20th October 2015



Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com

Tel No 07795484126

Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 20th October 2015

Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter, Ken Peerless, David Pattinson, Maggie Howard

Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor:

Members of the public: 8

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

96/10/15 – Apologies – Cllr Patricia MacDonald, Allerdale Borough Council

97/10/15 – Declaration of interests – Cllrs Bowe and Pattinson on sports and recreation, Cllr Peerless on the Throstle and the Park Hedge.

98/10/15 – Dispensations – None

99/10/15 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 15th September 2015 were agreed as being correct and signed by the chair.

100/10/15 – Presentation by Andrea Smith, Allerdale Housing development Manager – The presentation centred around Allerdale’s policy on affordable housing and was being focussed on the more rural areas of the borough, with the objective of identifying the top 10 rural locations with the greatest housing need. The presentation covered four key areas looking at the strategic context in respect of what has changed, what has stayed the same and what can be expected to be different, housing need for Thursby, increasing the supply of affordable housing and affordable housing and planning policy. In respect of the housing needs survey a fresh survey had just been carried out and that information was still being analysed to identify the most up to date figures for housing need.

An electronic copy of the presentation is available should any require a copy.

101/10/15 – Chairs announcements

  • The CALC AGM will be on the 14th November at West lakes Science Park, Whitehaven.
  • Thursby Gala day will be Saturday 18th June 2016 in the Primary School.
  • In light of the forthcoming retirement of Elizabeth from the post office it has decided that there will be an afternoon tea at the Parish Hall on the afternoon of Sunday 29th November from 2-4pm. Anyone who has used the shop over the last 27 years and would like to wish Elizabeth are happy retirement are welcome to attend.

102/10/15 – Public Participation: – The hedge on the strip of land opposite the Park estate was raised and identified as in need of cutting. Discussion was had around that fact that in previous years this had been done by Home Group, however it had recently been ascertained that this piece of land was owned by Thursby Parish Council and it was agreed that the council make the necessary arrangement to get the hedge cut.

103/10/15 – Crofton Social Club: – Members of the social club outlined that the club was in need of repairs and they were looking for support both in time and financially to enable these repairs to be carried out. They stated that they did not own the land that the social club sits, it is owned by the County Council and they were in discussions with the county on whether to take it on as an asset transfer. Cllr Fairbairn stated that he was working with the social club committee and agreed to have further talks with them regarding the asset transfer and possible funding routes. The Parish Council agreed in principle to try and support the club financially and suggestedthat once they had decided what they wanted to do, to then come back to the Parish Council when they had investigated sources of funds, to look at the possibility of some match funding. Cllr Pattinson offered to advise them on possible heating solutions for the social club.

104/10/15 –

Reports from: –

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn reminded the council of the public consultation taking place on the 30th October 2- 6.30 on the proposed Story development. The school road development was now scheduled to start in the school half term having been resolved with Home Group over the transfer of the relevant land. He stated that he had been in touch with the County Councils solicitor with regard to the recent drainage works having been carried on the school field and that the site was to be visited by someone from the County Councils property services. Councillors raised the recent correspondence from the chair of the school governors and expressed their disappointment at its tone and content and agreed that further legal advice be sought, Cllr Fairbairn to be given a copy of the correspondence.

The Cllr informed the council of the existence of the Youth Parliament in the county and that all young people between the ages of 11-18 have a right to vote in it. A question was raised about the state of the road sign on Curthwaite Road, and the fact that the give way sign at the How End junction was only a temporary one, Cllr agreed to look at both these issues.  

Allerdale Borough Council – No report

Cumbria Police – No report

105/10/15 – Ownership of land opposite The Park estate – As discussed at item 102, this land is registered with the Land Registry as being owned by Thursby Parish Council

106/9/15 – Distribution of dog bags following closure of post office – The parish council agreed that following the closure of the post office dog bags could be distributed from the Parish Hall by the clerk on the dates when the clerk is working from the hall, those dates are advertised in the Throstle. The waste bin outside the post office is the property of Allerdale BC, it was resolved to contact Allerdale to ask for its removal to the piece of land adjacent to the seat on Matty Lonning near the entrance to the hall.

