Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting of Thursby Parish Council held on

Tuesday 21st May 2013 in Thursby Parish Hall.  This meeting followed the Annual Parish Meeting.



1/5/13  Election of the Chairman for the year 2013/14

Cllr W Bowe (proposed Cllr M Rorke, seconded by Cllr D Pattinson) was elected Chairwoman for the coming year and signed the declaration of acceptance of office.


2/5/13  Vacancies for Parish Councillors

            This item was agreed to be moved forward on the agenda.

            Consideration was given to the co-option of Mr P Hunter on to the Council.

            Resolved:  unanimously for Mr P Hunter to be co-opted on to the Council.  He then signed

the declaration of acceptance of office.

Cllr P Hunter was then welcomed by the Chairwoman and joined the table alongside other



3/5/13  Election of the Vice-Chairman for the year 2013/14

Cllr P Hunter (proposed Cllr M Rorke, seconded by Cllr D Pattinson) was elected Vice-chairman for the year.


4/5/13  Apologies for absence

Cllr G Sadler.


5/5/13  Present

The Chairwoman, Cllr W Bowe, Cllrs M Rorke, D Pattinson & P Hunter.


6/5/13  In Attendance

County Councillor D Fairbairn, Allerdale Borough Cllr P Macdonald & five members of the



7/5/13  Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 16th April 2013

The minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on the 16th April were approved and signed by the Chairwoman.


8/5/13  Chairwoman’s Announcements

Reported that Allerdale Borough Council has asked for comments on the Allerdale local plan (Part 1) – pre-submission draft consultation.  The consultation period runs from the 3rd May to 18th June 2013 and is available to view on the website at  Documents are also available to view at Allerdale Council offices and libraries.  A CD containing copies of all the documents is also available to view in Thursby village hall technology room.

Reported that the raised grid outside the tyre garage had been repaired and the Chairwoman gave thanks to Cllr Rorke for meeting the Highways team on site to facilitate this.

Consideration was also given to an article (circulated at the meeting) to be distributed alongside the Throstle magazine to parishioners, advising of vacancies for prospective Cllrs.

Resolved:  circulated article to be reviewed at the June meeting, this to be included as an agenda item.  Throstle magazine to include an advert for vacancies in the May issue.

9/5/13  Public Participation

A resident of Rosley addressed the Council on the recent wind turbine planning application at Carwath, Rosley submitted to Allerdale Borough Council.  Advised that:-

  • At a height of 115 meters, the three turbines will be the largest in Cumbria;
  • the turbines will be situated within 700 meters of residential properties and near a local primary school;
  • the turbines will have a detrimental impact on the landscape and visual amenity too and from the Caldbeck fells;
  • he personally does not object to smaller turbines and recognizes that farmers need to diversify, but these turbines are of such a height and scale that they are dividing the community;
  • urged the Council to support other Parish Councils in objecting to the application, these including Dalston, Westward, Woodside & Bolton Low Houses.


 10/5/13  Requests for Dispensations

None received.


11/05/13  Declarations of Interest

None received.


12/05/13  To Appoint Committees & Sub-Committees

Resolved:  no committees or sub-committees considered necessary given the number of members, at the present time.


13/05/13  To Appoint Representatives to Outside Bodies

Resolved:  to appoint the following Cllrs:-

  • ·         Parish Hall Committee – Cllr M Rorke
  • ·         Sports & Recreation Committee – Cllr M Rorke & Cllr W Bowe
  • ·         Thursby School – Cllr D Pattinson
  • ·         Neighbourhood Forum – Cllr P Hunter
  • ·         Broadband – Cllr W Bowe.


14/05/13  Risk Assessment & Insurance

A review of the current levels of insurance cover and a risk assessment was undertaken.  New risks identified included the requirement for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) to be undertaken on the Council laptop and that assets purchased over the previous twelve months of a Jubilee bench and two grit bins should be added to the asset register.  Also discussed that the level of insurance cover on the current policy for assets regarding public liability or damage levels determined.

Resolved:  Cllr D Pattinson to arrange PAT testing of computer. Jubilee bench and two grit bins to be added to the asset register and levels of insurance cover currently held to be reviewed by Cllr P Hunter.


