April 21st 2015


Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com


Draft Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 21st April 2015


Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless, David Pattinson and Margaret Howard

Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Patricia MacDonald

Members of the public: Two

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham


1/4/15 – Declaration of interests: None


2/4/15 – Dispensations: Cllr Bowe declared an interest in the Sports and Recreation item, and Cllr Peerless in the purchase of a joint laser printer with the Parish Hall committee item.


3/4/15 – Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes of the meeting of the 24th March were agreed as being correct but no hard copy was available to sign, it was resolved that the chair would sign them at later date.


4/4/15 – Chairs announcements: There were no chairs announcements.


5/4/15 – Public Participation: No items were raised.


6/4/15- Sports and Recreation: Sports England, who are the main funders for the development of the Jubilee field, require the sports and recreation committee to take out a legal charge on the Jubilee Field and their solicitor’s advised that the Parish Council be aware of this, as part of the conditions of the lease of the field from the Parish Council was a covenant not to charge the land. The Parish Council’s solicitors have drawn up a document that would permit this charge in order that no breach of the lease would take place. Following a discussion at the last meeting further enquiries had been made with the Parish Council solicitors with regard to whether this condition could be reversed at some stage in the future. The solicitor advised that the condition could not be reversed for a period of 25 years; this was standard funder’s policy to ensure that any grant given was used for the purpose with which the application was made.

The council resolved to sign the document.


7/4/15 – Reports from:-

Cumbria County Council: – Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that a meeting was being held in Sebergham and Welton Parish with BDUK regarding the provision of superfast broadband in the Parish. He will report back to Thursby Parish on the outcome. He further stated that BT had secured funding for phase 3 with a commitment that everyone should have access to 2 mg of broadband speed. County Councillors now had access to data on road repairs and location of gullies on the highways which he hoped would prove useful to parishes. He informed the council of a complaint he had received about access along Yew Tree Lane, over a style that was difficult for walkers to cross. He was following this up with the County Council; he further stated that the question of dog mess was also an issue on this footpath.

Action – Clerk to contact the Throstle publishers to place an article on cleaning up after dogs in the Parish.


Allerdale Borough Council: – Cllr MacDonald informed the council that the proposal by Allerdale BC for town and parish councils to pay towards the maintenance of street/footway lighting was meeting resistance in a number of areas.


Cumbria Police: – There have been 3 incidents reported to the Police for the area of Thursby since the last meeting. Below is an overview of some of the incidents reported:-

  • On the 1st April it was reported that 2 males were selling fish in the area of The Paddocks. There were concerns that the males were not who they claimed to be. The local PCSO was made aware and observations were kept in the area. Police would advise residents to always check for identification when unknown visitors are knocking at the door.
  • On the 11th April Police received another report for the area of The Paddocks referring to a male in a white van offering to cut down trees. Again there were concerns about the males true intentions. Details were passed to patrols for their attention. The same advice above applies.
  • On the 13th April it was reported that someone was lamping in a field near to the A595. Patrols checked the area but there was no trace of anyone.


8/4/15 – Dog control orders – Following an incident reported to a councillor of dogs being allowed to run loose and foul the jubilee field an enquiry with Allerdale BC revealed that the dog control order which should have come into force in August 2014, had now been repealed and replaced with the Public Spaces Protection Orders, and this was still being consulted on. Discussion was had as to what the position was in regard to Thursby Parish Councils payment to ABC for a dog control order on the jubilee field.

Action – Cllr MacDonald to follow this up with Allerdale Borough Council  


9/4/15 – Speed Indicator Device – Cumbria County Council are looking to parish and town councils to donate their Speed Indicator Devices (SID’s) to the County in order that the Cumbria Road Safety Partnership can take responsibility for the deployment of the devices in consultation with communities and the police. A discussion was had and it was resolved as Thursby had entered into an agreement with Woodside and Wigton Parishes consultation should be made with them before donating the device.

Action – Clerk to contact clerks at Wigton and Woodside for their views.


10/4/15 – Joint purchase of a laser printer with Thursby Parish Hall – A proposal was put to the council on jointly purchasing a laser printer with the parish hall committee to enable both the parish hall committee to use together with the parish council. A discussion was had as to the most appropriate printer and it was resolved that individual councillors give consideration to this before the next meeting.

11/4/15 – Arrangements for monitoring e-mails/correspondence in absence of     clerk – It was resolved that the clerk purchase an upgraded Microsoft operating system and that a procedure be agreed on monitoring electronic correspondence in the absence of the clerk.

Action – Clerk to look at drawing up a council procedure.


12/4/15 – IT back-up systems – The above action to include incorporating a backup procedure for data storage.


13/4/15 – Purchase of a metal cabinet: The council resolved to purchase a metal cabinet to store parish related documentation and house it in the parish hall.

Action: Clerk to make the necessary enquiries.


14/4/15 – Parish Clerks contract – A new contract for the clerk was agreed and will be drawn up by the chair, a discussion was had as to the required amount of hours the clerk should work, it was resolved to keep the contracted hours of 10 hours but that they be reviewed in 3 months.


15/4/15 – Use of the village green for the gala – Arrangement for this year’s Thursby Gala are under way but with work being undertaken on the school field, and the jubilee field currently being developed a request was made as to whether the gala for this year could be held on the village green. A discussion took place with concerns raised about safety issues and road closures, but the council resolved to allow the gala to go ahead on the green in the absence any other suitable site.


16/4/15 – On- going maters:

Clerks report – Update on actions from last meetingUpdate on previous actions – The updated asset register to be forwarded to the council’s insurance company to include the welcome to Thursby stone value. Comments have forwarded by the council to Allerdale re the re-cycling bring sites review and the provision of dog bags. 

Following a visit to Cumbria CC at Lillyhall  maps of all streetlights in the parish have been obtained including which lights are owned and managed by whom, and  agreement has been secured for the installing of an additional street light on Matty Lonning opposite the entrance to St Andrews church.

Other matters-

As a result of a phone call from a resident contact has been made with highways regarding the flooding at How End, and contact been made with Allerdale regarding the provision of a waste bin at How End layby

Election notices for Parliamentary, Borough and parish elections have been posted throughout the parish.

Thursby Community Plan- The questionnaire is now ready for circulation.

Thursby Parish Hall- The AGM is listed for the 29th April should any members of the public wish to attend and installation of the porch at the rear of the hall has commenced.

Broadband – Information is now available from the broadband team where specific detail is required.

Neighbourhood Forum- No Forum meeting since the last council meeting.

Thursby School – No date has yet been agreed with the school for Cllrs Peerless and Howard to attend to talk about the work of the council.




Planning Decision Notices- 2/2015/0119Listed building consent for alterations – planning consent approved 8.4.15


Applications received- 2/2015/0155 – Proposal to provide new traditional style railings on existing stone wall – Greenwood, Thursby – no council objections

2/2015/0214 – Kitchen extension to rear and side of property to join with garage Stonehouse, Thursby – no council objections


18/4/15 – Payments of Accounts

The following payments were agreed by the council:-

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £319.27
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £79.80
  • Clerks expenses – £98.30 – 377
  • ISS – £468.44 – 378
  • CALC (Chairs course) – £29.50 – 379
  • CALC (CiLCA) – £79.00 – 380
  • PL Gauntlet Accounts – £40.00 – 381


19/4/15 – Accounts audit:

The financial statement 31st March 2015 was agreed and signed by the council.

The annual governance statement was approved and signed by the council.

The annual accounts were approved and signed by the council.


Date of next meeting – Tues 19th May 2015 in Thursby Parish Hall. The Annual Parish Meeting will start at 7pm followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm




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