January 17th 2017



Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com

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Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 17th January


 Draft Minutes of meeting

 Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless, Ray McCreadie, Tom Girdwood, John Robson, David Pattinson

 Cumbria County Council: Cllr Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Apologies

 Members of the public: 2

 Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

 359/1/17 – Apologies – Cllrs Howard and Armstrong

 360/1/17 – Declaration of interests – Cllrs Bowe and Pattinson Sports and Recreation

 361/1/17 – Dispensations – None

 362/11/17 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 13th December 2016 were discussed and the council resolved to record them as as being correct following the addition of the value of the defibrillator cabinet (£595), and the removal of the Dalston council website as being of good practice.

 363/1/17 – Chairs announcements –Cumbria County Council Local Committee are to meet in the Local Links Office in Wigton on 18th January at 10am.

The CALC Allerdale meeting is to take place at 7pm at Allerdale House on the 19th January

 364/1/17 – Public Participation – An outline was given of the work of the community led plan focus groups and concerns were raised about the lack of mobile phone coverage. coverage in the Thursby Village / Parish.

365/1/17 – Reports from: –

 Allerdale Borough CouncilNo report

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that he had a paper copy of the maps of the gullies in Thursby Parish and asked that if those gullies that were blocked could be marked on that map, he would forward it the contractors for this work. He stated that the Allerdale budget would be discussed at the forthcoming full council meeting, the cost of a dropped kerb would be £2,000 and that the Allerdale Local Committee were meeting in Wigton on the 18th January. The  County Councillor was asked about passing a by law regarding to dog fouling. He stated he had a book on the subject are we to obtain a copy. Councillor Fairbairn was asked about the post-Christmas refuge and garden waste collections. The Allerdale web site stated the days but the collectors collected a day early for general waste but never collected the garden waste.

Cumbria PoliceCrime figures can be obtained via the Cumbria Police Website:

Alternatively use the following link:


Once you have opened the link follow the below

Find your Neighbourhood

  • Enter your location / postcode
  • Explore crime map
  • Click on area
  • Click on each incident for details

For road traffic collision data please follow the below link (search by post code as it defaults to Gateshead): –


Following discussion at the last meeting Cllr McCreadie attended a Peter McCall – Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) surgery on Wednesday 14th December 2016 to highlight several issues including: –

  • Need for a better reporting mechanism to allow the Parish Council to monitor parish issues, the provided web sites do not allow a search of Thursby for crime / incident figures
  • Enforcement of Matty Lonning “access only sign”
  • Feedback from 101 call regarding traffic issues

A follow up letter by Mr McCall outlined the operational problems associated with having an officer at each meeting but encouraged contact with the local PCSO.

The council resolved to follow this up with the PCC in 3 months’ time

366/1/17 – Gully cleaning – Following discussion with Cllr Fairbairn and the production of a map the council resolved to mark the map with the positions of the blocked gullies and forward to Cllr Fairbairn.

 367/1/17 – St Andrews view development –  A further meeting with Story Homes and Parish Councillors took place on Wednesday 14th December to go through the action plan – listed below are the key issues still causing concern: –


  • Several vehicles arriving / leaving the site are still not using the Low Road junction with the A595.  Story have been requested to erect better signs at the site and on the A595.
  • The police are monitoring the Matty Lonning restricted assess and it appears that the number of vehicles using the roadway as a shortcut has decreased.
  • The damaged verges adjacent to the entrance to the site have not been made good – Story have been requested to action.
  • The lay-bys are still in a poor state – Story have been requested to action.


A course of action has been agreed with Story’s regarding the boundary fence for those properties on Matty Lonning. Story’s had agreed to install street lighting from the Matty Lonning junction to the entrance to the site.

The council resolved to enquire with Highways whether this would mean the moving of the current 30 mph limit on Low Road 

 368/1/17 – Parish Pride – A document titled Estate Services was circulated showing photographs of areas of the village that needed attention. It was agreed that this could be something that the community led plan group could consider. The letter forwarded to all residents by Allerdale BC at the request of the Sports and Recreation committee on dog fouling, was discussed and supported by the council. This had arisen because of the number of dog owners allowing their dogs to mess on the jubilee field. Lack of signage to all entrances to the field was raised and the council resolved to contact the Sports and recreation committee regarding this.

369/1/17 – Community Plan update – Two focus groups have now met with a further three meetings arranged for 31st January on Housing, 7.00pm start, 9th February on the Environment and Community, 7.30pm start and 28th February on Health, Community and Crime, 7.30 pm start, all in Thursby Parish Hall.

Cllr McCreadie has agreed to facilitate the events but believed that a member of the public should lead on each group supported by a parish councillor. Suggestion was made of utilising the notice board in the parish hall as a means of promoting the work of the CLP groups.