15/05/13  To Inspect Deeds and Trust Investments in the custody of the Council

Held deeds were inspected by Cllrs.

Resolved: agreed as complete.


16/05/13  Financial Report for the Year 2012/13

A financial report prepared by Mrs S Silvester, was circulated to Cllrs at the meeting for the financial year ending 31st March 2013.

Resolved: approved as an accurate copy and signed by the Chairwoman.


17/05/13  Annual return for the year ended 31st March 2013

The annual return, prepared and previously signed by Mrs S Silvester was circulated.  Authorisation for the Chairwoman to sign the statement of accounts, annual governance statement and cash book was requested.

Resolved:  Council authorised the Chairwoman to sign the statement of accounts, annual governance statement and cash book.  This was then undertaken at the meeting.





18/05/13  Reports


a) Cumbria Constabulary

No report was received. Cllr M Rorke advised that a Police surgery was to be held in Thursby school on Wednesday 22nd May at 3:30 p.m..


b) Cumbria County Councillor – Mr D Fairbairn

Bus stops advised that a meeting had been held with Highways Officers.  Advised that the proposed bus stop sites at the Paddocks and the far end of the village would be brought back to a future meeting of the Council for consideration.

Neighbourhood Forum – meeting dates will be arranged in the near future;

Low Whinnow Lay-by – this is now subject to a Traffic Regulation Order for a maximum of two hours waiting time.  This to be enforced by Allerdale Borough Council.

 Cadewlees Lay-by – waiting restriction signs were reported to have been made but not erected as yet.

Sports Field Committee – advised that the committee is considering the draining of the sports field.  Cllr D Fairbairn urged the P.C. to liaise with the committee on this matter and to also consider the draining of the school field.

Removal of Highways Lighting in Villages – North West Electricity is removing lights on wooden poles in villages, this being due to the electrocution and death of two members of staff.  Cllr D Fairbairn is aware that, too date, one pole and light had been removed in the village.  Cllr W Bowe advised that Parish Cllrs had assessed that nine poles could eventually be removed in Thursby and that she had spoken to Mr B Holmes, County Highways Officer on this matter.  He had advised that if lighting was removed, speed limits could not be enforced, this being considered to be of concern in areas such as the school, bus stops, etc.  Cllr D Fairbairn requested that Cllr W Bowe forward Mr B Holme’s contact details and he would contact him on this matter as he was unsure of County Highways input into this issue.

Crofton Arches – Damage to the arches by a vehicle was reported.  Access is now for residents/access only and restricted to vehicles no wider than 6ft 6 inches.

Timber Wagons – this item is still ongoing, discussions on an adoptable overall strategy still underway.

Bus Service– Cllr P Hunter advised that buses were still turning in the village.  Cllr D Fairbairn advised that he would pursue this issue with the bus company, suggesting that this is due to difficulties being experienced by bus’s trying to turn onto the A595 to travel eastwards, some vehicles being reported as having to wait for 5-6 minutes before being able to turn out.  Suggested that traffic volumes have increased since the new Dobbies Garden Centre and the by-pass have been built.


One member of the public left at 8:07 p.m.


c) Allerdale Borough Councillor – Mrs P Macdonald

Mrs Macdonald introduced herself as the new Wampool Ward Councillor.  Advised that one of her first items was to raise an objection to the Rosley wind turbines, being concerned about the proliferation of wind turbines in the area and how they may affect broadband and television reception for surrounding residents.  Advised that she was aware that a public meeting was to be held at Great Orton in the future concerning wind turbines and urged a neighbourhood view to be adopted.


d) Neighbourhood Forum

Reported that no meetings had been held.


e) Thursby School

Cllr D Pattinson reported that a meeting had been held with Mrs Petch about both playing fields and the possibility of tarmacing and using part of the Jubilee field for parking.  Dog fouling is still a problem, holes in the fence having been identified and allowing dogs to access the school field. See item 22, b) Dogs on leads and dog bans for further consideration of this item.


f) Sports & Recreation (item 21,f agreed to move forward)

Discussion was undertaken regarding the electricity supply to the sports pavilion.  Cllr M Rorke advised that he had met with the contractors last week who have been using the sports pavilion as a bait cabin.  They had reported that the electrics in the pavilion are unsafe.  Consideration was given to the responsibility of who should fix the electrics, the Parish Council owning the land, the Sports & Recreation Committee the pavilion building.

