June 16th 2015



Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com

Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 16th June 2015


Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless, David Pattinson

Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillors: Patricia MacDonald, Mike Heaslip

Members of the public: One

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

41/6/15 – Apologies – Cllr Maggie Howard

Allerdale Councillor Mike Heaslip, portfolio holder for Localities and Commercial services attended the meeting to allow councillors the opportunity to put to him questions relating to parish issues.

On street lighting and footway lighting Cllr Heaslip informed the council that for every streetlight either removed by Electricity Northwest under their policy of removing lighting, or any failed lights Allerdale Borough Council would replace these lights from a fund of £82,000 set aside for this purpose. The total spend under this policy for the last financial year was £18,000 so should subsequent years spend be of similar amounts the budget should last for four years. When that budget is exhausted then new money would have to be introduced and partnerships would have to be formed with parish councils and others to contribute to this budget. How that would work is not clear but some type of equitable formula would have to be agreed based on a parish’s ability to pay. Negotiations are currently taking place with Cumbria County Council on a planned structured maintenance scheme to determine how best to fund this. Should a parish require additional lighting then this would have to be paid from parish funds as the budget from Allerdale will only cover existing lighting schemes.

On the use of leisure facilities Cllr Heaslip informed the council that negotiations were taking place with the company that runs leisure facilities in Allerdale and Carlisle, (Carlisle Leisure) to allow Allerdale residents the use of relevant facilities in Carlisle on a reciprocal basis, this would only apply to services run by Carlisle leisure, nothing has been agreed yet but discussions are at an advanced stage. Concessionary swims funded by Allerdale last year at Wigton baths will continue for this year. Allerdale cannot fund sports and recreational or community facilities but would consider any funding applications to improve facilities, and can offer rate relief    

for any community organisation running sporting facilities of 100% if a registered charity, and 80% if not.

On spending per head of population Cllr Heaslip informed the council that producing something that would identify individual spending per head of parishes was not something that could easily be done, he stated that comparisons of discretionary spending could be done on the 7 areas that make up the borough of Allerdale, Thursby falls in the Wigton area, but to break it down to parishes would be much more difficult. There would have to be a decision made as to what to include in the breakdown and what exactly did the parish want to know. Council tax makes up about a fifth of Allerdale’s total budget. Councillor Heaslip agreed to go back to Allerdale to see whether a working group could be established to work out a better way of allocating budgets and to see whether budgets per head of population could be identified.

On Connecting Cumbria, superfast broadband roll out, Cllr Heaslip asked that he be informed of those areas of the parish that are not likely to receive this service to be notified to him, and he will see what pressure Allerdale could bring to bear on BT.

On dog waste bags Cllr Heaslip informed the council that a policy had been agreed whereby each parish would be allocated bags based on 5 bags per resident, which would be delivered to a location identified by each parish for distribution, he was at a loss to know why this policy was not being implemented but agreed to look at it.

42/6/15 – Declaration of interests: Cllrs Bowe and Pattinson on sports and recreation.

43/6/15 – Dispensations: None

44/6/15 – Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes of the meeting of the 19th May were agreed as being correct and signed by the chair.

45/6/15 – Chairs announcements: The joint CALC meeting will take place on the 25th June at Bothel village hall

46/6/15 – Public Participation: No items were raised.

47/6/15 –

Reports from: – Cumbria County Council: Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that there was to be a meeting on the 24th June at Rosley Village Hall to discuss the purple bag scheme and an invitation was extended to Thursby Parish Council. He stated that he had been informed by the committee of Crofton Social centre about the feasibility of the committee taking over the lease of the building. The building sits on land owned by the County Council and the committee are to put forward a business case to take over the building as a community asset transfer which Cllr Fairbairn will take to property services to discuss a way forward.

Allerdale Borough Council: – Cllr MacDonald informed the council that Allerdale’s Local plan part 1 was now circulated and that in the neighbouring Carlisle District a number of planning applications had been received for solar parks.

Cumbria Police: –There have been 3 incidents reported to the Police for the area of Thursby since the last meeting. Below is an overview of some of the incidents reported:-

  • On the 23rd May 2015 there was a two vehicle car accident in the area of Thursby. Only damage was caused and no injuries were caused. One vehicle was recovered from the area
  • On the 6th June 2015 an unofficial driving complaint was made to the police regarding manner of driving of a local taxi in the area of Thursby. An area search and observations were passed for the vehicle but there were no sightings.
  • On the 7th June 2015 report of an elderly male walking along the road of the A595 near the area of Thursby round about and Cardewlees. The male was staggering all over the road. Officers attended the area with no trace of the male.

