December 13th



Clerk: Jeff Downham,


Tel No 07795484126


Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 13th December



Minutes of meeting


Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless, Ray McCreadie, Tom Girdwood, John Robson, Myra Armstrong.

 Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Pat MacDonald

 Members of the public: None

 Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

 336/12/16 – Apologies – Cllrs Howard and Pattinson

 337/12/16 – Declaration of interests – None

 338/12/16 – Dispensations – None

 339/12/16 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 15th November 2016 were agreed as being correct following the addition of Hundith Hill as the venue for the National Grid workshop at item 330/11/16.

 340/12/16 – Chairs announcements – The chair highlighted the current consultation on the proposed changes to the library service in Allerdale, with the consolation period closing on the 23rd December.

 341/12/16 – Public Participation – The following questions were raised regarding the state of the footpath across the village green in Thursby, and the request for dropped kerbs at either end, the issue of the garages on School Road together with ownership of the estate, and progress on the development of the jubilee field.

Councillors resolved to discuss these issues at the next meeting.

 342/12/16 – Reports from: –

 Allerdale Borough CouncilCllr McDonald stated that she had been in touch with Allerdale regarding the emptying of the waste bins in Thursby following a complaint of overflowing bins.

 Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that he had reported the state of the roads near the Thursby roundabout, Shaw Wood and Micklethwaite to Connect Roads. He had attended the recent meeting at Wigton hospital regarding the review of the Hospitals alternative option to the NHS Success Regime, and believed it to be a constructive meeting. In response to a question about grips and gully’s in the parish not being emptied, he requested that he be notified of any locations where gullies had not been emptied and he would raise it with the County Council.

 Cumbria PoliceCrime figures can be obtained via the Cumbria Police Website:

Alternatively use the following link:

Once you have opened the link follow the below

Find your Neighbourhood

  • Enter your location / postcode
  • Explore crime map
  • Click on area
  • Click on each incident for details

For road traffic collision data please follow the below link (search by post code as it defaults to Gateshead): –

Councillors expressed concern that the provided web sites did not allow a search of Thursby for crime figures and resolved to raise this with the Police, Cllr McCreadie to raise this at a forthcoming workshop with the Police and Crime Commissioner.

343/12/16 – St Andrews View development – Cllr McCreadie outlined to the council the feedback from several contacts made with Story Homes and that the next meeting is to take place on Wednesday 14th December, where the following 6 points will be raised with representative from Story’s: –

  • Site traffic using Matty Lonning as a short cut.
  • Damage to grass verges.
  • Use of laybys for site / damage to laybys.
  • Litter from site / management of waste bins.
  • Erection of signs to direct transport / potential purchasers to site
  • Right move advert selling St Andrews View homes on Matty Lonning


Regarding the section 106 agreement, Allerdale Borough Council are to work with representatives from the sports and recreation committee to agree on the play equipment required for the play area, this money will be triggered when the 20th house is built on the estate.


344/12/16 – National Grid Powerlines Consultation – Discussion was had regarding the proposed route for power cables required to serve a new nuclear power station, and a template letter to record the council’s comments. The suggested template for responses to the National Grid was used by the council to draw up their response, closing date for the consultation being the 6th January with the National Grid still keen to receive comments from the community on

 45/12/16 – Community Plan update – Cllr Bowe outlined to the council that two recent workshops on parking and transport, and travel had taken place and that the steering group were due to meet again on the 11th January to discuss, and to identify the remaining priorities for the plan. Discussion was had about the lack of community member’s being

involved with a suggestion made that council members could “buddy” someone from the parish to encourage more to become involved.

 346/12/16 –. Engineering study on the A595 – The consultation period has now ended.

The council resolved to enquire with the consultants when the findings of the study would be published.

 347/12/16 – Community Heartbeat Trust installation of defibrillator in Thursby telephone kiosk. – The telephone kiosk has now been de-commissioned and its change of use from a TK to house the defibrillator agreed with Allerdale Borough Council. An additional payment to provide a secure cabinet for the defibrillator is now due. Discussion was had as to whether an emergency line should be retained in the kiosk, and whether a bid should be made to Story Homes for a grant towards the costs.

The council resolved to pay for the cabinet and explore the possibility of retention of the 999 line, and apply to Story Homes for a grant.

 348/12/16 – Village Gala – The council understands that the reason for cancellation of the gala being due to lack of numbers on the committee.

The council resolved to write to the chair of the committee to offer their support.

 349/12/16 – Mobile phone coverage in Thursby Village – Councillors discussed the black spots for mobile phone coverage in then parish. It was suggested that Phil Rushton, who has been involved in the roll out of broadband may be able to assist.

The council resolved to contact Phil Rushton.

 350/12/16 – Dog bag dispenser review – Councillors discussed whether the purchase of dog bags for the dispenser would impact on those dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs.

The council resolved to continue without the purchasing further dog bags, and to request a notice in the Throstle that bags were still available from the Parish hall. The matter to be reviewed again in 3 months.

