Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting

held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 17th Sept 2013 at 7.30pm.

Thurs min 104    

Members present: Cllr P Hunter, Cllr W.Bowe, Cllr D. Pattinson. Cllr Ken Peerless

Cumbria County Council: Cllr Fairbairn.

Allerdale Borough Council : Patricia MacDonald


Parish Clerk: Miss Joanne Charlton. Members of the public: 0.


59/9/13- Chairman Cllr W Bowe welcomed everyone to this evening’s meeting.


 60/9/13- Apologies  Nonereceived.


61/9/13- MinutesResolved: that the Chair sign as a correct record minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18th September 2013.  


62/9/13- Public Participation There were no comments or representations.

63/9/13- Chairman’s Announcements

a) Councillor Vacancy- Resolved. To co-opt Cllr Peerless on to Thursby Parish council

b) Enviroment  Agency are holding flood training days on the 10th & 16th October and the 7th November for anyone wishing to increase their knowledge on forecasting and pre planning for flooding, more details see poster on the notice board.

c) Broadband- BT are still unable to tell us what coverage we are going to get. They are hoping for 70% to have an increased speed and that 30%will improve but not be “superfast”. Communities must register their interest because we must have at least 20% of residents to register to get a cabinet installed.

d) National Grid-Have postponed the consultation process until they decide on the appropriate technology choice for the proposed nuclear power station. National grid  now expect to make an announcement for the start of the public consultation in the new year. Any questions in the meantime Tel 08008766990 or email

e)CALC- are able to offer Councillors a two hour training course at a cost of £150,currently Burgh by Sands are holding a course which we may be able to join (clerk to enquire)and share the costs.

f) Councillor Drop-in Days with Duncan Fairbairn on Wed 18th Sept and Alan Bowness on 26th Sept 2013.

g) CALC-Requesting office space for storage, meeting room, toilet and parking facilities for the ‘Cumbria Action for Sustainability’ group.

h) Princes Trust are offering courses for 16-25 year olds not in employment, education or training to give them confidence and employment skills to find a job or return to education.

i) CALC- AGM Sat 9th Nov 2013 at 10.30am at Rheged. Nomination’s for attendees by 11th Oct 2013.

j)West Cumbria Bus Users Group-Meeting on the 30th Sept at 3pm at the Waverley Hotel, Gordon Street, Workington, CA14 2EN. This is an active group working towards improving the bus network in West Cumbria.                   


k) Carers Group-holding support groups for anyone with a member of their family with  an Eating disorder , held at the Beacon Unit at Penrith Hospital starting on the 10th Sept then every other week thereafter. Tel 07766443261 or email

l) Recruitment for  A Midwinter’s Dream- an open taster session will be held on 10th & 24th Sept at 7pm at the Old Firestation,  Rickergate, Carlisle. Tickets for the show can be obtained by calling the box office on Tel 01946692422. Performers are invited to register their interest now by calling  Sound wave on Tel 0190061116 or

m) Temporary Traffic Regulations Order on the A596 Thursby roundabout to Lilly Hall roundabout.

n) Letter of resignation has been received from Cllr M Rorke.

64/9/13) Requests for DispensationsThere were no requests for dispensations.


65/9/13) Declaration of Interests No interests were declared.


66/9/13) Reports

a) Cumbria Constabulary – no report received clerk to follow up for next meeting.


b) ThursbyParish Hall-nothing to report. Cllr Pattinson to attend next hall meeting.


c) Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn.

-Drop in sessions with your County Cllr ref f 63/9/13 above.

-Jubilee field has received funding to resolve the drainage problems.

-School road-on going.

-Budgets will be set in February 2014, consultations are ongoing till then, schools will not be reduced but reserves will be needed for unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather (extra salt and grit wagons, floods, etc).

– Wood lorry’s are still an ongoing problem going to Flimby.

– Concern over the extra volume in traffic over the next 12 months due to the erection of the Bolton Gate and the Bolton Low Houses wind turbines on the Boltongate Road.

