November 15th 2016


 Clerk: Jeff Downham,


Tel No 07795484126

 Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 15th November


 Minutes of meeting


Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless and David Pattinson.

 Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor:

 Members of the public: None

 Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

 316/11/16 – Apologies – Cllr Howard

 317/11/16 – Declaration of interests – None

 318/11/16 – Dispensations – None

 319/11/16 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 18th October 2016 were agreed as being correct following removal of the paragraph “through Parish hall carpark “under clerk’s report, and signed by the chair.

 320/11/16 – Chairs announcements – The current phase of consultation by the National Grid lists a meeting at Gt Orton on the 16th November to discuss the route of the proposed power lines.

321/11/16 – Application for new councillors – Councillors listened to the applications to become councillors from John Robson, 39 Bank End Thursby.

Ray McCreadie, Rannerdale, Matty Lonning, Thursby, Tomas Girdwood, Aultbea House, Matty Lonning, Thursby and Mrs Myra Armstrong, Foxhollows, Evening Hill Thursby. Following the applications, the council voted on each applicant and unanimously resolved to co-opt each applicant onto the council. Following a short recess the four co-opted members each signed their declaration of acceptance and the meeting recommenced, and the chair announced the four candidates duly elected.

 322/11/16 – Public Participation – The matter of the safety study of the A595 was raised and the reply from the county council highways as to why the study could not be extended to the Low Road junction on the A595. Councillors expressed concern that the parish council had not been consulted prior to the study being announced and given the opportunity to influence it. Mention was made of the height of the hedges on the A595 approaching Thursby roundabout from the Carlisle direction and the accessing of the CRASH group accident statistics for the parish. The council resolved to contact to Cumbria County Council Highways to acknowledge receipt of their mail and to insist that if any further studies are carried out on roads within the Thursby area the Parish Council should be approached prior to the work being agreed / undertaken.

323/11/16 –

Reports from: –

Cumbria PolicePCSO Kier Irving outlined to the council that the method for informing communities of incidents of crime was by means of accessing once opened follow the below: –

  • Find your Neighborhood
  • Enter your location / postcode
  • Explore crime map
  • Click on area
  • Click on each incident for details

There were no accidents details to report.

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairburn reported that the county council were currently going through the budget review. He stated that consultations were still taking place on the health review regarding Wigton hospital and that Cumbria Healthwatch were at Wigton Surgery on the 16th November gathering views. It was reported to the councillor that the road signs in the village needed cleaning.

Allerdale Borough CouncilNo report

324/11/16 – Story Homes development – Following the recent meeting by the parish council and community members with planners from Story Homes, an agreement had been reached about management of the site once building works commences. An action plan had been drawn up containing 31 action points which would form the basis of regular consultation with the developer and the parish council. This plan covered importance of establishing good relations with the developer, regular contact with the site manager, access to the site being restricted to the A595 Low Road junction and good communication links regarding the timescale for development and the setting up of the site compound. Cllr McCreadie to be the point of contact. The Parish Council resolved to contact Story Homes advising them that Cllr McCreadie will act as the point of contact for the Parish Council concerning the development and include a copy of 31 action points.

325/11/16 – Condition of paving slabs Crofton Post Box – Following a complaint regarding the state of the slabs at the post box at Crofton, councillors reported that the slabs had been moved and not replaced correctly by BT when installing the recent broad band cabinet. The council resolved to contact Open Reach to have the slabs replaced correctly.

326/11/16 – Community Plan update – Cllr Bowe outlined to the council that the feedback sheets following the consultation for the plan had been circulated throughout the parish, and reported on feedback from the workshop held on the 3rd November. Whilst the numbers attending the workshop were small several issues had been identified. One recommendation from the workshop regarding access to the school / dropping off point for the school to be followed through with the Governors by Cllr Peerless to check if the proposal had their support. Cllr Bowe announced that the next workshop would be on the 23rd November 7.30pm in the parish hall, on travel and transport.

