Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting

held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 16th April 2013 at 7.30pm.

Thurs min 104     Draft minutes to be ratified at the May 2013 Parish Council Meeting.

Members present: Cllr G.Sadler (Vice Chairman), Cllr W.Bowe, Cllr M.Rorke,

Cllr D.Pattinson.

Cumbria County Council: Cllr Fairbairn.

Envirocare: Mr S.Vivers (item 4)

Parish Clerk: Mrs S.Silvester. Members of the public: 4.


Vice Chairman Cllr Sadler welcomed everyone to this evening’s meeting.


1) Apologies None received.


2) MinutesResolved: that the Chair sign as a correct record minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 19th March 2013.  


3) Public Participation There were no comments or representations made.


4) Grounds Maintenance

Cllr Sadler asked Mr Vivers about the condition of the playing field. Mr Vivers said that he had given the playing field its first cut on Sunday and added that this year has been a very slow start for grounds maintenance because of the poor weather conditions. Members confirmed that the schedule this year is unchanged from last season and that Mr Vivers would be notified if there were any special requirements such as Gala Day.

Cllr Sadler thanked Mr Vivers for attending this evening’s meeting.


5) Chairman’s Announcements

1) Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr Ruth Harland, has resigned from the Parish Council with effect from 13th April 2013. I would like to thank Ruth for all her hard work over the last five years and wish her all the very best for the future.

2) Mrs Sue Silvester has resigned from her position as clerk to the Parish Council. One month’s notice is required and so Sue will complete work on all outstanding matters and finish on Friday 17th May 2013.

3) The Parish Council has received the ‘Go Cumbria’ bus timetable guide for 25th March to 3rd November 2013.

4) The raised gridoutside the tyre garagewas reported for repair on 25th March 2013 with a reminder sent on 9th April 2013. A reply was received on 15th April 2013 stating that the area team have inspected the ground and not been able to locate the grid. Highways have asked for an exact location or to meet a member of the PC on site. Clerk to forward Cllr Mike Rorke’s contact details to the Highways team.

5) The stile with no step on either side and no handrail situated near Yew Tree Farm on Footpath 254004 was reported to Guy Timperley (Countryside Access Officer) on 23rd March 2013. Mr Timperley replied on 27th March 2013 stating that the landowner has been offered County Council stile kits in the past and has again been offered a stile kit to replace the rails. The landowner is responsible for the fence crossing and is aware of his responsibilities and liabilities with regard to this matter.

6) It has been brought to the Parish Council’s attention that it appears on this year’s Thursby council tax bills as though the Parish Council has received an increase of 5.1%. The Parish Council wishes to point out that this is not the case. There has been a reduction in the council tax base for Thursby resulting in an increase of 5.1% on a Band D council tax. The council tax base is the number of Band D equivalent properties that the precept is collected over. The council tax base does not equate to the number of households in the parish, adjustments are made for exemptions and discounts.


6) Requests for DispensationsThere were no requests for dispensations.


7) Declaration of Interests No interests were declared.


8) Reports

a) Cumbria Constabulary

Report for March:

06.03.13 – There was a road collision just before the Thursby roundabout – one person received minor injuries.

16.03.13 – There was a call regarding vehicles parked on the pavement blocking access, Police officers attended and moved the vehicles on.

It is noted that this call is relevant to item 12c on the agenda.

20.03.13 – A call was received regarding suspicious males in Thursby, Police attended and could not locate anyone in the area.

21.03.13 – There was a report regarding the manner of driving on the A595 near Thursby roundabout. Officers attended the area and made observations but were unable to locate the vehicle.

Anyone with information for the police is requested to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or ask for PC 662 Graham at Cockermouth police station on 101 Ex 54368.


b) ThursbyParish Hall

The Parish Hall AGM will be held on Tuesday 30th April 2013 at 7pm. All are welcome.


c) Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn.

1) On Friday 19th April 2013 there will be a bus panel meeting to discuss a possible new bus stop outside 2 The Paddocks, Thursby. The meeting will be held on site at 9.30am.

2) Allerdale Borough Council is investigating the possible misuse of some farm buildings.

3) Public Health is being taken over by Cumbria County Council along with some health service staff. A wide spectrum of health services are covered across all age groups. The NHS Trust will be taken over by North West Hospitals. There have so far been two meetings regarding this at which staff were supportive of the prospective changes.

4) The ‘New Ways of Welfare’ scheme has been introduced to help people access various welfare services.

