October 2014


Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com Tel: 07795484126

Draft Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 21st October 2014

Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair), Ken Peerless, David Pattinson

Cumbria County Councillor: Duncan Fairbairn,

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Patricia MacDonald

Members of the public: Two

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham 

1. Apologies: Apologies received from Councillor Howard

2. Declaration of interests: The chair declared an interest in the sports and recreation and the community plan, no other declarations.

3. Dispensations: No dispensations

4. Minutes of previous meeting: The chair signed as correct minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 16th September 2014

5. Grounds maintenance contract: Steve Vivers (Envirocare) gave an overview of how the year had gone with the grass cutting contract and feedback from councillors was positive, he expressed an interest in tendering for a further three year contract.

Action: – Clerk to advertise the contract and provide specification.

6. Chairs announcements:

  • CALC AGM Wigton Market Hall 15th November – Wendy Bowe to attend on behalf of the council.

7. Public Participation: A resident from Crofton expressed concerns at the lack of passing places between the caravan park at Crofton and the A596 making it difficult to exit the estate when meeting caravans, he stated passing place were part of the original planning application when the site was built. Councillor Fairbairn informed him that Allerdale’s planning department would be able to inform him if they were to be installed. A further issue was raised as to the feasibility of a footpath between the arch at Crofton and Thursby Village; councillors agreed that this could be an action for the Community Planning steering group to consider when developing their plan.

8. Report from Cumbria County Council: Councillor Fairbairn informed the council that the joint broadband meeting had gone ahead on the 16th October without representation from Thursby Parish Council. The removal of the streetlight on Curthwaite Road was progressing and there had been a good turnout for the recent meeting on the traffic improvements to School Road/ Shawk Crescent.

Report from Allerdale Borough Council: Councillor MacDonald informed the council that as a result of a number of complaints of smells in Thursby Village she had reported this to the environmental health department at Allerdale, they had made a visit to the village but as yet she had no report. She had also received reports of rubbish being tipped at Low Whinnow and suggested that if councillors received further report of tipping at that location to inform Richard Caine at Allerdale BC.

Police Report: The police report was read which stated there had been four incidents since the council last met, none of which were of public interests.

9. Connecting Cumbria Fibre Broadband: The meeting that had taken place on the 16th October did so without Thursby being present due to the non-availability of councillors. A further meeting has been requested and a time and date for that is awaited.

10. The Jubilee proposals for the village Green: A meeting had taken place with the highways engineer regarding the proposals, he had asked for clarification on the following points:-

  • A plan showing the exact location of the stone.
  • The exact height and dimensions of the stone.
  • What the foundations will be.
  • The construction of the site
  • Planting.

The highway engineer requires this information before be able to advise.

Action: – Clerk to contact the jubilee group to clarify points.

11. Proposals for improvements to School Road/Shawk Crescent. The meeting took place on the 24th September and there was a good turnout. The 5 proposals were considered by those present and a further meeting arranged for the 13th November to debate which of the 5 should go ahead first as Cumbria County Council only has the finding to do the improvement in stages.

12. Cutting of hedges: The issue of burning garden waste had been highlighted and it was suggested that an article appear in the Throstle advising residents of the effects of burning waste on other residents.

Action: – Clerk to follow this up.

13. On- going maters:

Clerks report – Applications had been received from community groups as to Parish Council grants and councillors agreed to put back the November council meeting one week until the 25th November due to leave commitments.

Thursby Community Plan- The steering group met on the 14th October to review the previous plan and the next meeting is scheduled for the 11th November, 7.30 pm in the Parish Hall to consider the consultation process.

Thursby Parish Hall- The hall is going forward with the energy efficiency audit, the recent planning application was approved, the financial situation is healthy and the hall continues to maintain a high level of occupancy.

Sports and Recreation – No recent meeting

Thursby School – No report

Broadband – The anticipated coverage for the parish is still expected to be 70% but until a further meeting is held with the suppliers it is not know which post codes will be in the 70% coverage and which will be in the 30% not covered.

Neighbourhood Forum- No Forum meeting since the last council meeting.

Street lighting- Recent information from both Allerdale and the County Council indicate that Electricity Northwest will shortly be replacing the removed streetlight from Curthwaite Road.

Dog waste dispenser- It was agreed by the council that a bulk order of 5 boxes of waste bags be ordered at a reduced cost but that an enquiry be made to try and find a cheaper supplier.

Action: Clerk to order bags and make enquires with other suppliers.

14. Annual review: The return of the annual review raised two issues, one with regard to the asset register and a minor error regarding completion of the form, both points were noted by the council.

15. Allerdale Credit Union: A letter had been received requesting a donation from the council to the credit union, councillors felt that they did not have sufficient information as to how this would benefit parishioners and that further information was required before a decision could be made.

Action: Clerk to contact secretary of the union seeking further information.

16. Allerdale local plan (Part 2): It was highlighted that councillors still needed to register their views to the planning proposals highlighted in the document for Thursby Parish.

17. Planning Applications Received

Ratified by the council 2/2014/0675 – Mr Ed Studholme, Nealhouse Farm – erection of general purpose agricultural shed

Planning Decision Notices

2/2014/0616 – Mr and Mrs J Rickerby, Evening Hill House- application granted to alter the existing first floor window on south elevation.

2/2014/0532 – Thursby Parish Council – application granted for the erection of a porch on the west elevation.

2/2014/0539 – Messrs Taylor – application granted for an agricultural livestock building.

2/2014/0538 – Messrs Taylor – application granted for an agricultural crop store building.

18. Payments of Accounts

The following payments were agreed by the council:



Clerk’s expenses…£136.44

Clerks Salary…  Standing Order – £315.27

PAYE ……      .Standing Order – £78.60

19. Cutting back of trees on council owned land: Two estimates for the work had been received and the council agreed that the contract go to A D Fava.

Action – Clerk to contact AD Fava and give the go ahead for the work to be done.

20. Accounts audit:

The financial statement was agreed by the council and signed by the chair.

The budget statement showing spending to date and projected spending until the year end was discussed and councillors agreed to held and extraordinary meeting on the 18th November to discuss the budget for 2015/16

Date of next meeting has been put back one week until Tuesday 25th November Thursby Parish Hall 7.30pm



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