107/10/15 –

Thursby Parish Community Plan – The questionnaires have now been circulated around the parish with the exception of part of the Crofton estate. The return date has been extended from the 22nd until the 29th and residents are encouraged to complete and return them. Cllr Bowe wished to express her thanks to the distributors of the questionnaires

108/10/15 – Use of village green for football games – Councillors discussed the issue and suggested that the only other options would be the Paddocks play area (children under 12) and the school field. It was resolved that the clerk contact the Sports and Recreation Committee to see whether any alternative provision had been put in place whilst the improvement works on the jubilee field take place.

109/10/15 – Other reports: –

Clerks report – Activity and update on actions from last meeting:–

Numerous enquiries with highways re street light connection on Matty Lonning.

Arranged with Northwest Coast connections to attend the November meeting to give a half hour presentation, that meeting to start at 7pm on the 17th November.

Prepared article for Throstle re overgrown shrubs on path through Stonehouse Park

Contacted Home Housing re garages on School Road – this is now in hand with Home Housing

Arranged with Andrew Fava, tree surgeon to trim the cherry tree near the notice board on the green.

Contacted environmental health at Allerdale regarding the feeding of the birds on the path to the jubilee field, they are to make a visit to the area and make enquiries

Attended a planning consultants meeting with the chair re the proposed housing development on Matty Lonning

Reported street light out at 30 Shawk Crescent

Enquired with Home Housing why the grass is not being cut between 2 and 10 Shawk Crescent, Home Group say the land is not registered to them and as such will no longer cut the grass, enquiries in hand to find out who owns the land.

Contacted Highways engineer regarding the access to and from the proposed development on Matty Lonning.

Thursby Parish Hall- the Parish Hall committee met recently and arrangements are now well in hand for the Post Office service to operate from the Parish Hall 4 hours per week, two afternoons per week on a Wednesday and Fridays.

Broadband – Nothing to report

Neighbourhood Forum- No forum meeting since the last council meeting

Thursby School – Nothing to report

Sports and Recreation – the work on the school field is progressing well but not yet at the seeding stage, the committee is looking at phase two but is awaiting the feedback from the community plan questionnaire before progressing further.

110/10/15 – Planning applications- None

Planning Decision Notices: –

2/2015/0520 – Variation of condition 2 on planning approval 2/2011/0350 Plot 1 Land at Greenside, Thursby – full plans approved

2/2015/0531 – Listing building consent for replacement fireplace – Greenwood House, Thursby – full plans approved

2/2015/0539 – Proposed rear extension High Meadows, Parton – full plans approved

111/10/15 – Budget review/identifying future projects – The budget headings were discussed and projections made until the end of this financial year, it was resolved to continue with the same headings for year 2016/17 with the clerk to produce a new budget to be considered at the November meeting.

112/10/15 – Payments of Accounts

The council agreed the following payments: –

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £331.20
  • HMRC – (Standing Order) – £82.60
  • Thursby Throstle – £420.00……………………………….402
  • Thursby gents coffee morning – £250.00………………..403
  • First responders – £200.00………………………………..404
  • Sports and Recreation Club – £100.00…………………..405
  • Thursby Gardening Club – £50.00………………………..406
  • St Andrews PCC – £375.00……………………………….407
  • Crofton Social Club – £230.00…………………………….408
  • Great North Air Ambulance – £50.00……………………..409
  • Wigton Baths – £250.00……………………………………410
  • Clerks expenses – £113.60……………………………….411
  • Printed community plan questionnaires – £402.00……..412
  • Remembrance day wreath – £20 ……………………..….413

113/10/15 – Accounts audit:

The financial statement 30th September 2015 was agreed and signed by the council chair.

Date of next meeting – It has been agreed that the next meeting will take place at 7.00pmTues 17th November 2015 in Thursby Parish Hall commencing with a 30 minute presentation by North West Coast Connections.




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