21st July 2015



Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com

Tel No 07795484126

Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 21st July 2015

Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless, and David Pattinson

Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Patricia MacDonald,

Members of the public: Two

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

55/7/15 – Apologies – Cllr Maggie Howard

56/7/15 – Declaration of interests – Cllrs Bowe and Pattinson on sports and recreation.

57/7/15 – Dispensations – None

58/7/15 – Minutes of previous meeting – The minutes of the meeting of the 16th June 2015 were agreed as being correct and signed by the chair

59/7/15 – Chairs announcements – The CALC AGM will take place on the 14th November 2015 at Westlake’s Campus, Whitehaven.

Allerdale planning had extended the period of time for consultation on the removal of the telephones and replacement with defibrillators on the three kiosks in the parish at Micklethwaite, Nealhouse and near to the Ship Inn in Thursby, any comments to be forwarded to Allerdale Planning Dept.

60/7/15 – Public Participation: – Comments were raised with regard to drainage work having been completed on the school field in particular the section of drainage that had gone under the footpath through the school field that is owned by the parish council. Some confusion had arisen as to why the parish council were raising this as an issue and it was discussed that should there be any claims arising out of the works carried out on that section then the Parish Council would be liable if no way leave agreement was in place.

Action – Clerk to write to the school governors requesting that the school take responsibility should there be a collapse of the drain on the area of land owned by the parish council.

61/7/15 –

Reports from: –

Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that he had raised the issue of the state of the A595 and the urgent need to carry out similar repairs to those having recently been carried out on the A596. He stated that Connect Roads were responsible for these repairs and had urged the County Council to see what pressure they could bring to bear. He updated the Council as to the response from the Footpaths team at the County Council to the complaint of the style being difficult to negotiate on Yew Tree Lane, he stated that the footways team had looked at the area and believed it to be as it should be with no further action required.

Concern was expressed that there was no give way sign from the How End Junction onto the A595; Cllr Fairbairn agreed to raise this with highways.

Allerdale Borough Council – Nothing to report

Cumbria Police – There have been 8 incidents reported to the Police for the area of Thursby from 16th June 2015 to present meeting on the 21st July 2015. Below is an outline of those: –

  • On the 18th June a vehicle was seen driving in an anti-social manner in the area of Thursby. Observations were passed and officers stopped the vehicle and suitable advice was given regards manner of driving.
  • On the 29th June a vehicle was seen driving through a road closure in the area of Thursby. Officers have dealt with the driver of the vehicle and have been reported for traffic offences.
  • On the 1st July in the area of Thursby a heavy goods vehicle had a burst tyre and minor damage was caused to passing vehicle. The driver of the heavy goods vehicle was spoken to and details exchanged with the owner of the damaged vehicle.
  • On the 4th July police attended a fatal road traffic collision, which occurred on the A596 in the area of Thursby. The investigation into the circumstances of the accident is still on-going.
  • On the 6th July there was a report to the police regarding manner of driving of a vehicle in the area of Thursby. Observations were passed to officers who then stopped the vehicle and suitable advice was given regarding manner of driving and driver provided a negative breath test.

62/7/15 – Grass cutting on Jubilee Field play area – Cllr Bowe informed the council that the likely start date of the development of the Jubilee Field was early August and that no further cuts of the play area were needed beyond this date.

63/7/15 – Grass cutting from Yew End Lane to the Paddocks junction – Following a meeting between the clerk and the Networks Manager for Cumbria Highways it was agreed that this area of verge would be cut in line with their policy of cutting highway verges once per year.

64/7/15 – Footway lighting being obstructed by overhanging trees and the general state of repair of some footpaths and road areas in Thursby including areas that require weeding – Overhanging trees from three properties on Matty Lonning that were interfering with the recently installed lighting columns in this are was raised and it was resolved that highways be informed of this in order that letters could be sent to each household. The state of the footpaths in the village was also raised with some areas looking unkempt due to overgrown weeds. Councillors resolved that it would be a useful exercise to do a tour of the parish before the next council meeting in September to highlight other areas of the parish that need addressing, councillors to agree a date.

65/7/15 – Connection of the additional streetlight on Matty Lonning – Five estimates for this work had been obtained and councillors considered each with a unanimous decision that the preferred contractor be Story Contracting.

Action – Clerk to contact Story Construction and give the go ahead for this work to be carried out.

