April 18th 2017


 Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com

Tel No 07795484126


Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 18th April



Draft Minutes of meeting


Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless, Ray McCreadie, Myra Armstrong, Tom Girdwood, Chris Haigh-Prothero and David Pattinson.

 Cumbria County Council: Cllr Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Cllr Pat McDonald

Members of the public: Two

 Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

 1/4/17 – Apologies – Cllr John Robson

 2/4/17 – Declaration of interests – Cllr Bowe Sports and Recreation

 3/4/17 – Dispensations – None

 4/4/17 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 21st March 2017 were discussed and the council resolved to sign them as being a true record of the meeting.

 5/4/17 – Chairs announcements – None

6/4/17 – Public participation: – Concern about the progress of the community plan was raised. The acknowledgment of a letter from Sue Hayman MP with a response from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport stating that progress is being made across the country regarding poor mobile coverage, but that it will take time to improve coverage in all black spot areas. The lack of any progress by Story’s on identifying a housing association to take on the social housing element of the St Andrews view development was raised. It was also suggested that photographs of councillors be put on the parish hall notice board, this to be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

7/4/17 – Reports from: –

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that he had recently found a 2 hours parking restriction sign in the hedgerow at the Low Whinnow lay-by that had been removed. He informed the council that he had spoken to the food dispenser operating from there regarding the two-hour parking restriction, who had been unaware of the time limit and had now moved on. Enforcement of the parking restriction was discussed regarding the use of the lay-by, particularly by refrigeration lorry’s, with the responsibility for this being the County Council enforcement team who only work up until 7pm.  He was still awaiting a response from the deputy director of CCC regarding ownership of the two lay-bys on Low Road.

 Allerdale Borough Council– Cllr MacDonald informed the council that there had recently been several issues about the Allerdale Local Plan. No allowance had been made in the plan for infill sites in small villages and hamlets and planning permission at these locations was being turned down, she emphasised the need for communities to develop neighbourhood plans.

 Cumbria PolicePCSO Irving offered her apologies for the meeting providing the following information Crime figures can be obtained via the Cumbria Police Website:

Alternatively use the following link:


Once you have opened the link follow the below

Find your Neighbourhood

  • Enter your location / postcode
  • Explore crime map
  • Click on area
  • Click on each incident for details

For road traffic collision data please follow the below link (search by post code as it defaults to Gateshead): –


 A search of the website showed no incidents of crime or road traffic collisions for Thursby parish.

 8/4/17 – Low Whinnow lay-by A596 and Low Road lay-byes – Councillors discussed the issue of enforcement of the two-hour parking restrictions at this location following complaints from nearby residents, it was resolved that a meeting be set up between the CCC Highways Engineer, residents and Cllr Fairbairn, to try to agree a way forward, and for the Parish Council to explore the possibility of installing a CCTV at the lay-by to monitor HGV usage. Following a visit by councillors to the two lay-bys on Low Road, it was noted that both the lay-bys were in a damaged condition, but was resolved that the matter be held over until the next meeting, awaiting a reply from the Assistant Director of CCC following Cllr Fairbairn’s enquiry with him.

 9/4/17 – Use of the Jubilee field – A report produced by the sports and recreation committee was discussed and acknowledged by the council. The report contained re-assurances that whilst the field will be used by the Dalston Black Reds football teams, the Sports and Recreation Committee are keen for other, more informal groups to use the site for a wider range of activities.  As the pitches are brand new, the advice from the agronomist has been to monitor the use of the pitches closely, particularly in the first year of play, and not to ‘over play’ them. The Sports and Recreation Committee will be continually looking at the conditions of the pitches, and will take necessary actions to ensure they remain in tip top condition.

This has also been a factor in their decision to limit the number of formal club teams playing on the site during the first season. If all goes well, and there is demand, they intend to look to increase the number of formal teams at a later date.

The council resolved to re-visit this in 12 months’ time.

 10/4/17 –  Defibrillator signs – Councillors resolved to put notices up at each entrance to the village identifying the location of the defibrillator, and to seek approval from the highways authority if they are to be placed on lamp columns.

   11/4/17 – St Andrews View development update –

Affordable Housing – Story have not yet appointed a registered provider (RP) to manage the affordable homes therefore difficult for Thursby parishioners to apply in a timely manner and get their applications vetting.

    • Story have promised to advise RP once a decision has been made, the estimated completion date for the first affordable properties will first quarter 1 2018 dependant on weather
    • Awaiting feedback from Thursby Parish Council report in the Throstle regarding setting up a waiting list to record of those parishioners who would be interested in occupying houses identified for social housing.

Lay bye near to the site entrance to St Andrews View development is in a poor state of repair – Story confirmed that they have reviewed the situation and are satisfied that the damage to the lay-by verge opposite to the St Andrew’s View compound access cannot be attributed to vehicles coming to and from the site.  The lay by is used regularly by a range of vehicles including lorries, all of which have the potential to cause damage. In addition, the damage to the verge was present before we started on the site.

