October 18th 2016



Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com

Tel No 07795484126

 Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 18th October



Minutes of meeting


Council Members: Cllrs Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless and David Pattinson.

 Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

 Allerdale Borough Councillor: Pat MacDonald

 Members of the public: One

 Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

 29610/16 – Apologies – Cllr Howard

 297/10/16 – Declaration of interests – None

 298/10/16 – Dispensations – None

 299/10/16 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 20th September 2016 were agreed as being correct and signed by the chair.

 300/10/16 – Chairs announcements – The AGM of CALC will take place on the 12th November at the Castle Green Hotel, Kendal.

 301/10/16 – Public Participation – It was reported that a letter that had been sent to Cumbria County Council questioning a number of highways related matter with regard to the Story Development which had not been responded to. The letter had been acknowledged and a response promised before this meeting but no response had been received.

It was further stated that contact had been made with the Police and Crime Commissioner informing him of the fact that the ongoing traffic survey on the A595 stops at Thursby roundabout, despite a request having been made to extend it to the Low Road junction. He had offered his support in having this survey extended.

The Council resolved to contact Cumbria County Council to follow up the questions raised in relation to the How End junction and to acknowledge the offer of support from the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Councillors Peerless in his capacity as a member of the public had a letter received from Allerdale Borough Council following an enquiry he made with regard to the Story development and asked for this letter to be retained by the parish council. One issue from that letter related to the affordable housing aspect of the development and the council resolved to invite Allerdale’s housing officer to attend a meeting to discuss.

. 302/10/16 –

Reports from: –

Cumbria PoliceThere has been 2 incident/s reported to the Police for the area of Thursby since the last meeting on the 20th September 2016.

Please see a breakdown of those incidents below for the public interest:

  • On the 2nd October there was a report to the police regarding cyclists in the area of Thursby without lights. Police attended the area and cyclists were not located to give suitable advice. Police would like to remind cyclists to wear and have the appropriate lighting equipment on their cycles for their own safety and to prevent anyone from getting injured during the winter months.

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn reported that there was a series of meetings taking place to discuss the parliamentary boundary commissions review. He further stated that following a complaint of speeding on Curthwaite Road he had attended the local CRASH group meeting and it had been agreed that following a traffic survey carried out on Curthwaite the group had decided that the area was a hotspot for speeding traffic. They had agreed to install a shortly to be purchased speed indicator device on Curthwaite Road in an attempt to reduce the problem. Cllr Fairbairn also agreed to follow up the lack of response from the county council re the Story development traffic issues referred to earlier.

Allerdale Borough CouncilNo report

303/10/16 – Future of Healthcare –  Public consultation document – Following circulation of this document the council resolved to support the retention of beds at Wigton Hospital, and to highlight the fact that there was to be a meeting on the future of healthcare in West and North East Cumbria on the 25th October 7-9pm in the Wigton Market Hall.

 304/10/16 – Community Plan update – Cllr Bowe reported that the steering group had met on the 11th October and the group agreed to publish the findings of the survey in the Throstle. She further stated that a series of workshops will take place in the coming weeks to discuss the priorities and agree possible solutions, these dates will be published in the Throstle. The first date will be 2nd November 7.30 pm in the Parish Hall and the subject will be parking, the second meeting will be on the 23rd November, 7.30pm in the parish hall and this topic will be travel and transport.

 305/10/16 –. Roadside gully’s –  A number of gully’s in the parish require emptying, it was questioned why the county council do not empty these as a matter of course anymore and the council resolved to allow Cllr Fairbairn to follow this up.

 306/10/16 – Installation of defibrillator in Thursby Village –The clerk reported that the defibrillator had been received, the cabinet ordered and the process of changing the use of the telephone kiosk was being progressed, a training package for residents to be prepared for later in the year.

 307/10/16 – Dropped kerb at bus stop in village – Following contact with Cumbria County Council, the highways department had agreed to put Thursby village forward for a full safety inspection and to include this in the inclusive mobility budget for the next financial year, if further funding was made available this financial year this timescale could be brought forward with Thursby high on the list.

