Minutes for the meeting of the Thursby Sports & Recreation Committee held at Thursby Parish Hall on 5th October 2011


  1. Apologies: Ian Bird. Present: Cllrs. Wendy Bowe and Graham Sadler, Stephen Baxter, Brigid Mason, Lisa Bird, Stuart Eastwood. Guest – Robin Swindells.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting (AGM) held on 17th August 2011. Minutes discussed and agreed by those present. ACTION: Check minutes with Ian (LB).


  1. Matters Arising from the last meeting

Item 6.2 Name change Following discussion at the AGM, we agreed that a change of name would make encourage more people to join the committee. We would need to keep the current name for       charity purposes and the field name would remain as the Jubilee Field. ACTION: Run a competition in the local school for a new name for the group which acknowledges the support it gives for sport and recreation. We will contact Mrs Yeowart about this (LB). Graham will attend other local groups and Wendy will put some information on the village website.


  1. Presentation by Robin Swindells regarding allotments. Robin asked the committee to consider providing some land on the Jubilee field for ten allotments. Some issues were discussed, but it was agreed that the committee would consider the request and details would be looked at. ACTION: copy of plans to be distributed to committee members for future discussion (SE).


  1. Accounts to 30th September 2011.


5.1 Stuart distributed an accounts sheet. There are still two payments @ £264 for two years of pitch marking from Amey to be made.

      ACTION: The football team will be contacted and asked to pay 50% of the pitch marking fees. (SE)


5.2 We discussed the high price of having insurance and other possible ways of having less expensive cover. ACTION: SE to contact Peter Hunter to see if the Parish Council could again look at us having a corporate policy. If any committee members know of any relevant insurance providers, they are to contact them for a quote. Stuart will send LB a copy of the policy.


  1. Chairman’s Post. Graham was proposed by Wendy and duly elected as the new chair of the committee. We discussed the length of the term of office. ACTION: Check the constitution re. term of office(GS). Graham informed us that it would be useful to have a person to be a publicity officer. Karen Henderson would be willing to help with this. ACTION: Contact Mrs Rita Yeowart to ask if she would put up a notice in school to see if any parents would be interested in joining the committee (LB).


  1. Jubilee Field


7.1 As the football team use the field they need to provide a representative on the Sports & Recreation committee. Alan Rickerby has volunteered to do this, but it was felt that another representative should also be a committee member. The football team still have Stephen’s key. ACTION: A letter will be sent to them asking for a deposit payment (£50) for a set of keys, the return of Stephen’s key and a fixture list (SE). Wendy suggested that more committee members have keys. We will also put a notice on the notice board with a point of contact and see if the insurance company require a list of keyholders.   


7.2 Drainage of the field: ACTION: contact John Swainson to arrange quotes for the drainage of the field (GS).


        Redevelopment of the play area

  • Contact other local parents to see if they have any ideas for the play area and how to access funding ACTION: Contact school and nursery fundraising groups (LB).
  • Contact other agencies/groups regarding funding for/provision of play equipment ACTION: contact relevant people (LB) ACTION: Follow up on Wendy’s lottery funding application (SE)
  • Invite Robin to quarterly meetings to report on what is happening with the grounds
  • Replace swing and order a tennis net ACTION: contact equipment providers (SE)


  1. Future events including Gala Day/Jubilee Weekend

Stuart reported on the open meeting which he had attended at the Ship. There had been quite a large group of people with lots of ideas. The plan is to start the Gala day earlier at 11.00 a.m. and finish earlier at 3.00 p.m. as Thursby Fest will be happening on the same day. There will be other events jointly with other groups so we need to be kept informed. ACTION: Attend future meetings and report back to this group about what is happening (SE). Some ideas for activities on the Gala day were discussed e.g bouncy castles and committee members will try to bring more details to the next meeting. As it is Jubilee weekend, many providers will be booked early.


  1. Any Other Business

A vote of thanks was given to Stuart Eastwood from Graham for his hard work in leading the committee so well for a long period of time.


10. Date of next meeting

The meeting ended at 9.25 p.m. Future meetings will be monthly on the first Monday of the month excluding August and December. The next meeting will be at 7.00 p.m. on Monday 7th November. Venue to be confirmed.