Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting

held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 19th February 2013 at 7.30pm.

Thurs min 102     Draft minutes to be ratified at the March 2013 Parish Council Meeting.

Members present: Cllr R.Harland (Chair), Cllr G.Sadler (Vice Chairman), Cllr W.Bowe, Cllr M.Rorke, Cllr D.Pattinson.

Solway Red Squirrel Group: Marion Grave.

Thursby Gardening Club: Dr Robin Swindells.

Parish Clerk: Mrs S.Silvester. Members of the public: 1.


Mrs Harland welcomed everyone to this evening’s meeting.


1) Apologies Cllr S Moffat (Allerdale Borough Council), Cllr D.Fairbairn (Cumbria County Council).


2) MinutesResolved: that the Chair sign as a correct record minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 15th January 2013.  


3) Chairman’s Announcements

a) Dates for forthcoming Cumbria Constabulary and Cumbria County Council surgeries are:

8th March – Thursby School at 3.30pm,

19th April – Caldbeck School at 3.30pm,

23rd May – Thursby School at 3.30pm,

21st June – Caldbeck School at 3.30pm,

9th July – Thursby School at 3.30pm.

b) The new name plate for Sally Scott’s Corner is now ready. Mr Alan Hutton from Allerdale Borough Council has asked when it would be convenient to come to Thursby and fit it. 

Members of the PC welcomed this news and Cllr Sadler kindly volunteered to meet with

Mr Hutton one day next week to establish the correct positioning of the new name plate. Clerk to forward Cllr Sadler’s contact details to Mr Hutton to make the arrangements.

c) The clerk contacted the Planning Policy department at Allerdale Borough Council for an update on the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. Steve Robinson has replied confirming that not all the land identified in the SHLAA will be allocated. The level of future housing development in the village will be determined by taking into account its identified role in the Local Plan Core Strategy as a ‘Local Service Centre’, in addition to the capacity of the village to accommodate new development. 

The clerk handed copies of the two plans to Cllr Rorke which will be available for the public to view at the Parish Hall: one showing sites (in light blue) considered to be developable within 6-15 years and the other showing sites (in red) considered not to be suitable for housing or the site is below 0.3 hectares and is therefore below the size threshold for consideration in the SHLAA.

Developable sites are those that are considered suitable for housing but are subject to constraints and/or uncertainties that mean that although the site could be viably developed for housing, this is likely to be in the longer term, possibly within a 6-15 year timescale.

d) The PC has been asked about the future of the Speed Indication Device (SID) and whether there are any councillors available to set it up and take charge of it whilst it is in the parish. Members unanimously agreed that there is no further need for the device in the parish. It does not record speeding vehicles it merely indicates the speed of oncoming vehicles and it cannot be used on either the A595 or the A596. The clerk was therefore asked to make enquiries with the police regarding where it should go to be stored. The device was a joint purchase with a number of other Parish Councils and does not belong entirely to Thursby. 


4) Public ParticipationNote items 13h and 8 are included under item 4.

Dr Robin Swindells asked to speak about the funds set aside for Thursby in Bloom.

The Chair moved to bring forward item 13h, this was unanimously agreed.


13h) Thursby in Bloom

£375 was allocated in the budget agreed on 16th November 2010 to be paid over a two year period (2011 and 2012) to the Gardening Club to help cover expenses incurred for Thursby in Bloom. This amount has not been paid to date and Dr Swindells requested that the payment be carried forward. It was noted that Thursby in Bloom had been very successful over the last two years achieving a Silver Gilt award for both 2011 and 2012.

Resolved:-Members unanimously agreed that the sum of £375 should be paid in full to Thursby Gardening Club at the March 2013 meeting to help cover costs incurred in respect of Thursby in Bloom 2011 and 2012. Clerk to put on the March agenda for payment.

Dr Swindells thanked the Parish Council and left the meeting.


The Chair moved to bring forward item 8, this was unanimously agreed.

