May 16th 2017


 Clerk: Jeff Downham,


Tel No 07795484126

 Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 16th May


 Minutes of meeting


Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Myra Armstrong, Tom Girdwood, Chris Haig-Prothero, David Pattinson and John Robson

 Cumbria County Council: Cllr Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Cllr Pat McDonald

 Members of the public: 4

 Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

 22/5/17 – Election of chair 2017/18 – Cllrs Bowe and Hunter were proposed for chair of the council, a vote was taken with five votes counted for Cllr Bowe, and two for Cllr Hunter, Cllr Bowe was duly appointed as chair for this financial year and signed the declaration of acceptance.

23/5/17 – Election of Vice Chair – Cllr Hunter was proposed as vice chair and this was agreed by all councillors, Cllr Hunter to be the vice chair for 2017/18

24/5/17 – To agree to form any committees – councillors resolved to discuss this at the councillors meeting on the 27th June.

 25/5/17 – Apologies – Cllrs Ray McCreadie and Ken Peerless

 26/5/17 – Declaration of interests – None

27/5/17 – Dispensations – None

 28/5/17 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 18th April 2017 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

 29/5/17 – Chairs announcements – Thursby Sport & Recreation Committee have extended an invitation to the official opening event to celebrate the completion of the new pitches and the newly refurbished pavilion, new store and car park at the Jubilee field. The event will take place on the 1st July at commencing at 1230.

 30/5/17 – Public participation: – Concern was expressed as to the number of speeding vehicles driving through the village, particularly from the roundabout, passed the Paddocks entrance and into the centre of the village. Councillors resolved to report the matter to the police, and to put an article in the Throstle requesting residents to drive responsibly, and to agenda setting up a community speed watch for the next meeting.

Home Group are to produce a map of their estate to show what areas of land are owned by them.

Concern was expressed about the condition that the contractors have left the recent works at the roundabout with mounds of grass and rubble left on the verge.

The council resolved to contact Connect roads.

 31/5/17 – Reports from: –

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that he had raised the issue of tractor movements on Curthwaite road, and outlined that the rolling programme of works on the A595 was continuing. He stated that he had heard from the Assistant Director of the Country Council regarding the lay-bys on Low Road, and he had suggested that one of them could be closed, but that no decisions would be taken until after the election.

Following on from the recent County Council elections, no decision had yet been reached as to who would form the administration, and that it was unlikely that it would be decided until after June 8th.

 Allerdale Borough Council– Cllr MacDonald informed the council that an Allerdale BC executive meeting was being held in the Greenhill Hotel, Wigton on the 17th May to elect the new Allerdale mayor. A question was raised about the lack of recycling bags for Crofton and Cllr MacDonald agreed to look into this.

 Cumbria PolicePCSO Irving offered her apologies for the meeting providing the following information Crime figures can be obtained via the Cumbria Police Website:

Alternatively use the following link:

Once you have opened the link follow the below

Find your Neighbourhood

  • Enter your location / postcode
  • Explore crime map
  • Click on area
  • Click on each incident for details

For road traffic collision data please follow the below link (search by post code as it defaults to Gateshead): –


A search of the website showed no incidents of crime or road traffic collisions for Thursby parish.

 32/5/17 – Low Whinnow lay-by A596 and Low Road lay-byes – An outline was given as to the requirements for installing a CCTV system to monitor vehicle movements in the Low Whinnow lay-by, and the costs involved, Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that he had had a conversation with the highways engineer, who was to make a site visit to see what could be done to restrict HGV usage of the lay-by during night time. No decision had yet been reached on the two lay-bys on Low Road.

 33/5/17 – Defibrillator signage – Following circulation of a template, provided by the County Council, the council resolved to purchase 4 signs to be attached to highways signs at each entrance to the village, identifying the location of the defibrillator as Near the Ship Inn.

 34/5/17 –  A596 wood lorry movements – The council considered a letter circulated by Aspatria Town Council regarding lorry movements on the A596 and resolved to write a letter of support to Aspatria Town Council in their bid to have a feasibility/safety study done of wood lorry movements on the A596, Cllr Haig-Prothero agreed to contact the clerk at Aspatria with his knowledge of road haulage issues.

35/5/17 – Thursby village signs – Councillors discussed the recent installation of Thursby village signs and resolved to contact the supplier to see if the arms could be replaced with larger lettering, and to contact the contractor to have the poles more securely installed.

36/5/17 – St Andrews development update –

Dust Issues – Concerns raised by residents adjacent to the St Andrews View site.   With the dry weather experienced during April & May several issues have been reported regarding dust emanating from the site.

    • This matter has been raised with the Story Site Director as an urgent health & safety issue.  Listed actions have been put in place:
    • The Site Manager Barry Spedding visited residents on the Wigton side of Matty Lonning on Friday 28/4/17 and has arranged for their windows to be cleaned.  I have also requested at the behest of Peg Eastwood that Parish Hall windows are also be cleaned.
    • When the windows were cleaned the Story contractor was unable to clean the conservatory roofs as it was not part of the agreed work – seeking clarification – now resolved.
    • Story have promised to erect some blue meshing which will be treated with Silica to stop the dust getting to the houses adjacent to the site.  To date the blue mesh has been erected however the Silica treatment is still awaited as Story Homes are still awaiting delivery. This intervention is very important to the residents of Matty Lonning because of the high levels of dust on site and works moving much closer to their boundaries. This means that the householders are unable to put washing out and generally open house windows in the dry weather and are having to clean garden furniture more than once a day. It might also be appropriate to raise the level of the blue mesh particularly at the Parish Hall end because it scarcely reaches the height of the fence – seeking clarification?