66/7/15 – Allerdale Local Plan sites allocations/open public spaces – Councillors were informed that Allerdale Borough Council were upgrading the Local Plan and were requesting whether three specific areas within Thursby Village, the village green, the land adjacent to St Andrews Church on Matty Lonning and the field area on Church Lane should still be designated as open/green spaces. The council resolved to respond that these areas should still remain as open spaces and the area of the jubilee field should also be included.

Action – Clerk to respond to Allerdale Planning dept.

67/7/15 – Allerdale Housing Development – Councillors agreed to invite the Allerdale Housing Development Manager to a future Parish Council meeting to discuss future housing policy.

Action – Clerk to contact Housing Development manager

68/7/15 – Drainage works on the school field – This item was resolved at 60/7/15 under public participation

69/7/15 – Grant applications – In line with the council’s policy on grant applications any group looking to the council for a community grant should have their application with the clerk by September for it to be considered by the Council.

70/7/15 – Volunteer of the year award – The Parish Council acknowledged the recent award made to Mrs Peg Eastwood and wished to congratulate her on her well-deserved recognition as a vital member of the community.

71/7/15 – Vacancies for Parish Councillors – Thursby Parish Council has four members short of a full council and is seeking interest from anyone in the parish who may have the time and the commitment to join the council. Often progress on issues can be slow but with more council members could more be done.   

72/7/15 – On- going matters:

Clerks report – Update on actions from last meeting

  • Letter to MP suggesting a location for her surgery as Thursby Parish Hall
  • Ordered and delivered 20000 dog bags supplied to Post Office, unlikely to receive any more this year
  • Posted notice for Allerdale canvassers re electoral role requirements
  • As per transparency code requirements posted end of year accounts, listed all expenses over £100, financial accounts, asset register and copy of the audit report on the website
  • I have notified CCC regarding the collection of speed indication device (SID) purchased jointly by Thursby PC, delay in CCC and the police taking responsibility for their deployment so not yet been collected
  • I have clarified the position regarding any claims made from use of the play area on the Jubilee field, this should be covered by the Sports and Recreation public liability insurance
  • Contacted the street scene officer for Allerdale who has sent a letter to the owner of a dog running loose in the village
  • I have forwarded an e-mail to the Parish Council at Pica who had secured funding to purchase their own equipment to cut grass in the village – no response yet
  • Made a further enquiry with Highways regarding the removal of the streetlight opposite Whitegates by Thursby green
  • Established that the Public Spaces Protection Order is now in place, introduced on the 10th July, for the jubilee field this relates to a dogs on leads order, Allerdale’s Street Scene Officers should make regular visits in the next few week initially warning any offenders with Fixed Penalty notices being issued beyond that.
  • Made enquiries with Highways regarding the upgrade of the remainder of the streetlights in Thursby, this will be built into a programme of works yet to be agreed, with Allerdale BC

Thursby Community Plan- The questionnaire has been circulated to parish Councillors and comments are awaited.

Thursby Parish Hall- The last meeting took place on the 8th July with a 5th anniversary of the hall open event having taken place, which was well attended.

Broadband – Connecting Cumbria are now circulating a newsletter for information on progress, 75% of the county now has access to super fast broadband with 93% expected by December 2015. Phase 2 is on going but only in areas where there is no existing or planned broadband, these areas will be highlighted in August 2016

Neighbourhood Forum- No Forum meeting since the last council meeting but there is a meeting in Silloth on the 23rd July

Thursby School – No report

Street lighting/footway lighting – Nothing to report


Planning applications-

2/2015/0372 – Erection of an agricultural building High Whinnow Farm, Thursby – no objections

2/2015/0415 – Outline planning application for an agricultural workers dwelling East Farm Park, Crofton. – No council objections with the proviso that the building should be used for an agricultural worker.

Planning decision notice –

2/2015/0278 – Erection of a single story rear and side extension at Foxhollow, Evening Hill – full plans approved 30/6/15

74/6/15 – Payments of Accounts

The following payments were agreed by the council:-

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £331.20
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £82.60
  • Clerks expenses – £85.30 – chq number 394
  • ISS – £468.44 – chq number 395
  • ISS – £114 – chq number 396

75/6/15 – Accounts audit:

The financial statement 30th June 2015 was agreed and signed by the council.

Date of next meeting – It has been agreed that the next meeting will take place at 7.30pm Tues 15th September 2015 in Thursby Parish Hall.




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