8) Solway Red Squirrel Group

Marion Grave, Treasurer of the Solway Red Squirrel Group, gave an interesting and informative talk on the work of the red squirrel group which was set up on October 2012. The aim of the group is to promote the preservation of the native red squirrel population and to protect them from extinction. At present the only way of doing this is to control the ever increasing population of the non-native grey squirrels which carry a virus that they are immune to but when passed on to a red squirrel leads to their very sad death.

Marion outlined the costs involved in providing traps / feed / monitoring cameras / blood sampling / educational and promotional material etc and assured the PC that any donation made would go directly towards red squirrel conservation and grey control.

Members asked how many reds are known to be in the parish. There have been no reports of red squirrels in the parish of Thursby but there have been sightings in Curthwaite, Dalston, Caldbeck and a few other places.

Cllr Harland said that a donation would be considered in the next financial year and thanked Marion for attending the meeting. Marion left the meeting.


5) Vacancy for Parish Councillor

Cllr Sadler will prepare a letter for the Throstle explaining the need for new councillors (in particular from areas of the parish outside the village). Put on next agenda.


6) Requests for DispensationsThere were no requests for dispensations.


7) Declaration of Interests Cllr Bowe and Cllr Pattinson – personal interest item 12a.


8) Solway Red Squirrel GroupSee item 4.




9) Reports

a) Cumbria Constabulary

Anyone with information for the police is requested to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or ask for PC 662 Graham at Cockermouth police station on 101 Ex 54368.


b) ThursbyParish Hall

Cllr Harland informed the meeting that the insulation has now been installed in the roof space above the kitchen. Sincere thanks to Mr Ray Carney for all his help with this work.


c) Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn. Cllr Fairbairn unable to attend this evening.


d) Allerdale Borough Council – Mr Moffat. Mr Moffat unable to attend this evening.


e) Sports and Recreation Cllr Sadler reported that he had been in contact with Willmott Dixon Partnerships Ltd to discuss the agreement whereby the company could have use of the pavilion and store 3 containers on the car park for three months commencing Monday 17th September 2012 in return for the following work being carried out:

Make good 2 x shower trays

Paint all internal walls

Screed and level 1 x toilet floor

Check 2 x showers are in working order

Test electrics

Seal and paint floors in the entrance, small changing room and 1 x large changing room

Replace the log edging around the swings in the outside play area

Cut the hedge along the driveway to the pavilion.

Cllr Sadler noted that (1) some damage has occurred on the car park, (2) there are now 5 containers and not 3, (3) there is only 2 weeks left in which to cut the hedge and (4) none of the work on the above list has been carried out.

Clerk to send a letter initially to the Willmott Dixon office in Cockermouth to (1) express dissatisfaction at noncompliance with the agreement and (2) ask for a plan of action.    

Note: Before sending a letter clerk to wait for a note giving further details from Cllr Sadler.

Cllr Rorke added that he had been informed by Mike Smithson at Home Group that all the verges would be repaired after vacating the site.

Put on next agenda.


f) Thursby School

Cllr Pattinson kindly volunteered to become the new PC representative and give a short school report at PC meetings. The Chair thanked Cllr Pattinson for taking on the role. 


g) Broadband in Cumbria

Cllr Bowe noted that there is no hub coordinator for the Thursby area and had contacted Tracey Moran (CCC Policy Assistant based in Penrith) to volunteer to take on the task.

Cllr Bowe was informed that hub coordinators had to have authority from the Parish Council.

It was unanimously agreed to support Cllr Bowe and approve her appointment as hub coordinator for the area.


h) Neighbourhood Forum

The next Neighbourhood Forum meeting will be held on Thursday 21st February in Torpenhow Village Hall. There will be a drop in session and refreshments between 6 and 7pm. Councillor Duncan Fairbairn and Area Engagement Officer Sally Scales will be available to discuss specific issues or concerns and provide help and advice on applications for funding. The NF meeting will be held between 7 and 9pm. There will be a policing update with Inspector Dennis Kelly, a talk by Martin Telford from the Citizens Advice Bureau on welfare reforms and Cheryl Cowperthwaite (Locality Transport Team Leader for CCC) will give a transport update. 