 370/1/17 – British Heart Foundation bid for defibrillator – The cabinet and defibrillator and not yet installed, this being due to a delay by BT Open Reach. The BT equipment has been removed but before the cabinet and defibrillator can be installed the necessary paperwork must be received and that is still being awaited. The issue of whether to retain the 999 line from the kiosk was discussed and the council resolved on a majority vote to pay the additional costs of £341 to install and £1 per week to retain the emergency line.

371/1/17 –  Village Gala – Following contact with the Gala committee it was agreed that there was nothing that the council could do to change the decision not to hold a Gala for this year, however the committee were looking to try to hold something smaller possible attached to another village event.

372/1/17 –  Mobile phone coverage in Thursby village – Discussion was had as to poor mobile phone reception in the parish and the limited options open to the council. The council resolved to have this considered as a priority under the Parish Pride element of the CLP.

 373/1/17 –  Allerdale Budget consultation – This has been circulated for councillors to each make their own comments.

374/1/17 –  Councillors responsibilities/ training and communication – Two dates were agreed for councillors training to take place. A list of councillor’s responsibilities was discussed with councillors asked to consider these before the next meeting, a possible communications strategy was held over until the February meeting.

375/1/17 – Footpath across the green and installation of dropped kerb– The council agreed that there was a need to replace the path across the green and following details of two estimates received for this work resolved to go with the best quote to lift and relay the flags and install dropped kerb.

376/1/17 –  Home Group estate and condition of garages – Following a meeting between the parish council and a representative from Home group the following points were raised and agreed should be actioned: –

  • The residents living near the garages had complained to the Home Group and the Parish Council over a period ` that several garages were in a poor state of repair and that they should be (1) repaired (2) taken down. Some of the asbestos sheets used in the construction of the garages had broken therefore causing a health risk to the public.
  • The Home Group arranged with the tenant to dismantle one garage, however, the wrong garage was removed and the site was not cleared of the asbestos debris in line with legislation.
  • Road safety issues around the estate such as congestion in the area of the school and parking provisions.
  • Poor condition of parts of the estate and who is responsible for making it better.

Progress has been made on some of these issues but the council resolved to contact the environmental officer for Allerdale regarding the asbestos issue.

377/1/17 –  Speed Indicator Device (SID)– The new guidance on deployment of the SID were acknowledged and the need for its continued use on Curthwaite road. The council resolved to purchase a larger battery to extend the use of the device, and to contact highways to see whether repeater 30mph signs could be installed within the 30mph limit on Curthwaite Road.

378/1/17 – Buckingham Palace garden party nominations – The council resolved to nominate Cllr Bowe, details forwarded to CALC

 379/1/17 – Other reports –

 Clerks Report for items not on agenda:

Actions from previous meeting: –

  • Completed National Grid response completed and forwarded to White, Young and Green.
  • Contacted AECOM re A595 Safety Study, they have informed me that it almost ready for submitting to the County Council who should then circulate to those consulted, Duncan may be able to fill this bit in.
  • Contacted CALC re councillors training.
  • Ordered the village signs as agreed, expected delivery end of January.

 Clerks update: –

Contacted Cumbria Highways and requested that they fill grit bin on Shawk Crescent which has now been done.

Arrangements regarding the CLP steering group meeting, on behalf of Wendy.

Arranged for road sweeper to sweep the village which I understand has now taken place.

Further report to BT open reach re damage to flags at Crofton Post box, this matter is ongoing with an acknowledgement from BT that they will make good the repairs.

Obtained map of gullies and forwarded to Peter.

Applied for grant for £1000 from Story Homes for funding for the defibrillator and cabinet, this was approved and the grant has been paid into the councils account and a letter of thanks acknowledging receipt of the grant has been forwarded to Story’s.

Press statement agreed with Story’s regarding the sponsorship of the defibrillator.

Thursby Parish Hall – A meeting had taken place the previous week but nothing of relevance to the council to report.

Broadband – Nothing to report

Thursby School – The recent Ofsted report had shown the school in a positive light describing it as a good school by maintaining a good quality of education in a safe environment. The full Ofsted report can be viewed on Thursby school website.


380/1/17 PlanningApplications: –

HOU/2016/0078 – Proposed first floor side extensions and alterations 68 East Park, Crofton. No council objections


Planning Decision Notices: –

2/2016/0684 – Demolition of dwelling and conversion of existing barn to dwelling with new extension – Glen Holme, Thursby. – approved


HOU/2016/0061 – First floor extension over existing sun room Location- 9 The Paddocks, Thursby – approved

381/1/17 – Payments of Accounts

Authorisation required for the following payments: –


  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £346.27
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £86.60
  • Clerks expenses – £78.50
  • Community Heartbeat Trust – £776.00
  • PWLB – £1745.79


382/1/17 – Accounts

The financial statement as at 31st December 2016 was agreed and signed by the council chair.


Date of next meeting – Tuesday 21st February 2017 –  7.30 Thursby Parish Hall

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