Agreed:  Cllr M Rorke to request that the Sports & Recreation Committee obtain estimates for the necessary works, these to be brought back to Council for consideration at the June meeting.  Electricity supply to be shut-down in the interim.


Cllr P Macdonald left at 8:22 p.m.



Reported that British Telecom will be releasing maps of areas that will and will not be able to receive super-fast broadband on the 21st June.  It is thought unlikely that Thursby will be included to receive super-fast broadband, due to being on a line with Dalston and not within a 1.4 kilometre radius from a box.

Suggested that large wind turbines can cause interference with broadband and television signals, this being experienced by residents living near to the How End turbine, this being considered an area of concern for the school and local businesses.  Cllr Fairbairn & Macdonald agreed to look into this matter.


19/5/13 Payment of Accounts

Resolved:  to authorise the following payments:-

a) Cumbria Playing Fields Association – Affiliation Fee 2013/14               £   20.00

b) Clerk’s Salary – Up to 17/05/13 & postage costs of £27.48

c)  Vodafone Ltd – 1st May to 31st May 2013                                              £     9.99

d)  Great North Air Ambulance – Donation                                                 £   50.00

e) Zurich Municipal Insurance Premium 2013/14                                        £ 707.12

f)  Envirocare – Grounds maintenance April 2013                                      £  144.00

g) CALC Annual Subscription 2013/14                                                        £ 202.00

h) Thursby Village Annual Show Committee – display boards donation    £  100.00


One member of the public left at 8:35 p.m.


Due to resignations and illness, it was reported that only two signatories can currently sign cheques and that consideration should be given to the authorization of other signatories.

Resolved:  Cllrs P Hunter and D Pattinson to be signatories on behalf of the Council.  The necessary paperwork was completed at the end of the meeting.


20/5/13  Financial Statement

A statement prepared by Mrs S Silvester, was circulated at the meeting and advised that a balance of £14,736 was available as of 21st May 2013.

Resolved:  to approve the statement.


21/5/13  Planning

Cllr M Rorke advised the members of the public present at the meeting, that hard copies of all planning applications received were available to view in the technology room of the village hall, prior to meetings being held.


a) Barnclose, Thursby (G0908/C/2185026) – contravention of planning control (unauthorized erection of wooden garden structure).

Resolved:  agreed that this item had been considered at the May meeting.


b) 27 Bank End, Thursby (2/2013/0174) – proposed two storey extension.

Reported as being approved on Allerdale Borough Councils website, Parish Council’s comments having been submitted previously via e-mail.


c) Carwath Wind Farm Energy Ltd (2/2013/0227) – proposed wind farm comprising of three wind turbines up to 115m tip height, with associated crane pads, substation building, anemometer mast, new tracks, new entrance plus temporary construction compound.

Resolved:  to object to the application, Cllr D Pattinson (in the absence of a Clerk being in post) to draft a response on behalf of the Council, this to be circulated to Cllrs for approval prior to its submission.

Reasons for objection to be included as:-

  • ·         Concerns on information contained in the reports submitted alongside the application, errors and omissions believed to exist;
  • ·         turbines to be erected listed as being DB40’s (loudest produced) and should be DB 35’s;
  • ·         likely impact on the visual amenity of residents, alongside the cumulative impact of other turbines in the area;
  • ·         possible impact on the supply of broadband and TV signals;
  • ·         impact on wildlife, i.e. bats and birds.


d)  30 Stonehouse Park, Thursby (2/2013/0294) – first floor bedroom/ensuite extension above existing single storey element.

Resolved:  No objection.


e)  Public Display of Planning Applications

Cllr W Bowe advised that the order for the display board had been progressed and delivery was awaited.


