January 19th 2016



Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com

Tel No 07795484126

Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 19th January 2016

Minutes of meeting

Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter, Ken Peerless, and Maggie Howard.

Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Pat MacDonald

Members of the public: One

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

150/1/16 – Apologies – David Pattinson

151/1/16 – Declaration of interests – Cllr Bowe on sports and recreation.

152/1/16 – Dispensations – None

153/1/16 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 15th December 2015 were agreed as being correct and signed by the chair.


154/1/16 – Chairs announcements – None

155/1/16 – Public Participation: – A presentation was given by the leader of the First Responder’s who outlined the shortage of volunteers and the need to recruit more. He stated that he was about to launch a recruitment campaign as they had attended a number of incidents lately emphasising the need for further volunteers.

The issue of access on the Shawk Road estate was raised with congestion still being caused by incorrect use of the parking bays at the school, the bays were designed to be reversed into rather than driven into, preventing the resulting traffic flow problems caused by reversing off the bays and causing damage to neighbouring properties as a result. A suggestion was made that highways arrange a further meeting to discuss the effectiveness of the parking bays.

The council resolved to raise this in the Throstle and to allow Cllr Fairbairn to enquire with highways to establish whether a “reversing bays” signs could be obtained and erected at the site.

An email had been obtained with regard to dog fouling in the village and the letting off of fireworks. It was agreed that dog fouling was still and issue in parts of the village despite the availability of dog bags, but that little can be done unless anyone witnesses it happening and reports it.

The council resolved to raise the issue of dog fouling through the Throstle and agreed that there was little they could do with regard to the letting off of fireworks.

156/1/16 –

Reports from: –

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn raised the issue of drivers ignoring road closed signs in areas of the county suffering as a result of the recent storms and highlighted the fact that the ignoring of road closed signs was an offence and thus liable to prosecution.

Allerdale Borough Council – None

Cumbria Police – Below is an overview of the incidents reported to the police since the last parish council meeting: –

On the 24th December the Police attended a road traffic collision at Thursby on the A596. Two vehicles were involved. The male driver of one of the vehicles was conveyed to hospital.

On the 6th January the Police received a report of suspicious vehicle driving into a farm yard in the Thursby area. Observations were given for the vehicle by the Police, however there were no further sightings. The Police would like to take the opportunity to ask that any suspicious persons or vehicles are reported to the Police on telephone number 101 or in the case of a crime taking place 999. As much detail as possible should be given including vehicle make, colour and registration. The Police would also like to advise farmers to keep all valuable machinery locked in a secure outbuilding with any keys removed from vehicles. Where possible property should also be marked with a security solution such as Smart water. Please contact your local PCSO on 101 to find out more about this product, which can be bought at a discounted price from Cumbria Police.

On the 8th January a one vehicle Road Traffic Collision occurred at Thursby on the A595. It is believed that another vehicle forced the vehicle involved off of the road. This incident happened at around 19:30 pm and the description of the offending vehicle was given as a loud dark coloured car with a 57 registration plate. Any witnesses or persons with further information regarding this incident should please contact the Police on telephone number 101.

157/1/16 – Additional defibrillator for Thursby Parish – An application has been made to the British Heart Foundation for a grant to purchase a defibrillator. An acknowledgment has been received from them that the application is being considered and it should be known by February if the application is successful.

158/1/16 – Nominations for the Palace Garden Party – Councillors discussed the criteria for nominations and resolved to put Cllr Peter Hunter forward.

159/1/16 – Community Speed watch scheme for Thursby – Following a complaint of speeding from a member of the public which was forwarded to the police, a suggestion has been made for the setting up of a community speed watch scheme for Thursby. In order for this to be established volunteers would have to come forward who would then receive the relevant training in the use of the speed gun and on health and safety issues. Once established the police would take responsibility for following up on any speeding drivers.

The council resolved to highlight the request for anyone interested through the Throstle, and should anyone be interested to contact the Parish Council Clerk 

160/1/16 – Audit Process – The deadline for councils to decide whether to opt out of the new council audit arrangements, due to come into force for the financial year 2017/18 has been put back until the 31st March with further guidance as to what this will involve for smaller councils.

Councillors resolved to await that further guidance before deciding whether to opt out of the new arrangements.

161/1/16 – Council tax base for Thursby Parish – The updated council tax base for a band D property for Thursby is 411.89 for 2016/17, this is an increase from 405.99 for the 2015/16 year.

162/2/16 – Thursby war memorial – Councillors raised the poor state of the war memorial in the church cemetery which it was in need of some renovating. A discussion was had as to who owned the memorial with a suggestion that the council could make an application to the War Memorials Trust.

The council resolved to make enquiries as to the ownership of the memorial, with a view to taking on the responsibility of the renovation if ownership could not be established.

163/1/16 – Community Plan – Cllr Bowe stated that she had almost completed the evaluation of the questionnaires and hoped to have more to report at the next council meeting.

164/1/16 – Other reports: –

Clerks report

Contacted Allerdale re play inspection deferment due to the ongoing works.

Contacted contractor for Paddocks fence repair – the repair has now been completed.

Follow up conversations with Home about damaged garages on Shawk Crescent which have now been boarded up.

Contacted CCC about the empty grit bin on Matty Lonning.

A letter has been received from the national Association of Local Councils asking about arrangements to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday on the 21st April, and whether councils felt that the lighting of a beacon be appropriate.

Councils resolved that the lighting of a beacon was not appropriate for Thursby. They agreed that the council would support any community group planning a celebration on the day similar to the Jubilee, and agreed that a notice be placed in the Throstle asking if anybody interested in arranging such an event to contact the parish council clerk.

Thursby Parish Hall- The parish hall committee had met recently and stated that December had been a quiet month. The committee had agreed with Home Housing to hold drop in sessions at the hall between 10 -1130 every two weeks starting on the 22nd February, with one meeting already having taken place. 

Broadband – It is likely that Micklethwaite will receive the increased broadband coverage in phase 2 but with no plans at this stage to include Crofton.

Neighbourhood Forum- No meeting

Thursby School – No report.

Sports and Recreation – Nothing to report

165/1/16 – Planning applications-

2/2015/0764 – Erection of 3 new business units at West Park, Crofton – no council objections. 

Planning Decision Notices: –

2/2015/0679 and 0676 – External air conditioning condensers The Old Stable Block,

Crofton – full plans approved on 4.1.16

166/1/16 – Payments of Accounts

The council agreed the following payments: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £331.00
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £82.80
  • Clerks expenses – £72.20 – 421
  • Repair of Paddocks Fence – £500 – 420
  • Purchase of new laptop – £408.99 – 419 

149/12/15 – Accounts audit:

The financial statement 31st December 2016 was agreed and signed by the council chair.

Date of next meeting – It has been agreed that the next meeting will take place at 7.30pm Tues 16th February 2016 in Thursby Parish Hall




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