May 19th 2015


Clerk: Jeff Downham,


 Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 19th May 2015


Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless, David Pattinson and Margaret Howard

Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Patricia MacDonald

Members of the public: One

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

20/5/15 – To elect a chair of the council for year 2015/16 – Cllr Wendy Bowe was proposed and seconded. Cllr Bowe now elected chair of the council for a further year.

21/4/15 – To receive the chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office – Declaration of office signed by Cllr Wendy Bowe

22/5/15 – To appoint a vice-chairman of the council for the year 2015/16 – Cllr Peter Hunter was proposed and seconded. Cllr Hunter now elected vice-chair for a further year

23/5/15 – Apologies – No apologies

24/5/15 – Minutes of previous meeting – Minutes of the previous meeting were signed by the chair as being a true and accurate record.

25/5/15 – To appoint representatives to outside bodies:-

  • Thursby Parish Hall – Cllr Peerless
  • Thursby School – Cllr Peerless
  • Neighbourhood Forums – Cllr Hunter
  • Sports and recreation Committee – Cllrs Bowe and Pattinson
  • Broadband – Cllr Bowe

    26/5/15 – To appoint committees and sub committees: – None necessary

    27/5/15 – Risk assessment and Insurance – The council insurance is due for renewal on the 1st June, quotes have been received from two insurance companies, Zurich and AON, Zurich have provided the quote more tailored to the needs of Thursby Parish Council, but further consultation is needed to in order that the policy adequately reflects the value of the councils assets.

    28/5/15 – To inspect deeds and trust investments in the custody of the council as required – Reviewed

    29/5/15 – Declarations of interest – Cllrs Bowe and Pattinson Sports and Recreation, Cllr Peerless Parish Hall  and agenda item 14

    30/5/15 – Dispensations- None

    31/5/15 – Chairs announcements – Consultation on the proposal to build a new nuclear power station at Sellafield is under way with a public meeting to be held in Wigton Market Hall on 15th July.

    32/5/15 – Reports from:-

    Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn received congratulations from the council on his successful re-election. He reported on the problems with footway access along Yew Tree Lane and stated this was in the hands of the Footpaths and Bridleway Team at the County Council. With the proposal to build a new nuclear facility at Sellafield he said this should offer the opportunity of improved infrastructure projects within the county and encouraged attendance at the public consultation sessions. He informed the council that other parishes in his ward were not as fortunate as Thursby with regard to superfast broadband and was working with chairs of the other parish councils to try to move this along.

    Allerdale Borough Council – Cllr MacDonald received congratulations from the council on her successful re-election. She informed the council that the first Borough Council meeting had not yet taken place but stated that she would continue to fight any proposal for rural parishes to contribute to the costs of footway lighting. She raised the issue of the imbalance between services provided by Allerdale in the east west split and suggested this may be a project that could be undertaken by the overview and scrutiny committee. She reminded the council that Freedom of Information Requests must be responded to within 21 days. She finished by saying that at a recent meeting with the Allerdale BC Chief Executive his view was that more of his senior officers should get out and visit rural councils to receive views as to the council’s performance.

    Police report –

    There have been 3 incidents reported to the Police for the area of Thursby from the last meeting on the 21st April 2015 to present meeting on the 19th May 2015.

    Below is an over view of some of the incidents reported.

  • On the 24th April 2015 there was a report to the police about a vehicles manner of driving in the area of Thursby. The registration which was passed to officers was incorrect so therefore could not carry out a full investigation and speak to the driver regarding the incident. In addition officers were also unable to conduct an area search as they were tied up at a serious incident elsewhere.
  • On the 8th May 2015 there was a report to the police regarding a vehicles manner of driving in the area of Thursby. The vehicle registration plate came back as incorrect so officers could no further their investigation to speak to the driver about the incident.
  • On the 13th of May a report was made to the police regarding tyre debris on the road in the area of Thursby. Highways were contacted regarding the debris and they dealt with the issue.

33/5/15 – Joint purchase of a laser printer with Thursby Parish Hall Committee

The Parish Hall committee felt that it would not be in their interests to jointly purchase a laser printer, councillors resolved that the parish council would purchase a new printer for use by the clerk.

34/5/15 – Cumberland News unsung community champions – A number of suitable candidates for these were discussed by councillors and it was resolved that councillors would complete the application form and submit before the 12th June deadline.

35/5/15 – Allerdale BC’s Overview and scrutiny annual work plan – Councillors discussed a number of issue and resolved to put forward a request that the overview and scrutiny committee consider the imbalance between councils spending in the more urban areas of the parish over rural areas, and whether it could be ascertained the funding per head of population in the more rural areas like Thursby. The council also resolved to invite Cllr Mike Heaslip to a Thursby Parish Council meeting to discuss how residents of the parish could better access services paid for from their council tax, and also to invite the newly elected Member of Parliament to a future meeting.

Action – Clerk to contact Cllr Heaslip and Member of Parliament Susan Hayman to a council meeting.  

36/5/15 – Parish Council phone box consultation – Councillors did not object in principle to the proposal to change the use of the two kiosks at Nealhouse and Thursby Village to the installation of defibrillators, with the proviso that the boxes would still allow a 999 service.

37/5/15 – On- going maters:

Clerks report – Update on actions from last meetingUpdate on previous actions – Article for Throstle prepared and forwarded for inclusion in the next publication. Microsoft 365 has been purchased and installed onto the laptop which has given more options on outlook and the other Microsoft applications. A 2 door metal storage cabinet has been purchased from Viking office supplies, this has now been assembled and installed in the hall. The accounts have now been audited and ready for forwarding to the audit commission. Five boxes of dog bags have been ordered. Attempts have been made to contact with the clerks to Wigton and Woodside regarding the donation of the SID to the County but as yet have had no response

Action – If no response before the next meeting the council resolved to donate to the County Council.

Thursby Community Plan- The questionnaire is now ready for circulation.

Thursby Parish Hall- No further update

Broadband – Information is available from the broadband team where specific detail is required, however that information is not as specific as was hoped.

Neighbourhood Forum- No Forum meeting since the last council meeting.

Thursby School – Development of the playing field is continuing with a completion date being by September. Discussion was had about the recent drainage work that had taken place on the school field and it was agreed that the work had involved passing under parish council owned land with no notification to the council.

Action – It was resolved that the clerk make an enquiry with property services at Cumbria County Council

Street lighting/Footway lighting – It was noted by the council that the street lighting on Matty Lonning/Church Lane was now being upgraded and that the column opposite St Andrews Church, requested by the Parish Council had also been installed.


Planning Decision Notices- 2/2015/0155 – Full plans approved

Applications received- 2/2015/0278 – Application of single storey/ rear side extension at Foxhole, Evening Hill, Thursby. – No council objections

39/5/15 – Payments of Accounts

The following payments were agreed by the council:-

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £319.27
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £79.80
  • Clerks expenses – £118.10 – cheque no 388
  • ISS – £468.44 – cheque no 382
  • Purchase Microsoft software – £59.99 – cheque no 387
  • CALC subscription – £214 – cheque no 384
  • PL Gauntlet Accounts – £40.00 – cheque no 383
  • Purchase storage cabinet – £178.80 – cheque no 386
  • Data protection – £35 – cheque no 385
  • PWLB – £1785.30 – DD

40/5/15 – Accounts audit:

The financial statement 30th April 2015 was agreed and signed by the council 

Date of next meeting – Tues 16th June 2015 in Thursby Parish Hall at 7.30pm




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