March 24th 2015


Clerk: Jeff Downham,



Draft Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 24th March 2015


Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Ken Peerless, David Pattinson and Margaret Howard

Cumbria County Council: Duncan Fairbairn

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Patricia MacDonald

Members of the public: Two

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham


172/3/15 – Declaration of interests: None


173/3/15 – Dispensations: No dispensations


174/3/15 – Minutes of previous meeting: The chair signed as correct minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 17th February 2015 as a true record.


175/3/15 – Chairs announcements: The next CALC three tier meeting is to be held on 26th March at Embleton Village Hall staring at 7.30pm.


176/3/15 – Public Participation: The Conservative parliamentary candidate for Workington Rozila Kana introduced herself to the council and offered to speak with any councillor or parishioners on any issue that they wished to raise with her.


177/3/15 – Sports and Recreation: Richard Johnson from Thursby Sports and Recreation informed the council that progress on securing the funding to develop the jubilee field was progressing well with the final bid for £60,000 having recently been submitted. The signs look promising that this will be successful and he hoped that there would be sufficient funding to purchase pitch maintenance equipment, which would cut down on the costs of managing the maintenance of the field. Sports England, who are the main funders, require the committee to take out a legal charge on the land and their solicitor’s advised that the Parish Council be aware of this as part of the conditions of the lease was a covenant not to charge the land. The Parish Council’s solicitors has drawn up a document that would permit this charge in order that no breach of the lease would take place. A discussion took place on whether the council was in favour of signing this document, or whether further information was required to ascertain whether this could be reversed at some point in the future.

The council resolved to delay signing the document pending further information by the solicitor’s, before bringing it back to the next council meeting on the 21st April.


178/3/15 – Reports from:-

Cumbria County Council: – Cllr Fairbairn informed the council that even though the recent notification stated a 2% increase in council tax, the increase was in fact only 1.99%. The County Council was still making cuts to staffing and bus services, with the issue of unitary status being firmly back on the agenda. He also informed the council that a new community grant had been launched by the County to address healthy living. This would allow community groups, social enterprises the option of applying for grants from £500 to £3000 to fund healthy living, weight management initiative’s. The funding was available through the Public Health Department of the County Council who have a budget of £150,000. 


Allerdale Borough Council: – Cllr MacDonald informed the council that Allerdale Borough Council had endorsed a proposal to consult with Parish Councils on how to manage the footway lighting issue. Figures had been suggested for the running costs of lighting but she was unsure whether these figure related to general lighting or LED lighting, she was pursuing this. 


Cumbria Police: –There have been 7 incidents reported to the Police for the area of Thursby since the last meeting. Below is an overview of some of the incidents reported.

  • On the 18th February it was reported that 7 sheep had been stolen from a field in the Wigton area. Full details of the sheep which were in lamb were given to the Police.
  • On the 6th March we received a report that a vehicle had struck a concrete block in the road on the A595 causing damage to a wheel. Highways were made aware.
  • On the 7th March we received a report of a large tree partially blocking the carriageway of the A595. The relevant agencies were contacted to deal.

    179/3/15 – Street lighting on Matty Lonning: The issue of determining from Electricity Northwest the cost of the connection to an additional street light opposite St Andrews church resulted in a letter from ENW stating that it was not possible due to the distance from the nearest low voltage main.  The nearest supply would breach their codes of practice. They suggested an enquiry with Cumbria County Council to see if they have a looped supply in the area feeding their own private columns.

    The council resolved to enquire this with the County Council.

    Action: Clerk to contact Cumbria Highways


    180/3/15 – The Jubilee group proposals for the village green: The memorial stone was now in place and councillors agreed that it looked good. The council resolved that this should now be placed on the councils insurance.

    Action: Clerk to arrange with insurance company.


    181/3/15 – Appointment of internal auditor: The council resolved to appoint PL Gauntlet Accountants as the internal auditors for the year 2014/15 end of year accounts.


    182/3/15 – Adoption of updated financial regulations: The council resolved to adopt the recent updated financial regulations.


    183/3/15 – Transparency code for smaller authority’s: New guidance has been issued relating to the audit and accountability framework for councils whose annual turnover does not exceed £25,000. The main changes will not come into effect until the financial year 2016/17, however there are small changes relating to the notification to the public to view the accounts, this must be done between the 1st and 30th July, and these must be made available electronically. The council resolved to accept these changes.