327/11/16 – Nealhouse bus shelter – The clerk outlined to the council that following the last meeting he had contacted the County Council bus infrastructure officer to discuss the position of the shelter/bus stop. A site visit had taken place and the council officer agreed that the shelter was poorly positioned in relation to the stop, he stated that the County council had no funding for shelters but that if the parish council were prepared to fund the shelter he would get the necessary authorisation to have it installed in a more suitable position. Discussion around suppliers and costs took place and the council resolved to request the County Council to start the process of authorisation and the clerk to order a shelter from a supplier recommended by the County Council.  

 328/11/16 –. Community Heartbeat Trust installation of defibrillator in Thursby telephone kiosk. – The necessary authorisation has now been obtained from Allerdale Borough Council and BT and a contract for change of use is being drawn up, this should be completed by the end of November. Both the defibrillator and cabinet have been delivered and waiting for installation.

 329/11/16 – Parish signage –  Following last month’s meeting enquiries have been made with signage companies. The council resolved to purchase three finger post signs, one for each end of Matty Lonning giving directions to the Parish Hall and St Andrews Church, and one at the entrance to Church Lane from the centre of the village, signposting directions to the Parish Hall, St Andrews Church and the Methodist Chapel.

 330/11/16 – North West Coast Connections – A series of consultations are currently being carried out regarding the positioning of the pylons required to service a new nuclear power plant at Sellafield, two places have been booked at the next event on the 16th November where Cllr Hunter and the clerk will attend.

331/11/16 – Budget 2017/18 – The council reviewed the budget headings and resolved to show no increase in the council precept for 2017/18

332/11/16 – Other reports –

 Clerks Report for items not on agenda November 2016:

Acknowledged the support from the Police Crime Commissioner re the A595 safety study report via a letter to his office.

Extended an invitation to Allerdale’s housing officer to attend a parish council meeting.

Responded to an email regarding a missing from oak garden tub from a property in Thursby.

Communicated with Home Group regarding the ongoing complaint of the state of the garages on School Road.

Reported to the environment agency a blockage in the river Wampool.

Reported to highways the list of issues identified in the last minutes.

Arrangements regarding the meetings with Story Homes and the community plan group.

Contacted Allerdale re emptying of waste bins.

Contacted Cumbria police to request that details of all accidents in the parish be notified to the council monthly.

Letters of thanks for the council grants received from: –

Thursby gardening Club

Thursby Throstle

Crofton Social Club

Great North Air Ambulance

Thursby gents club

Thursby Parish Hall – The committee met on the 9th November and reviewed future events and reported that there would be no Gala next year as there had not been enough interest shown.

Broadband – It was reported that the broadband cabinet was still undergoing its settling in period with not date yet of it going live.

Thursby School – Nothing to report.


333/11/2016 – Planning: –  Applications Received: – PB/2016/0002 – Removal of public payphone Micklethwaite – consultation on planning application to remove this public payphone. – No objections


HOU/2016/0052 – Application for erection of front porch at 61 Stonehouse Park, Thursby – No council objections.


Decision Notices: – 2/2016/0417 – Story Homes application for advertisement consent for the temporary siting of x4 sales flags and x1 advertisement V board – full plans approved.


2/2016/0567– Replacement of UPVC windows with original timber windows of same design, Ship Inn Thursby CarlisleFull plans approved.
2/2016/0602– Listed building consent for construction of metal framed double glazed conservatory/sunroom, The Old Vicarage Church LaneThursby Carlisle.Full plans approved.


334/11/16 – Payments of Accounts

The council agreed the following payments: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £346.27
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £86.60
  • Clerks expenses – £78.10 –
  • ISS – £468.46 –
  • Community plan leaflets – £75.00
  • SID battery, Curthwaite Road – £43.06


335/11/16 – Accounts

The financial statement as at 31st October 2016 was agreed and signed by the council chair.

 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 20th December 2016 7.30 Thursby Parish Hall

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