Vehicles using Matty Lonning & the Village as a short cut to the A595 – Story have erected two “no left turn signs” at the two site exits forcing traffic to turn right onto low road & use the Low Road junction with the A595.  Situation had stabilised, however a couple of issues have been raised in the last three weeks:

    • Issue reported by Ms Peel regarding Seymour plant long vehicle (vehicle registration RH63 HCZ) which was carrying heavy steel girders at 11:45 Friday 12th May 2017 for the St Andrews View site. The vehicle reversed into Paddocks access road well beyond bungalow just missing the curve of the brick wall opposite at Westcroft.  After reversing turned went to roundabout and along towards Howend. Yellow signs at roundabout are misleading and also at the Paddocks.  Similarly, whilst I was at bus stop a vehicle nearly clipped cars fronting access road at Biglands House.
    • Incident reported to Story Site Director, still awaiting a response.

Affordable Housing – Story have not yet appointed a registered provider (RP) to manage the affordable homes therefore difficult for Thursby parishioners to apply in a timely manner & get their applications vetting.

    • Story have promised to advise RP once a decision has been made, the estimated completion date for the first affordable properties will first quarter 1 2018 dependant on weather

Re-routing of the new footpath at the top of Matty Lonning – Story have been advised that the grassed area at the front of a resident’s property adjacent to Matty Lonning is part of his plot.

    •  Objections to Allerdale planning regarding the route of the proposed footpath have been raised.
    • Story have completed the utilities work at the top of Matty Lonning which is in the line of the proposed path and no further work has been carried out with regard to the footpath. Story have promised to:
      • Liaise with Allerdale & the Highways with regard to the route of the path and to keep residents informed
      • The village entry sign will be replaced as part of these works as the current sign will be too short due to the path being installed.
      • The waste bin has been moved next to the lay-bye, the site team will ensure it is secured to ground.
      • Carry out hard planting next to the village entry sign – if there are residents that would like to get involved then we can arrange to do this in conjunction with them.

37/5/17 – Community led plan – Cllr Bowe reported that the focus group meetings had now been completed and that there was a need to present the findings to the steering group to identify the priorities for the plan, the date of that meeting to be circulated.

The parish council resolved to pay for the costs of the room hire at the hall for meetings relating to the development of the plan.

38/5/17 –  Other reports: –

Clerks report: – Actions from previous meeting: –

  • Contacted Cumbria Highways, Allerdale BC Environmental Health department and Cumbria Police regarding the tractor movements on Curthwaite Road.
  • Contacted the highways safety officer regarding the 30mph repeater signs on Curthwaite road and he reported that in accordance with traffic regulations.
  • Contacted highways regarding the overhanging trees on Curthwaite road.

Clerks update: –

The accounts have been checked by the internal auditor and the annual return completed and forwarded to the external auditor. All relevant documentation relating to the annual return has been uploaded to the website in accordance with the Transparency Code Regulations.

Contacted Home Housing regarding the damaged fence on the cut from Shawk Crescent to the Green, this has now been repaired.

Contacted Cumbria Highways regarding the cattle warning signs on the A595 and a pot holes at the bottom of Nealhouse Hill.

Arrangements re the Annual parish meeting.

A site visit has been arranged with the County Council bus infrastructure officer for 1.30pm on Thursday 1st June at Nealhouse to discuss the positioning of a new bus shelter.

Councillors agreed to renew the annual local council policy with Zurich Insurance.

Thursby Parish Hall – The next Parish Hall meeting has been rearranged for Wednesday 17 May 2017.

 Thursby School – No report from the school. Year 6 completed their final SATs tests last week, results not known until July. School breaks up on 26th May for half term.

39/5/17 –  Planning applications Received: – None

Decision notices – 2/2017/0031 – Story Homes application for variation of condition 2 on application 2/2016/0070. Revision to house types, road hierarchy and surfacing and footways to plots facing Low Lane. Full plans approved

HOU/2017/0052 – Two storey side extension at 21 Stonehouse Park, Thursby – full plans approved.

2/2017/0179 – Erection of slurry tower with cover – re-submission of application 2/2016/0391 – John Swainson, How End farm- full plans approved.


40/5/17 – Payments of Accounts

The following payments were authorised by the council: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £346.27
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £86.60
  • Clerks expenses – £129.42
  • ISS – £936.92 (2 months grass cutting)
  • PLG Accountants – £40
  • CALC – Annual subscription – £213.28
  • Repairs to SID – £180.74
  • Annual play area inspection – £67.20



41/5/17 – Accounts

Annual accounts statement and the annual governance statement

for 2016/17 was approved and signed by the council chair

The financial statement as at 30th April 2017 was agreed and signed by the council chair.


Date of next meeting – Tuesday 20th June 2017 –  7.30 Thursby Parish Hall

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