Re-routing of the new footpath at the top of Matty Lonning – Story have been advised that the resident affected by this’s legal people have confirmed that the grassed area at the front of his property adjacent to Matty Lonning is part of his plot.

    • Thursby Parish Council together with several parishioners have raised objections to Allerdale planning regarding the route of the proposed footpath.
    • Story have advised that they have started work putting in utilities in the line of the proposed path and once the utility works are completed then the path will be constructed. Story have promised to:
      • Liaise with Allerdale & the Highways regarding the route of the path and to keep the resident affected informed.
      • The village entry sign will be replaced as part of these works as the current sign will be too short due to the path being installed.
      • The waste bin has been moved next to the lay-bye, the site team will ensure it is secured to ground.
      • Carry out hard planting next to the village entry sign – if there are residents that would like to get involved then we can arrange to do this in conjunction with them.

Damaged verges adjacent are still in a poor state.  – Story have been requested to make good.

Vehicles using Matty Lonning and the Village as a short cut to the A595 – Story have erected two “no left turn signs” at the two site exits forcing traffic to turn right onto low road & use the Low Road junction with the A595.

12/4/17 – Community Plan update – Cllr Bowe informed the council that the recent meeting of the sports, leisure and health group was poorly attended and that it had been re-arranged for 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th April with flyers to be distributed, this meeting would be then followed by a meeting of the steering group on Tuesday the 2nd May 7.30 to start to pull the plan together.

13/4/17 – Agricultural traffic on Curthwaite road – Following several complaints from residents on Evening Hill regarding the driving behaviour of tractors using this road, the council resolved to contact the environmental health team at Allerdale, to pass this onto the Cumbria Police, and to enquire with Cumbria Highways regarding the 30mph repeater signs.  

14/4/17 – Streetlighting on Curthwaite Road – Councillors discussed this issue and resolved to contact Cumbria Highways re the overhanging trees at one address.

 15/4/17 – Speed Indication Device – Councillors resolved to approve the payment for the repair to the device.

 16/4/17 –  Village green footpath and installation of new street signs – councillors were informed that the works to re-lay the footpath across the green and to erect the new street signage will not now start until the 22nd May.

17/4/17 – Councillors responsibilities and communication – Councillors agreed that the recent training by Cumbria Association of Local Councils was worthwhile and resolved to meet on the 27th June to discuss areas of responsibility.

18/4/17 –  Other reports: –

Clerks report: – Actions from previous meeting: –

  • Contacted sports and recreation committee regarding the litter problem on the jubilee field, following a suggestion that it was the contractors who were responsible, they responded saying that the litter was caused young children and not the contractors.
  • Notified Home Group regarding the damaged fencing behind the garage.
  • Contacted the gardening club regarding the flower tubs who stated that they hoped to have all the tubs removed by the summer.
  •  Notified the contractor appointed to repair the damaged fencing at the Paddocks who responded by saying he hoped to start the work in three to four weeks.
  • Notified the school of the council’s decision to allow the Easter event on the green and to request a copy of their insurance cover, and informed them of the litter problem in Matty Beck.
  • Contacted Allerdale re dog mess and the lack of a dog bin on Thornby road, Micklethwaite.

Thursby Parish Hall – The committee met on the 12th April and the AGM is in the 26th April. The first interview for the Hallmark award is to take place on the 19th April. The hall has shown increased use over the last 12 months and the accounts are in a healthy position, they are looking at the possibility of employing a caretaker in the long term should the finances allow it.

 Broadband – Northing to report.

 Thursby School – No report.

 19/4/17 –  Planning applications Received: –

  2/2017/0135 – Story Homes proposed change of use of land to accommodate a proposed pumping station and footpath link. – comments objecting to this application have already been submitted by the council following previous circulation.  2/2106/0179 – J Swainson, How End Farm – re-submission of application to erect a slurry tower – no council objections.2/2017/0169 – M and S Cowan, Old Stable Block, Crofton – application for consent to display directional sign advertisement. – no objections but councillors resolved to comment that the lettering on the sign be black and white. 

20/4/17 – Payments of Accounts

The following payments were authorised by the council: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £346.27
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £86.60
  • Clerks expenses – £78.50 – 473
  • Street signs – £2,661.22 – 474 (with a note to say not yet checked)
  • Microsoft 365 application – £59.99 – 475
  • PLG Accountants Ltd – £40.00 – 476
  • CALC payment for councillors training – £170.00 – 477



21/4/17 – Accounts

Annual accounts statement and the annual governance statement

for 2016/17 was approved and signed by the council chair

The financial statement as at 31st March 2017 was agreed and signed by the council chair.

22/4/17 – Governance and Accountability for Smaller Authorities in England 2017 Edition – The above regulations were adopted by the council.

 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 16th May 2017 –  7.00 Thursby Parish Hall for the Annual Parish Meeting  followed by the Council meeting at 7.30pm

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