 308/10/16 – Parish maintenance – A list of areas requiring attention by the local authorities was drawn up: –

  • Grass verge on Church Lane
  • Weed killing throughout the village
  • Street light P36 on Matty Lonning
  • Give way sign on entrance to Matty Lonning from the Low Road not illuminated
  • Pot holes on Matty Lonning and Low Road laybys

 309/10/16 – Street map looking at parish signage – With the development of the jubilee field concern was raised as to how groups would access the filed, the council resolved to contact the sports and recreation committee to establish details of their travel plan. It was further resolved that better signage to the parish hall should be pursued at either end of Matty Lonning .

 310/10/16 – Bus shelter at Nealhouse – Residents of Nealhouse had raised the issue of the position of the bus shelter with the bus stop at the entrance to Nealhouse on the A595. They had stated that in inclement weather when sheltering in the bus shelter they could not be seen by the bus driver and it was easy to miss the bus. The purchase of a new shelter to be positioned nearer to the bus stop was discussed but the council resolvedto first contact Cumbria County Council to see if they could put forward any solutions.

 311/10/16 – Electoral review of Allerdale wards –  The council resolved that they could see no reason why the current electoral ward that Thursby sits within should be moved.

 312/10/16 – Other reports: –

 Clerks Report for items not on agenda October 2016: – Following a report of Speeding traffic on Curthwaite Road, contacted Police and highways regarding this with no positive outcomes – consideration of a speed indicator sign. This has now been taken forward by Cllr Fairbairn.

 Contact made with United Utilities re lack of emergency contact number at the site – no response yet

Liaised with Allerdale building control re street naming of Story Development- following circulation to councillors the below names have gone forward to Allerdale for their approval:-

Wampool Close, Dundraw Lane, Bouch Way, St Andrews Close and Jubilee Avenue.

Necessary arrangements made re community plan steering group meeting which took place on the 11th October

Contacted councillors re correspondence from Janet Carruthers re cabling through Parish Hall carpark, following responses from councillors I contacted Janet and informed here there would be no objections provided no cost fell to the parish council/parish hall.

Contacted North West Coast connections regarding the meeting for Allerdale parishes re any other dates for the proposed route of the pylons as this meeting fell on the parish council meeting date. This meeting now cancelled and further dates will be circulated in the near future.

Thursby Parish Hall – The hall committee had met on the 12th October. Their insurance company had recommended a limited cost survey to check their current insurance level and as a result had reduced the premiums. The committee had agreed to go for the Hallmark standard through Action for Communities in Rural England (ACRE) for three area covering Charity Administration and Management, Health and Safety and Communications and Social Awareness

 Broadband – Broadband cabinet now in position in Crofton but not yet live.

Thursby School – No report

 313/10/2016 – Planning: – 2/2016/0416 – Temporary change of use access site and compound/Traffic management plan and construction method statement. – Following consultation with the planners at Story Homes a meeting has been arranged between relevant parties from Story Homes with the parish council and invited representatives from those who attended the planning meeting, this meeting will take place in early November.  

 Planning Decision Notices: –

2/2016/0561 – Mr Leigh Towlson – retrospective application for the erection of
Decking and proposed boundary fence 53 The Paddocks- full plans approved.
314/10/16 – Payments of Accounts

The council agreed the following payments: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £331.00
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £82.80
  • Clerks expenses – £78.10
  • Printer inks – £61.48
  • ISS – £468.46
  • Thursby Throstle – £420
  • Thursby gent’s coffee morning – £250
  • First responders – £200
  • Sports and Recreation Club – £500
  • Thursby Gardening Club – £50
  • St Andrews PCC – £375
  • Crofton Social Club – £150
  • Great North Air Ambulance – £50.00
  • Royal British Legion – £25.00

315/10/16 – Accounts

The financial statement as at 30th September 2016 was agreed and signed by the council chair.

 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 15th  November 2016 7.30 Thursby Parish Hall

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