Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting

held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 7.30pm.

Thurs min 101Draft minutes to be ratified at the February 2013 Parish Council Meeting.

Members present: Cllr R.Harland (Chair), Cllr W.Bowe, Cllr M.Rorke.

Cumbria County Council: Cllr D.Fairbairn.

Parish Clerk: Mrs S.Silvester. Members of the public: 1.


Mrs Harland welcomed everyone to this evening’s meeting.


1) Apologies Cllr S Moffat (Allerdale Borough Council), Cllr G.Sadler (Vice Chairman),

Cllr D.Pattinson. 


2) MinutesResolved: that the Chair sign as a correct record minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18th December 2012.  


3) Chairman’s Announcements

a) The clerk has made enquiries with Allerdale Borough Council regarding the request for a new name plate for Sally Scott’s Corner (requested in September 2012). Allerdale BC is currently waiting for suppliers to return quotes, once these have been received an order will be placed.

b) The Parish Council has received an email from the Cumbria Association of Local Councils asking for PC opinion on the proposed Allerdale Working Groups. Comments have been requested at the end of February. Clerk to put this matter on the next agenda.

c) The Parish Council has received notice of an urgent temporary road closure on the U2056 near Thornby. Alternative northbound and southbound routes have been advised. A way for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists will be maintained along defined routes throughout the period of closure.

d) If any member has a completed Cumbria County Council budget consultation document please hand it to the clerk. The consultation ends on 31st January 2013.


4) Public Participation There were no comments or representations from the public.


5) Vacancy for Parish Councillor

A note advertising the vacancies will be put on the website.


6) Requests for Dispensations

Dispensation forms have been completed in relation to item 11.


7) Declaration of Interests All members declared a pecuniary interest in item 11.


8) Reports

a) Cumbria Constabulary 

No report received. Clerk to obtain the dates of forthcoming police surgeries.

Anyone with information for the police is requested to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or ask for PC 662 Graham at Cockermouth police station on 101 Ex 54368.


b) ThursbyParish Hall

Cllr Harland reported that (1) insulation will be installed above the kitchen hopefully in the next couple of weeks and (2) quotes are being sought to trim the hedge and generally tidy the PH boundary with the neighbouring property. 


c) Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn.

1. Further details of the increase in timber wagon movements have been forwarded to the clerk.

2. CCC has rejected signing up to the living wage (this is separate to the minimum wage which all employers must pay by law).

3. An extra item has been added to the next ABC meeting agenda (the adoption of a scheme for the localisation of council tax). A large document has been sent to all ABC councillors to read in the short time before the meeting. 

4. ABC has prosecuted a man from High Harrington for claiming nearly £3,000 in Council Tax Benefit to which he was not entitled. The man was fined £215 and ordered to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £15. The overpaid benefit is being recovered. 

5. CCC’s Fire and Rescue Service has issued warning regarding the use of Chinese lanterns. The lighting of paper lanterns can pose a fire risk. They can often lift to a height of 1,200ft, fly for up to 20 minutes and once the fuel cell has expired the lanterns float back to earth. As well as being a potential fire risk they can cause harm to cattle and be confused with distress flares.  

6. Cllr Fairbairn gave details of a Better Highways contact to report any problems.

7. CCC has accident maps to show problem areas on the main arterial roads. 

8. The three decision making bodies (Cumbria County Council, Allerdale Borough Council and Copeland Borough Council) are due to make the decision about future participation in the MRWS process on 30th January 2013. The decisions will be taken by each council’s Cabinet or Executive Committee. The meetings on 30th January are open to the public and agenda papers are expected to be put on the councils’ websites on 21st and 22nd January 2013.


d) Allerdale Borough Council – Mr Moffat. Mr Moffat unable to attend this evening.


e) Sports and Recreation There has been no meeting since the last PC meeting.

The S & R Treasurer has supplied accounts for the purpose of making a grant application to the Neighbourhood Forum. Accounts handed to Cllr Bowe.


f) Thursby School No report at present.


g) Broadband in Cumbria

A Connecting Cumbria update has been received (dated December 2012) stating that CCC Cabinet will consider recommendations for strategic roll-out in January 2013 followed in February/March 2013 by the detailed roll-out planning phase.