    184/3/15 – Purchase of a metal cabinet: The council resolved to purchase a metal cabinet to store parish related documentation, and to determine whether this cabinet could stored in the Parish Hall.

    Action: Clerk to make the necessary enquiries.


    185/3/15 – Re-cycling bring site review: Allerdale Borough is currently conducting a review to see whether those areas that currently have recycling facility are still required in light of the fact that 96% of households now re-cycle through the purple bag scheme. The council resolved that further enquiries be made with Allerdale to ascertain how much is still being re-cycled from those sites in Thursby Parish.

    Action: Clerk to make enquiries with Waste recycling officer at ABC


    186/3/15 – Parish Clerks Contract: The council resolved to arrange a meeting with the clerk to review the current contract. The issue of the monitoring of the parish council e-mails in the absence of the clerk was discussed, and that the arrangement of the site being monitored by a councillor during these periods may be in breach of data protection, the council resolved that the chair should enquire with CALC on this matter.


    187/3/15 – On- going maters:

    Clerks report – Update on actions from last meeting – Contacted Cllr Mike Heaslip regarding street lighting and circulated his response to councillors. Contact has been made with the highways department regarding the location of the gully’s requiring cleaning, and the cracked pavement on Stonehouse Park, and both these matters have been reported to them. The issue of the two missing street lights were reported to Allerdale Borough Council and to Cumbria Highways. A request has been made to provide details of which streetlights within Thursby Parish are the responsibility of Allerdale and which are the responsibility of Cumbria CC. Cumbria Highways have such a map at their Lillyhall office and an appointment can be made to view the maps, which are quite large and to take copies. 

    A request has been made to Electricity Northwest for the cost of the connection of a street light at the bus shelter at the entrance to Stonehouse Park; a letter has been received from them which state the cost of a connection to be £3085.82.  Highways have confirmed that early in the financial year they will replace the gully by the green in Thursby removed recently when repairs were done, the previous gully was just a soak away so this time they will connect into an existing gully at the other side of the junction. The play area inspection report from Allerdale Borough Council has been forwarded onto the Sports and recreation Committee for their attention.


    Thursby Community Plan- The chair is working on a draft questionnaire which is now almost complete and will shortly be circulated for comments before a further meeting of the group is arranged.


    Thursby Parish Hall- The AGM is listed for the 29th April should any members of the public wish to attend. The hall is looking to purchase a laser printer and is to put forward a request to the parish council to contribute to its costs.


    Broadband – Connecting Cumbria are investigating other providers as part of phase 2. It is unknown whether this will benefit the rest of Thursby Parish and connecting Cumbria do not seem to be able to provide this level of information.


    Neighbourhood Forum- No Forum meeting since the last council meeting.


    Thursby School – Drainage works are currently being carried out on the school field to allow more use of the field. The Headmistress suggested that Councillors may wish to visit the school to discuss how the work of the council impacts on the village, Cllrs Howard and Peerless agreed to make contact with the school.



    Planning Decision Notices-

    Carwath Farm Wind Energy Ltd. Full plans refused 13.2.15


    Applications received-

    2/2015/0119 – Paul Simmons, Greenwood House, Thursby – Listed building consent for proposed new fireplace and alterations to kitchen cupboard to form new opening to dining room. The council resolved that there be no objections to this application.


    189/3/15 – Payments of Accounts

    The following payments were agreed by the council:-

  • Clerk’s salary – (Standing Order) – £319.27
  • PAYE – (Standing Order) – £79.80
  • Clerks expenses – £84.95
  • Annual play inspection – £67.20
  • Sports and Recreation Committee grant – £10,000
  • Repairs to the Paddocks fence – Cllr Hunter – £5.28
  • Erection of Jubilee stone – £1,096.50
  • Re issue of cheque to Graeme Dixon – £435


190/3/15 – Accounts audit:

The financial statement as at 28th February 2015 was agreed by the council and signed by the chair.


Date of next meeting has been confirmed as Tuesday 21st April 2015 at Thursby Parish Hall at 7.30pm

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