September 16th


Clerk: Jeff Downham,

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Draft Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 16th September 2014


Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair), Ken Peerless, David Pattinson

Cumbria County Councillor: Duncan Fairbairn,

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Patricia MacDonald

Members of the public: One

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham  

1. Apologies: Apologies received from Councillor Howard

2. Declaration of interests: The chair declared an interest in the sports and recreation and the community plan, no other declarations.

3. Dispensations: No dispensations

4. Minutes of previous meeting: The chair signed as correct minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 15th July 2014

5. Chairs announcements:

  • Appearing on the open electoral register – parishioners should check their electoral forms to check whether their details are on the register and consider whether to remove them.
  • CALC meeting 25th September 2015 at Allerdale House
  • Workshop on Site Allocations Development Plan Document: Issues and Options Wednesday 24th September 6.30pm Wigton Market Hall
  • Data Protection/Freedom of Information Free Workshop – to let CALC know by end of September interest from Thursby
  • CALC AGM Wigton Market Hall 15th November

6. Connecting Cumbria Fibre optic broadband: No one was able to attend the meeting, however Lynn Singleton, Project Manager provided a report on the following two points:

  • We are in the process of arranging meetings with parishes to look in depth at anticipated coverage locally.  I understand that this is currently in the pipeline for your area.  Representatives of BT and the project team will present the analysis BT has provided and discuss any issues
  • We are also aware that there are ongoing problems with residents getting connections in areas that BT tell us are live – specifically in Thursby village.  This has been raised with BT and we were assured that the problem had been rectified.  Following a conversation I had with Wendy Bowe a couple of weeks ago this issue was raised at a meeting of projects in the North West and it appears that we are not alone in experiencing this, and the issue has been flagged with BDUYK at a national level.  If there are continued instances of residents being unable to access fibre broadband in enabled areas it would be very useful if you could provide us with the details so as we can evidence the problem further and continue to push for a resolution.

Action: Clerk to invite a representative from the project to attend Thursby Parish

Council meeting to discuss point one.

7. The Jubilee group proposals for the village green: A site visit with the highways engineer has never taken place due to difficulty’s getting all parties together. It was decided that a plan should be drawn up as to what was being proposed for the green allowing the highways engineer to comment on that. The issue of the seat at the corner of the jubilee field was discussed and decided by councillors that it should remain where it is.

Action: Councillor Pattinson to draw up the plan in conjunction with the jubilee green committee and discuss with highways engineer.

8. The use of the Paddock as a play area: Councillors stressed that they did not report at the last meeting that this area was not a designated play area. They took on board the views of a number of residents who had expressed concerns at not allowing their children to play on this land. It was suggested that the development of the Paddocks green could be an action in the proposed community plan to develop the area into a play area and involve residents in its development.

9. Continual use of tractors through the village: Concern was raised by a number of residents as to the increased use of tractors and the speed they travel through Thursby village. Councillor Fairbairn reported that at a recent visit by the Police Crime Commissioner this issue was raised and a suggestion was made that a request could be made to the police to deploy the radar gun and any speeding tractor drivers given the opportunity of prosecution, or explain to the local school the dangers of speeding near in a built up area. The issue of the agricultural smells in the village was being taken up with Allerdale BC by Councillor MacDonald.

Action: Clerk to raise with the Police the possibility of having an officer use the radar gun at relevant times in the village.

10. Thursby playing field Development: A member of the sports and recreation committee reported to the council that grants to the value of £96,750 had been secured, however this was a shortfall of £36,757 which the committee hoped to have in place by the end of the year. Once all funding is in place, Sport England will award the contract for the works. Works will commence around 01/04/15, and will take approximately 2 months to complete. There will then be a ‘growing in’ period of a further 12 months, with the pitch becoming ‘playable’ at the start of the 2016-17 football season.

The ‘dog proofing’ of the field will take place during this period.

11. Proposals for improvements to School Road/Shawk Crescent: The council discussed the proposals as circulated by Cumbria County Council and agreed that Councillors Peerless and Pattinson would attend the scheduled meeting with CCC on Wednesday the 24th September.