Cllr Bowe is preparing a grant application on behalf of the S & R Committee. It was agreed that soft chippings to go under the swings should be specified in the grant application. 


10) Payment of Accounts Resolved:- the following payments were approved:

a) Vodafone 01.02.13 to 28.02.13                                                                               £  9.99

b) Clerk’s Salary – February 2013                                                                  

c) Allerdale Borough Council – Playground Inspection                                       £67.20

d) JRB Enterprise – Dog Waste Bags                                                                           £60.06

Note: The figure for item 10d on the agenda was £62.46 but JRB sent standard bags this time as out of stock of economy.

Cllr Sadler made a request to be reimbursed £30 for Parish Council mobile calls.

Request approved – put on March agenda for payment.

Cllr Harland recommended that the clerk be allowed to claim mileage for attending the

School Road Traffic meeting held on 28th January 2013. Put on March agenda for payment.

Clerk to contact Steve Vivers at Envirocare to check on the start date for the 2013 grounds maintenance season.


11) Financial Statement

The balance as at 19th February 2013 is as follows:-

£4,255.08 – Cumberland Current Account.   £3,022.44 – Cumberland 90 Day Account.


12) Local Housing and Planning

a) App No 2/2012/0700 – Erection of wind turbine on 50 metre mast with maximum height to blade tip 75 metres. Resubmission of planning application 2/2011/0722.

Land at How End Farm, Thursby, Carlisle.  

Full plans approved at the ABC Development Panel meeting held on 12.02.13.Clerk to write a letter to the Chief Executive at ABC expressing PC disappointment at the decision.  


b) App/G0908/C/12/2185026 – Contravention of Planning Control (unauthorised erection of wooden garden structure). Barnclose, Thursby.  Appeal still pending.


c) App No 2/2012/0929 – Proposed demolition of derelict outbuildings and erection of new business premises. Derelict outbuildings at West Park, Crofton, Thursby, Carlisle.

Application pending.


d) App No 2/2012/0936 – Variation of conditions 2 & 4 on planning approval 2/2011/0732 to change materials. Land adjacent to Holly Bush House, Thursby.

Full plans approved by ABC Planning 08.02.13.


e) App No 2/2013/0042 – Two storey domestic extension and alterations.

St Briac, Matty Lonning, Thursby. Application pending.


f) Public display of planning applications. Some wall space is available by the kitchen door

by kind permission of the Parish Hall Committee. Cllr Bowe provided a supplies catalogue and following some discussion the PC agreed to order a five pocket wire mesh wall mounted display frame costing £57.99. Clerk to place the order.


13) Ongoing Matters           

a) PC Website. Training to be arranged for entering items on to the website.


b) ‘Dogs on leads’. The clerk emailed Helen Graham on 18.02.13 to ask if she had heard from the Allerdale Legal Team regarding whether the report had been signed off ready for Executive Committee approval. No reply to date, clerk to try again.

Dog Fouling. Cllr Rorke reported that there is sufficient stock of dog waste bags at present. Two more waste bins are required, one for the lay-by area at the top of Matty Lonning and the other for the Social Centre at Crofton. Clerk to contact Bob Anderson at ABC.  

Any member of the public can report dog fouling in confidence to: or tel: 01900 702800.


c) Parking on School Road.

A site meeting was held on 28th January 2013 attended by Mr Jonathan Smith (Highways Engineer), Cllr Duncan Fairbairn (Cumbria County Council), Mr George Matthews (Customer Service Partner, Home Group), Mrs Petch (Head Teacher Thursby School),

Cllr Ruth Harland (Chair Thursby Parish Council), Cllr Mike Rorke (Thursby Parish Councillor), Mrs Sue Silvester (Clerk Thursby Parish Council).

