November 25th


Clerk: Jeff Downham,


Draft Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 25th November 2014

Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Ken Peerless, Margaret Howard

Cumbria County Councillor

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Patricia MacDonald

Members of the public: One

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

1. Apologies: Apologies received from Councillor’s Hunter and Pattinson

2. Declaration of interests: The chair declared an interest in the sports and recreation and the community plan, Cllr Peerless declared and interest in the Thursby Throstle, no other declarations.

3. Dispensations: No dispensations

4. Minutes of previous meeting: The chair signed as correct minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 21st October 2014

5. Sports and Recreation: Development of the field has started in relation to the flattening of some hedges and the relevant studies done, funding of £100,000 has been secured in the form of grants with the majority being from Sport England. The last big grant being applied for is from the Football Foundation which is currently looking favourable with a decision being made by the end of this year or early in the New Year. It is hoped that sufficient funding can be secured through this grant to purchase the equipment to manage and maintain the sports field. The funding to be provided by the parish council would be to provide fencing around the field with the timing of this to be arranged with the developers when work starts in April 2015.

6. Chairs announcements:

  • The next Allerdale CALC meeting is set for 11th December at Allhallows Parish Hall, Fletchertown.

7. Public Participation: No items raised.

8. Reports from:-

Allerdale Borough Council: Councillor MacDonald informed the council that the North West Coast Connections first consultation concludes on the 28th November, she has a map of the proposed routes of the power lines which she can make available to the council, Cllr MacDonald further stated that once this phase of the consultation was completed a further consultation process would take place on two proposed routes. The county council are currently undergoing a consultation programme to make the public more aware of the councils drive to cut £213 million from its annual spending by 2018. People are being encouraged to attend the drop in sessions or to comment online at or by picking up a copy of the budget consultation booklet from their local library. Allerdale Borough Council is now rationing dog bags and this has been taken up by Councillor Fairbairn CCC with Councillor Mike Heaslip from ABC. Allerdale BC is in receipt of £78.000 from Electricity North West to cover replacement street lighting; this amount is for the whole of Allerdale.

Police: The police report was read which stated there had been four incidents since the council last met, with the only one listed being an accident on the A595 near Thursby on the 10th November.

Cumbria County Council: No report

9 Lighting on School Road: An issue was raised by a member of the public that the lighting on School Road as you enter from Curthwaite road was poor, with a further light being needed outside no 3 School Road, this matter has been reported to highways with no response to date.

A further issue was raised that there is no seat in the bus shelter by the Ship Inn

Action: – Clerk to follow up the lighting issue with Highways Dept. and to get tenders for the            installation of seating in the bus shelter.

10. North West Coast Connections: – The initial consultation phase on the installation of power lines to connect a new Nuclear power station will conclude on the 28th November, with a further round of consultations to take place once the precise route is confirmed.

The council resolved to comment once a proposed route had been confirmed.

11. Grounds Maintenance Contract: – A total of 10 expressions of interest had been made by contractors interested in tendering for the contract with two tenders having been received to date. The closing date for tenders is the 7th December.

12. The Jubilee proposals for the village Green: A revised proposal has been received from the Jubilee group with the WELCOME TO THURSBY stone now being sandstone and with the removal of the sun dial. Councillors felt one further point needed clarification with regard to foundations for the site

Action: – Clerk to contact the jubilee group to clarify what foundations would be needed.

13. On- going maters:

Clerks report – The issue of ownership of the verge on Church Lane adjacent to the church and the trees thereon is still not resolved with enquiries being made with highways to establish ownership.

Thursby Community Plan- At the last group meeting only two members of the group were in attendance, it was agreed they would produce a questionnaire to be circulated to parish organisation, who are welcome to attend the next meeting if they feel there are further questions they would like to add. The Sports and recreation committee said they would be happy to send a representative to attend a meeting to help formulate the questions.

Thursby Parish Hall- The hall is still going forward with the energy efficiency audit, a new cleaner has been employed and meetings have taken place to agree future events.

Sports and Recreation – Covered at agenda item 5

Thursby School – No report

Broadband – A map has been received indicating what work is being undertaken in the parish, chair to circulate to councillors.

Neighbourhood Forum- No Forum meeting since the last council meeting.

Street lighting- With the £78.000 being available to replace missing/damaged street lighting the council resolved to identify any missing lights and pursue these with Allerdale.

Dog waste dispenser- An order of 5 boxes of dog bags has been made at a reduced cost.

School Road/Shawk Crescent update- A further meeting has taken place on the 13th November with 13 proposals now being put forward by the County Council, copies of the proposals were circulated at the meeting and questionnaires were filled in identifying 1st 2nd and 3rd choices, these were taken away for analysis to be brought back to the next meeting in the new year.

Allerdale Local Plan: – Councillors resolved to call an extraordinary meeting to discuss this.

Action: – Clerk to circulate some dates for the meeting.

14. Planning Applications Received: – No applications received

Planning Decision Notices

2/2014/0675 – Erection of a general purpose shed, Nealhouse Farm, Nealhouse – Full plans approved.

15. Payments of Accounts

The following payments were agreed by the council:



Remembrance wreath…£20

Clerk’s expenses…….. £79.98

Clerks Salary – Standing Order – £315.27

PAYE – Standing Order – £78.60


Cumbria Air Ambulance………………………. £50

Thursby Sports and Recreation Committee…£495

Thursby PCC……………………………………£375

Crofton Hall……………………………………. £187

First Responders………………………………. £187

Cumbria Rape Crisis……………………………£50

Thursby Throstle………………………………..£412

Thursby Garden and Allotment Club………… £100

16. Accounts audit:

The financial statement as at 31st October 2014 was agreed by the council and signed by the chair.

The budget proposal as discussed at the extraordinary meeting on the 18th November was circulated and agreed.

Date of next meeting has been confirmed as Tuesday 16th December 2014 at Thursby Parish Hall 7.30pm



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