SUDS will get building dust in it from the run off from road drainage system.  As part of the site construction plan it will be assessed and if needed the solids removed before site closure”.
It was reported that on Wednesday 12th July 2017 the beck was clear.

Story Homes have also confirmed that tankers are being used up to three times a week to remove solids from the tank(s). A reply from Story Homes is awaited regarding why the tankers are needed and what foreign bodies are being removed.

With the continued dry weather residents are still experiencing issues regarding dust emanating from the site.

The site has been sprayed and Story Homes will monitor its impact on reducing the dust in conjunction with spraying the internal site roads.

Still looking to arrange a meeting with the Story Homes and Matty Lonning residents adjacent to the St Andrews site to discuss this ongoing issue.

Re-routing of the new footpath at the top of Matty Lonning – Story Homes have again met with concerned resident in the last week and confirmed that the path will not encroach on their land.

Removal of electricity poles – Story Homes are planning to remove the poles from the site and land within the Parish Hall grounds, a 21-day notice with ENW starts on the 17th of July – once a date has been confirmed Story Homes will contact people directly.

Affordable Housing – Story have confirmed that the first affordable homes will be complete by November / December 2017.

Site Working Times – Situation has stabilised with the better weather.

Vehicles using Matty Lonning and the village as a short cut to the A595 – Story have erected two “no left turn signs” at the two site exits forcing traffic to turn right onto low road and use the Low Road junction with the A595.  Situation had stabilised; however, a couple of issues have been raised in the last three weeks:

Lay bye near to the site entrance to St Andrews View development is in a poor state of repair – Story confirmed that “they have reviewed the situation and are satisfied

Damaged verges adjacent are still in a poor state, Story have been requested to make good.

Thursby Parish Hall – The parish hall committee had met last week and now had a new committee member who had taken on the role of minute taker, they are still looking for a member to be the Arts Out West contact.

Thursby School – The head teacher has announced that she will be leaving the school to take up another teaching position, but will remain head until January 2018. The published SATs results show the school performing at 80% with a national average of 61%. The head wished to thank the council for their support during her term at the school.


  76/7/17 –  Planning applications Received: – None

 Decision notices – None


77/7/17 – Payments of Accounts

The following payments were authorised by the council: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £346.27
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £86.60
  • Data Protection Registration – £35
  • Clerks expenses – £65.00 – 4
  • ISS – £468.46 – 491



78/7/17 – Accounts

The financial statement as at 30th June 2017 was agreed and signed by the council chair.

79/7/17 – Councillors reports – In the absence of Cllr Fairbairn a question was raised about the condition of the A596 at the Crofton junction where parts of the surface are very uneven.

 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 19th September 2017 –  7.30 Thursby Parish Hall

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