12. Grass cutting and tree management: The cutting of the verges and overhanging trees on Matty Lonning was discussed, it was reported that this was a safety issues due to walkers and motorists having to go into the centre of the road to avoid the over grown hedges and overhanging trees. It was agreed that letters should be forwarded to the landowners requesting that these problems be addressed.

Action: Clerk to write to the landowners and request they do something about the verges and overhanging trees, to include 3 quotes to trim overhanging trees on Parish Council owned land.

13. Public Participation: No issues from the public

14. Reports from local groups:

Cumbria County Council: Councillor Fairbairn reported that the Police and Crime Commissioner had recently visited Thursby Village and had spoken to residents. The issues of speeding tractors through the village had been discussed. He had also visited the School Road/Shawk Crescent area and had offered his support particularly in respect of emergency vehicle access. Councillor Fairbairn stated that he had written to Jim Savage who is in overall control of the fibre optic broadband roll out requesting he attend a meeting of the parishes in his division, once this was arranged he will inform the council. Regarding the number of accidents on the A595, he has been in contact with the highways engineer for east Cumbria and is awaiting a meeting with Connect, he stated he would make a request to Steph Davis-Johnston, CCC for the accident stats for the area.

Allerdale Borough Council:  Councillor MacDonald reported that the missing light on Curthwaite Road is still being followed through with Electricity North West management but still heard nothing so far. There have been two complaints of earthworks prior to determination of planning applications at Evening Hill Farm and at High Winnow Farm: these had been passed to the respective Planning Officers for investigation. The planning application for a turbine at Black Brow Farm appeal has been turned down.

A complaint has been received of heavy farm vehicle usage and smell in relation to Evening Hill Farm, Councillor MacDonald stated she was pursuing this at present through the environment people.

Wigton swimming pool is in operation, albeit with limited opening times but the managing body/trustees are trying hard to make it viable. All support is greatly appreciated.

Cumbria Constabulary: The Police report was read out which detailed 9 incidents reported to the Police since the July meeting.

Thursby Parish Hall: No report

Sports and Recreation: Discussed at item 10

Thursby School: No report

Broadband: Councillor Bowe reported on progress of the broadband roll out and reported that Wigton was about to go live and depending on the take up in Wigton this would determine whether it was rolled out to those residents in the parish on the Wigton exchange. It was stressed that there is a need for Connecting Cumbria to come to a meeting in Thursby to identify which postcodes will benefit from SFBB

Neighbourhood Forum: No report

15. Clerks report: The clerk reported on the update on actions from the previous meeting and on ongoing issues.

16. Governance: The following governing documents were discussed by the council and formally adopted.

  • Complaints Procedure
  • Grants Policy
  • Internal audit Procedure
  • Model Publication Scheme
  • Draft Standing Orders
  • Asset Register
  • The Bribery Act 2010
  • Protocol on the recording and Filming of Council meetings
  • External audit procedures
  • Code of conduct

17. Planning applications received.

No planning applications received

Planning decision notices

2/2014/0495 – General purpose building- Evening Hill farm

2/2014/0474 – Erection of agricultural shed – How End Farm

2/2014/0436 – Erection of agricultural shed – How End Farm

2/2014/0526 – Consent to alter and re-arrange window openings – Evening Hill House

Thursby Community Plan:

The invites have gone out to community groups and to the general public to the meeting on the 23rd September and the chair has been in contact with Action with Communities in Cumbria, the body tasked with supported parishes in developing a community plan. The meeting will be in the village hall commencing at 7pm.

Payment of accounts:

Authorisation granted for the following payments:

Envirocare (2) – £534.00 and £588.00

Dog waste stickers – £19.98

JRB Enterprise – £62.16

CALC Invoice (Clerk Network Event/Clerk Induction) – £34.50

Clerk’s expenses – £185.80

Clerks Salary … Standing Order

PAYE ………….. .Standing Order

Accounts audit.

Financial statement as at 16th September 2014 agreed.

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