5) There is no agreement yet in place regarding the anticipated increase in the number of log wagons travelling through to Iggesund Paperboard Ltd in Workington. CCC is trying to get agreement on a system whereby the loaded HGV’s are routed down the A595 / A66 from Thursby to Workington and the empty vehicles travel back along the A596 from Iggesund to Thursby. The Parish Council will be notified when agreement has been reached. 


d) Allerdale Borough Council There is no ABC report. Cllr Fairbairn commented that the PC is quite right to highlight the council tax increase matter as explained in Chairman’s Announcements (No 6) adding that the bulk of ABC expenditure is focused in the west of the Borough. The News and Star newspaper distributed in the west gives far greater coverage of what is happening in the Allerdale area than the Cumberland News.  


e) Sports and Recreation

Cllr Sadler reported that there has been an S & R meeting and that fundraising had been discussed. There are no firm plans as yet for a Gala Day.

The containers that have been on the playing field car park have now been removed and gravel will be laid on the car park and along the track. The site manager for Willmott Dixon has left the company but there is a contact based in Cockermouth who has been very helpful.

It was noted that not all the jobs listed in Melanie Dixon’s letter dated 13th September 2012 have been completed. The clerk handed Cllr Sadler the letter. Cllr Sadler will contact the Cockermouth office tomorrow to discuss the outstanding work.

It was noted that Willmott Dixon had provided a concrete plinth and set the Jubilee bench in place which is now an attractive feature for the area.


f) Thursby School Cllr Pattinson had a brief meeting with Mrs Petch – nothing new to report.


g) Broadband in Cumbria

Cllr Bowe reported that there will be another consortium meeting in May and that she hopes to attend to gather more information. Cllr Fairbairn reported that CCC is very keen to see the implementation of superfast broadband work and that the funds are in place, however every time work is due to start the EU creates another problem to overcome.


h) Neighbourhood Forum

There will be no meeting until after the elections on 2nd May 2013. The clerk will notify the PC when a meeting date is announced.


9) Payment of Accounts Resolved:- the following payments were approved:

a) Clerk’s Salary – April 2013

b) Vodafone 01.04.13 to 30.04.13                                                                               £  9.99

c) PL Gauntlett Accounts Ltd – PAYE scheme for the year ended 05.04.13,

completing forms P35 and P60 (paper copies and online)                                              £40.00

d) Cllr G.Sadler – to reimburse for phone calls                                                  £30.00

e) JRB Enterprise Ltd – dog waste bags                                                                       £62.46


10) Financial Statement

The balance as at 16th April 2013 is as follows:-

£13,195.29 – Cumberland Current Account.   £3,022.44 – Cumberland 90 Day Account.


11) Local Housing and Planning

a) App/G0908/C/12/2185026 – Contravention of Planning Control (unauthorised erection of wooden garden structure). Barnclose, Thursby.  Appeal pending.


b) App No 2/2013/0174 – Proposed two storey side extension. 37 Bank End Thursby.

Application pending.

c) Public display of planning applications. Clerk to chase up the order.


12) Ongoing Matters           

a) PC Website.

Cllr Bowe informed the PC that the website needs more sections and there is also a need for more training. Broadband codes have now been obtained so that training can take place in the Parish Hall. A date for training will be set at the AGM.


b) ‘Dogs on leads’.

The clerk sent a plan of the village to Cllr Pattinson for the site meeting over Easter.

The clerk emailed Helen Graham (Environmental Warden) to ask if the ‘Dogs on Leads’ restriction was still on course to be implemented in June 2013.

In addition the clerk asked Helen for precise details of the requirements necessary for a ‘Dog Ban’. The PC will need to fund the purchase of fencing and gates and so before ordering these materials it is essential that the exact measurements and positioning of the new barrier is known. The clerk requested another site visit to look in detail at what is required to comply with all the ‘Dog Ban’ criteria to satisfy the Allerdale Legal Team and the Executive Committee.

On 15.04.13 the clerk received a reply from Helen stating that she had spoken to the Head of Service and has been advised that Allerdale will not be proceeding with requests for Dog Control Orders from Town and Parish Councils. Helen has been advised to let the Parish Council know that if it wishes to proceed then the PC has to take the lead with consultation, advertisement and signage of the proposals to make the area a ‘Dogs on Leads’.

Clerk to contact CALC to find out what are the nationally accepted measurements for a fence or gate in order for that barrier to comply with a ‘Dog Ban’ restriction.


Dog Fouling.

Any member of the public can report dog fouling in confidence to: or tel: 01900 702800.


c) Parking on School Road.