One member of the public left at 8:45 p.m.

























































































































































































































































22/5/13  Ongoing Matters


a)  Parish Council Website

Advised that responsibility for the website was to be built into the duties of the new Clerk.


b)  Dogs on Leads and Dog Bans

Cllr D Pattinson advised the Council on Allerdale Borough Council’s current stance on the implementation and enforcement of dog bans in public fields.  Reported that they consider the area ‘problematic’ and would not be pursing bans. Cllr D Pattinson considers that the Jubilee field is considered unsafe for children to play due to the presence of dog fouling.  Discussion then was then undertaken on the ownership of the area and who is responsible for the maintenance of the boundaries.

Agreed:  Cllr P Hunter to examine the deeds to the land and report back to the June meeting.

Cllr M Rorke reported that two residents had reported witnessing a dog running freely in the churchyard and Cllr P Hunter advised that no de-cal’s were visible on the dog waste bag dispenser to identify its purpose.

Agreed:  Cllr M Rorke to replace de-cals.


c)  Parking on School Road

Cllr D Pattinson advised on a meeting held with Holme Group on the 22nd April.  Identified that there was potential to create off-street parking, but problems existed with ownership issues and funding being available to implement this by Cumbria Highways.  Suggested at the meeting that the area surrounding the garages could be utilized but was advised that 90% of the garages are currently leased.  Holme Group has agreed to make and erect a ‘No Parking’ sign.  Cllr D Pattinson considers that the best solution would be to create an access at the bottom of the school field, into the Jubilee field and create a parking area for the school.  Advised that St Michael’s School at Dalston was currently considering alternate site’s in which to undertake athletics and that parking facilities could be shared in future.  A further meeting is to be held between Cllr D Pattinson, Cllr M Rorke and Mrs Petch on the 3rd June to progress this issue.


d)  Timber Wagons

See County Cllr D Fairbairn’s report, earlier in the meeting. No action required.


e)  Speed Indication Device (SID)

The future use of the SID was considered, the device having previously been purchased as a joint initiative with other Parish’s.  These Parish’s had been contacted and advised that they no-longer have use for the SID.

Resolved:  To retain the device, for the time being.  Cllr P Hunter to situate the SID at the junction with Curthwaite Road.


f)  Electricity Supply to the Sports Pavilion

See earlier item.


g) Street Lighting

See earlier item.


h)  New Bus Stops

See County Cllr D Fairbairn’s report, earlier in the meeting. No action required.


i) Stonehouse Park Grass Cutting

Cllr W Bowe advised on correspondence received from the Stonehouse Park Residents Trust advising that the trust had recently been dissolved.  The original objective of the trust had been to maintain land at Stonehouse Park, residents contributing to the costs of up-keep and grass cutting in this privately-owned area.  Residents have now approached the Council requesting that the area is added to the list of areas that it maintains or a  possible transfer of ownership to the Parish Council.

Resolved:  Residents of Stonehouse Park to be invited to the June meeting to discuss this item further.


Cllr M Rorke queried the maintenance responsibility of the grass triangle by the Ship Inn?  Advised that this area was thought to be highway verge. 

Agreed:  Cllr M Rorke to determine ownership of this area from Highways Department.


j)  Parish Clerk Vacancy

Cllr W Bowe advised that a job description and specification had been prepared and application packs would be sent out tomorrow to interested applicants.  The deadline for the receipt of applications had been extended to the 8th June, interviews to take place in the middle of June.  Thanks were given to Mrs P Eastwood for including an advert in the Throstle Magazine.

Resolved:  Notice of the vacancy to also be placed on Parish notice boards.


Chair asked that it be noted in the minutes that thanks and appreciation should be given to the out-going Chair, Mrs R Harland and Clerk, Mrs S Silvester for all their hard work over the years.

Chair requested that items for the June meeting should be sent to the Chair before the 7th June 2013 at  Cllr P Hunter volunteered to hold the mobile phone in the interim period, the number being 07887593317.  Cllr M Rorke advised that he had three boxes’s of documents and could these be stored in the village hall in the interim?  Mrs P Eastwood advised that these could placed in the village hall storage room, in the short-term.


23/5/13 Date of Next MeetingTuesday 18th June at 7.30pm in Thursby Parish Hall.  The meeting closed at 9:30 p.m.