48/6/15 – Grass cutting on Jubilee Field play area – A request had been made by the sports and recreation committee for the council to pay for the grass cutting of the play area on the field until the work commences to develop the field. A request had been made to the parish council grass cutting contractors for quotes to do this work.

The Council resolved to pay the contractors to cut and collect the grass and to make two further cuts to the area until the development works start.

49/6/15 – Grass cutting from Yew End Lane to the Paddocks junction – Councillors expressed concern at the length of the grass on this section of Matty Lonning believing it to be a safety issue.

Action. The clerk to contact highways to establish whether this would fall into their area of responsibility before considering other options.

50/6/15 – Recent bus service cuts – Councillors are asked to respond to any concerns regarding the recent bus service cuts, particularly any complaints they may have had from residents finding difficulty visiting any of Allerdale’s main service centres. No complaints had been received but residents were encouraged to contact any member of the parish council should they have any issues.

51/6/15 – On- going maters:

Clerks report – Update on actions from last meetingI have purchased an inkjet printer from Staples, after having sought advice from a number of sources I went with the inkjet rather than a laser believing that this was the best option for the council. I have contacted Cumbria Highways about the recent drainage works on the jubilee field and the issue raised of the works having gone under land owned by the council. CCC have no knowledge of this work having been undertaken by them.

I have received the following contacts by members of the public: – I have been contacted by a resident about the grass cutting on the old A596 verges being cut and cutting down the wild flowers, complainant asks is this really necessary. A report of a dog owner with three dogs letting their dogs run loose on the jubilee field and the dogs jumping up at people. Tractors speeding through the village, what will happen to the provision of postal services/ dogs bags should the post office close in November, and I was asked to make an enquiry with Allerdale/Cumbria CC on the requirements should a householder wish to install a driveway with a dropped kerb.

A response has been received from Susan Hayman MP requesting a location to hold a surgery in Thursby and asking be notified of any events taking place in the future.

The VAT reclaim has completed and forwarded to HMRC.

Thursby Community Plan- The questionnaire has been circulated and comments are awaited.

Thursby Parish Hall- The porch at the rear of the hall is nearing completion.

Broadband – The BT bid for phase 2 is in  and contracts being negotiated, in phase 1 465 cabs are in place, 320 of which are active, BT ‘s focus is now on area where the greatest return is likely.

Neighbourhood Forum- No Forum meeting since the last council meeting.

Thursby School – The drainage works are nearing completion and the grass is starting to come through. The field needs to be rolled again and left to grow before the field can be used. The nursery age is being extended from September when it will accept 3 year olds, the current nursery building will house the new foundation stage unit which will have children from nursery and reception in it.

Street lighting/footway lighting – The connection of the improved street lighting on Matty Lonning will take place later this month/Julywhen the county will connect up the additional light secured by the council opposite the church. Before this can take place a trench needs to be dug between the lamp nearest Yew Tree Lane and the new lamp which the council will need to fund.

Action. Clerk to secure three estimates for this work.


Planning Decision Notices- 2/2015/0304 – Change of use of Unit 2 The Old Stable Block, Crofton Hall into accommodation for 3 units in total. Councillors resolved to comment on the increased use of traffic in the area and the poor signage.

Applications received – 2/2015/0214 – Kitchen extension to rear and side of Stonehouse, Thursby – Full plans approved

53/6/15 – Payments of Accounts

The following payments were agreed by the council:-

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £331.20
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £82.60
  • Clerks expenses – £85.30 – chq number 389
  • ISS – £468.44 – chq number 390
  • Zurich Insurance – £447.64 – chq number 391
  • JRB – £130.20 – chq number 392
  • Printer and ink cartridges – £144.98 – chq number 393

54/6/15 – Accounts audit:

The financial statement 31st May 2015 was agreed and signed by the council.

Date of next meeting – It has been agreed that the next meeting will take placeat 7.30pmTues 21st July 2015 in Thursby Parish Hall.




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