 351/12/16 – Councillors training/responsibilities and communications – Following the increase in the numbers of Thursby councillors, the required training was discussed, whether additional councillor’s responsibilities could be added, and how best to communicate the work of the council. Dalston Parish Council website was suggested as good practice.

The council resolved to arrange an in-house training session by Cumbria Association of Local Councils (CALC) to identify a list of priorities for the council, and to consider a communication strategy at the next meeting.

 352/12/16 – Village signage – Following the decision by the council to purchase the agreed signage for the village, final details and costs of the signs was agreed and the council resolved to purchase them from Signs of the Times.

 353/12/16 – Budget 2017/18 – The council reviewed the budget and approved it showing no increase in the council precept for 2017/18

 354/12/16 – Emptying of waste bins in Thursby – This matter had been raised with Allerdale Borough Council who stated that the bins should be emptied in Thursby parish on Tuesdays and Fridays. The issue of emptying the bins on the paddocks had been raised, with Allerdale reporting that those bins were not theirs, but agreed to fit their own and take responsibility for emptying them.

355/12/16 – Other reports –

Clerks Report for items not on agenda December 2016:

Actions from previous meeting: –

  • Contacted Cumbria Highways and requested that any further studies to be carried out within Thursby Parish that contact be made with the Parish Council, with a response that they will pass that on to their local traffic team (who lead on safety study work).
  • Contacted Story Homes and provided them with councillors contact details and supplied copy of the 31-point action plan.
  • Contacted Open Reach and reported to them the need for them to replace the flags at Crofton post box to the condition that they were before they installed the broadband cabinet.
  • Informed the County Council that they start the process of authorisation for the installation of a new bus shelter at Nealhouse – agreed that this process to commence early in the new year.
  • Received the costs for three information signs indicating the Parish Hall, St Andrew’s Church and the Methodist Church, the total cost being £2641.68 plus VAT and delivery of £55.00. I have notified representatives of both churches of this action.

Clerks update: –

Contacted Cumbria Highways and requested that they empty the grit bins where the grit has become solid, and re-fill with fresh grit, and have the remaining grit bins topped up. –  I understand this has now been done.

Contacted Connect Roads and informed them that the 2-hour parking restriction signs at the Whinnow car park on the A596 have been removed– I note these have now been replaced

Contacted Home Group regarding garages on Shawk crescent, one garage has been made secure and the second garage tenant has given an undertaking to have the garage structure removed by the 13th December

Met with Richard Johnson Sports and Recreation re signage to the jubilee field, his view was that signage at the Curthwaite Road and school road junctions should be sufficient to show directions to the field.

Contacted Highways to ask if possible that the restricted access signs at either end of Matty Lonning could be added to read “except access to Matty Lonning and Westhaven”. Response – No this is not something we would seek approval for, and from experience nor would the DfT authorise – they are very prescribed on this matter.

Reported that the public footpath sign at Crofton Leisure storage to Micklethwaite has been knocked over.

Liaised with the utilities company regarding the removal of pylon and stays from the parish hall car park as part of the St Andrews View development. Following circulation to councillors of the details of work required to remove the pole and stays from the Parish hall carpark, the necessary documentation has been signed to allow this to take place.

Contacted the Housing Manager at Allerdale regarding the requirement for affordable housing as part of the St Andrews View development. She stated that in accordance with the 106 agreement, of the 17 homes to be classified as affordable, nine two bedrooms and four three bedroom properties would have to available to rent through a social housing landlord (she didn’t seem to think this would be a problem) and four 2 bedroom homes to available to purchase at a discounted sale price, Allerdale BC applying their formula to identify the appropriate discount. Rented properties would be allocated through their bidding process applying the eligibility process, likewise those looking to purchase having meet certain criteria. She agreed to attend a future council meeting should councillors require further clarification.

Awaiting two estimates from County Council approved contractors to re-lay the footpath across Thursby village green and put in two dropped kerbs at either end.

Thursby Parish Hall – The committee had met on the 7th December and expressed concern that the NALC certificate had not yet been received, they were ready to present the evidence for stage 1 of the Hallmark standard, and that the finances were stable.

Broadband – Crofton cabinet not live yet, nothing further to report affecting Thursby Parish.

Thursby School – The OFSTED inspectors had been in the school for one day on the 6th December with the school breaking up on the 16th December.


356/12/2016 – Planning: –

Applications Received: –


2/2016/0684 – Demolition of dwelling and conversion of existing barn to dwelling with new extension – Glen Holme, Thursby. – no objections.

HOU/2016/0061 – First floor extension over existing sun room – no objections


Decision Notices: –

2/2016/0416 – Temporary change of use to provide new temporary access to temporary site compound and sales area in association with housing development adjacent land at Matty Lonning, Thursby. – approved



357/12/16 – Payments of Accounts

The council agreed the following payments: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £346.27
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £86.60
  • Clerks expenses – ££110.00
  • PWLB – £1745.79

358/12/16 – Accounts

The financial statement as at 30th November 2016 was agreed and signed by the council chair.


Date of next meeting – Tuesday 17th January 2017 7.30 Thursby Parish Hall

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