– Concern over the state of the Gullies and Grips in the area, some are overgrown. County Cllr Fairbairn to report to the relevant Company assigned to do this.

– Poor condition of the road at Nealhouse- Cllr Fairbairn to take highways representative to evaluate the condition.

d) Allerdale Borough Council- Mrs P McDonald

Northern Electric won’t maintain the street lights so they are going to remove them. Allerdale Borough Council need to inform the Parish Council with at least 6 months notice before removal.  

e) Sports and Recreation –no representative present.

-Funding has been passed for the drainage.


f) Thursby School-Cllr Pattinson

-Head Teacher still off sick but improving.


g) Broadband in Cumbria

 -Residents need to promote and register the need for superfast Broadband. They can do this by logging onto the ‘Connecting Cumbria Website’. More information needs to be obtained from BT because funding may be available from other organisations i.e. DEFRA etc.



h) Neighbourhood Forum

-Next meeting on 30th Oct 2013 at Wigton.


10pm-Cllr Fairbairn and Mrs P McDonald leave the meeting.


67/9/13) Payment of Accounts Resolved:- the following payments were approved:

a)A McCallum-temp clerk                                                                                           £142.20

b)Vodafone                                                                                                                  £ 20.43

c)Envirocare Grounds Maintenance –July                                                                     £690.00

d) Envirocare Grounds Maintenance-August                                                                 £636.00

e) JRB Enterprise Ltd Dog waste bags                                                                £62.46

f) Sue Silvester-postage                                                                                                    £5.60

g) BDO Ltd External Auditors                                                                          £120.00


68/9/13) Financial Statement

Total expenditure 1/4/13-17/9/13- £7,230.54

Total income 1/4/13-17/9/13-£11,393.49

Total Balance as at 17/9/13- £9532.48



a) App No 2/2013/0378Priory group residential care home 29 West Park Crofton-withdrawn 29/5/13.

b) App No2/2013/0383Listed Building consent for conversion of outbuilding to convenience store Ship Inn Thursby- Approved.

c) App2/2013/0384-Ship Inn –Full plans Approved.

d) App No 2/2013/0503 & No 2/2013/0500 Demolition of piggery-Approved.

e) App No 2/2013/0537 Roof over silage pit -Approved.

f) App No 2/2013/0581 Dwelling to care home-Withdrawn.

g) App No 2/2013/0469 shed at Nealhouse-Approved

h)App No 2/2013/0642 Agricultural Storage-Letter of concern to be sent due to existing agricultural buildings being used for storage of equipment  rather than the intended use for housing of animals.

i) App No 2/2013/0587 Access track to Turbine-Letter of concern as this was stated at original application that no new track was needed. We would want Highways to look at it closely as the entrance from the layby is very dangerous due to the oncoming traffic frequently overtaking, when approaching from the south junction.

j) App No 2/2013/0586-No comments due to plans not been viewed.


70/9/13) Ongoing Matters   

a) Parish Councillor Vacancy and Training-Advert to be placed in the Throstle, Clerk to enquire about training course for Councillors. More representation from surrounding villages would be a benefit to the Council i.e. Nealhouse, Crofton.

b) Change of signatories on the Cumberland building Society Accounts. On the current and the 90 day account four members authorised – Cllr Wendy Bowe, Cllr Ken Peerless, Cllr Peter Hunter and Cllr David Pattinson.

c) Notice board – a notice board is going free for anyone in the Parish, contact the Clerk for more details.

d) Suggestion that money received from the Turbine Companies be used to maintain the street lighting.                                                                                                                     


e) Jubilee Field-due to no representation at the meeting, unsure as to the current situation with regards to the Registration of the field and the electrical testing of the building. Clerk  to follow-up.

f) Dog’s ban/on lead- The council would need to have a Public Consultation on the matter to enforce this.



13) Items for Next Agenda-forwarded to the clerk by the 8th Oct.



14) Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 15th October 2013 in Thursby Parish Hall.


Signed………………………………………………..on behalf of the Parish council.

Meeting closed 10.20pm