A meeting has been arranged for Monday 22nd April 2013 at Thursby School at 3.30pm to try to progress the matter. The clerk invited Mr John Thompson (Asset Manager at Home Group) but he is unable to attend. Mr George Matthews (Customer Services Partner at Home Group) will attend. All those present at the 28.01.13 meeting have been invited to the 22.04.13 meeting. Clerk to offer a number of dates to Mr Thompson for a future meeting as it is thought essential that the Asset Manager is involved in the discussions. 


d) A596 Road Safety.

The clerk sent another email to Jonathan Smith (Highways Engineer) on 23.03.13 to ask about the progress on the white line work as recommended by the police for the stretch of the A596 near the Crofton exit. Mr Smith replied on 25.03.13 stating that all the proposed white lining work on the A596 has now been carried out (completed just before Christmas) following the recommendations of the recent study and review of markings. He added that the local police made some comments and input into the review and their comments were taken into account when determining the final lining scheme. Mr Smith understands that the final scheme did not incorporate some of the police recommendations, with sound technical reason for rejecting them.

The changes to the white lining on the A596 are therefore complete as now seen.

Item to be dropped from the agenda.

e) Timber Wagons. See item 8c(5).

Cllr Bowe suggested this is an ideal opportunity to arrange for the timber to go by sea or by rail. Cllr Fairbairn said that the Port of Workington could handle the incoming ships however there is a huge cost involved in using a crane to unload.

Negotiations are still taking place regarding the most acceptable option. Put on next agenda.


f) Speed Indication Device. At the PC meeting held on 19.02.13 it was decided that there was no further need for the device in the parish but no decision was made as to its future.

Cllr Bowe thought that possibly SID could be located somewhere near Daggarts Lonning although the device does now seem a little outdated. There clerk has emailed both the Wigton and Woodside Councils (as they had an interest in sharing the SID initially) to find out if they wanted a say in its future, but no reply has been received. Clerk to try again.


g) Display Boards for the Village Show Committee

Karen Eaglesfield wrote to the PC on behalf of the Thursby Village Show Committee to request a contribution towards the cost of 10 new display boards. Karen kindly provided detailed information on the proposed purchase which has been sent out to all members of the PC. The display boards project is expected to cost in the region of £700. The Committee is applying to the PC for £100 which will be a once only cost.

Members discussed the funding request and agreed the payment. Clerk to find out if it might be possible for the PC and other approved groups to use the boards.  


That the PC will donate £100 to the Village Show Committee as a contribution towards 10 new display boards. Clerk to put on the next agenda for payment.


h) Electricity Supply to the Sports Pavilion

Cllr Sadler explained that the quote for hedge cutting along the track to the playing field had been £400 and proposed (as the hedge had in fact been cut by Willmott Dixon as part of the agreement) that some of the amount saved be used to engage an electrician to rectify the problems with the box supplying power to the pavilion.  

Members unanimously agreed with the proposal. Cllr Pattinson will make the arrangements.



i) Street Lighting

Cllrs Bowe, Rorke and Pattinson surveyed the village street lighting and found 9 lights on wooden Electricity North West poles. Cllr Pattinson handed a village plan to the clerk with the position of these lights marked. All the lights are in busy essential positions and if taken down would leave much of the village in darkness. Cllr Bowe will make further enquiries.   


j) New Bus Stop

The clerk received an email from Christian Moss (Bus Infrastructure Officer) regarding a proposal to put a new bus stop outside 2 The Paddocks Thursby. A letter has been received from a resident outlining concerns regarding the proposal. Clerk to respond giving the site meeting arrangements – see item 8c(1). Cllrs Fairbairn (CCC) and Cllr Pattinson will attend the site meeting with the bus panel.


9.05pm Cllr Sadler thanked the remaining three members of the public for coming and informed the meeting that the rest of the agenda would be dealt with in closed session.



k) Parish Council Vacancies

Cllr Sadler had prepared an open letter for the Throstle regarding the vacancies and copies were distributed at tonight’s meeting for consideration. Members agreed there should be some amendments and so it was agreed to put this on the next agenda.

One application has been received which has been accepted. Clerk to send notification of co-option at the next meeting.


13) Items for Next Agenda

Usage of the Parish Hall.

Leaving gifts for councillors.

Any new items to be with the clerk by Friday 10th May 2013.


14) Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 21st May 2013 in Thursby Parish Hall. The Annual Parish Meeting will start at 7pm followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting.




The meeting closed at 10.15pm.