All those present at the meeting agreed that something should be done to help alleviate the current traffic flow and parking problems. There are particular difficulties at school drop off and pick up times between 8.40am – 9am and again between 3.00pm and 3.30pm and to a lesser extent up to 4.30pm with children being collected from after school activities. 

Land availability and the cost to provide parking spaces will be investigated followed by further discussions to establish how the matter can be taken forward.

The clerk has distributed notes from the meeting to all those who attended and to members of the PC. Put on next agenda.


d) A596 Road Safety.

The clerk emailed Cllr Fairbairn on 18.02.13 for an update on the various recommended modifications to the centre line road markings. Cllr Fairbairn made enquiries and forwarded an email today from Jonathan Smith (Highways Engineer) confirming that Connect Roads and the Highways Traffic Team have recently completed the work.

However, Cllr Harland reported that the centre white lines around the Parton / Thornby junctions have been re-painted but the issues raised by the police for the stretch of the A596 near the Crofton exit have not been addressed. Clerk to contact Cllr Fairbairn to request an investigation into why no notice seems to have been taken of the police recommendations.


e) Repair and re-painting of the Parish Benches and Bus Shelters.

Weather permitting the repair and re-painting of the parish benches and bus shelters should be complete this financial year.


f) Grit Bins. The clerk ordered two new filled grit bins (with the price confirmed at £388.79 for the two) in an email to Highways dated 25.01.13.  Cllr Rorke’s contact details were forwarded to Highways to discuss the exact locations for the new bins. Cllr Rorke reported that he had not heard anything from Highways. Clerk to contact Highways again. Clerk also to report that the bin by the school gate has hard rock salt in it which cannot be used. Clerk to request that this is removed and replaced with grit.

Cllr Rorke reported that he and a small number of parishioners had registered to become Snow Champions. Each Champion is provided with a shovel, coat, hat, gloves and grit and then given a patch to treat the snow as agreed. CCC is looking to recruit 300 Snow Champions, approximately 50 in each of the county’s six districts. More information is available by calling 0845 6096609 or visit


g) Allerdale Area Working Groups.

The Cumbria Association of Local Councils has issued an Allerdale Area Working Groups questionnaire to establish Parish Council reaction to the proposals set out in the draft paper dated 24th October 2012.

The PC discussed the proposals set out in the draft paper and unanimously agreed that it would be another layer of bureaucracy and an added cost burden. Clerk to return the questionnaire to CALC stating that the PC is not in favour of the proposals. 


h) Thursby in Bloom. See item 4.


i) Timber Wagons. There will be a meeting on Wednesday 6th March 2013 at 7.30pm in the Crosby Community Centre to discuss the likelihood that the number of HGV’s using the A596 will increase in the near future due to the Bio Mass Fuel Processor at Iggesund Paperboard Ltd. The meeting has been organised by Crosscanonby Parish Council and representatives of other PCs have been invited.

The PC unanimously agreed that any increase in timber transportation should be by rail or sea and that no roads should be burdened with additional timber wagons.

Cllr Harland volunteered to attend the meeting on 6th March 2013 (mileage approved).

Clerk to inform the clerk at Crosscanonby PC and forward details to Cllr Harland.


Cllr Rorke wished to add a note regarding the Snow Champions: When the volunteers start their work it will be necessary to purchase 2 wheelbarrows, 2 metal shovels and 2 brushes.

These are not supplied as part of the kit but would be necessary to transport grit from the bins to where it is needed.


Cllr Bowe recommended that members of the public be reminded that they are welcome to speak in relation to any item on the agenda at item 4 and that when items comes up for  discussion by the PC, members of the public may only speak at the Chair’s discretion.

Clerk to look into the possibility of adding to the wording on the agenda for item 4.


14) Items for Next Agenda Any new items to be with the clerk by Friday 8th March 2013.


15) Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 19th March 2013 in Thursby Parish Hall.



The meeting closed at 10.10pm.