Cllr Bowe informed the meeting that wind turbines in the line of sight will affect the ability to receive a broadband signal. This fact must be taken into account when new turbine applications are being considered.


h) Neighbourhood Forum Next meeting date to be confirmed.



9) Payment of Accounts Resolved:- the following payments were approved:

a) Clerk’s Salary – January 2013                                                                   

b) Vodafone 01.01.13 to 31.01.13                                                                             £      9.99


10) Financial Statement

The balance as at 15th January 2013 is as follows:-

£4,807.94 – Cumberland Current Account.   £3,022.44 – Cumberland 90 Day Account.


11) Budget and Precept for 2013/2014

At the 20.11.12 meeting the clerk handed out copies of budget proposals for 2013/2014 together with projections with (a) no increase to the precept, (b) a 3% increase on the precept and (c) a 5% increase on the precept.

No decision was made at the November meeting (the Cumbria Association of Local Councils advised PCs to wait until after the government announcement).

At the beginning of December the government announced that it had decided not to proceed with proposals set out in the consultation paper published in September, but to leave it instead to district councils (as billing authorities) and local precepting authorities to discuss how the impact on local precepts will be handled.

Parish precepts for 2013/2014 are not going to be capped although the Secretary of State has said that he will keep the position under review. There may, therefore, be less scope in future years for above inflation precept increases.


Members discussed next year’s budget and resolved to increase the precept by 3% (£661.50).

Clerk to inform ABC.


12) Local Housing and Planning

a) App No 2/2012/0700 – Erection of wind turbine on 50 metre mast with maximum height to blade tip 75 metres. Resubmission of planning application 2/2011/0722.

Land at How End Farm, Thursby, Carlisle. Application pending. Clerk to chase up the request for a site meeting.

b) App No 2/2012/0722 – Variation of condition 2 to allow alteration from single ridge to double ridge roof. Wood Farm, Thursby, Carlisle. Full plans approved 19.12.12.

c) App/G0908/C/12/2185026 – Contravention of Planning Control (unauthorised erection of wooden garden structure). Barnclose, Thursby. Appeal pending.

d) App No 2/2012/0816 – Demolition of former piggery, replace with a new building providing 3 units (B1). Alterations to the access gate incorporating original gates – resubmission. Crofton Stable Block, Crofton Hall, Thursby. Full plans approved 21.12.12.

e) App No 2/2012/0815 – Listed building consent for demolition of former piggery, replace with a new building providing 3 units (B1). Alterations to the access gate incorporating original gates. Crofton Stable Block, Crofton Hall, Thursby.

Listed building consent approved 21.12.12.

f) App No 2/2012/0929 – Proposed demolition of derelict outbuildings and erection of new business premises. Derelict outbuildings at West Park, Crofton, Thursby, Carlisle.

The PC noted that very few people had been consulted on this application. No PC objections. Clerk to inform ABC Planning.

g) App No 2/2012/0936 – Variation of conditions 2 & 4 on planning approval 2/2011/0732 to change materials. Land adjacent to Holly Bush House, Thursby.

No PC objections. Clerk to inform ABC Planning.

h) Public display of planning applications. ABC Planning has now confirmed that applications will be emailed to the clerk as normal plus a paper copy will be sent to Cllr Rorke (intended for public display at the Parish Hall). The clerk had written to Peg Eastwood (sec to PH Committee) to request PH Committee approval to display applications in the Hall. In principle, the PH Committee supports the idea and will discuss further at the next PH meeting the possibility of some wall space in the corridor being made available to erect a display board.


Cllr Rorke asked Cllr Fairbairn if he would be able to attend the site meeting in School Road on 28th January 2013. Cllr Fairbairn confirmed that he would. PCSO Peter Nichol will not be able to attend but has spoken to Cllr Fairbairn regarding the parking problems.

Cllr Fairbairn advised that there would be CCC elections in May and that the boundaries will be changed resulting in five CCC councillors for North Allerdale.

8.30pm Cllr Fairbairn left the meeting.


13) Ongoing Matters           

a) PC Website. Clerk to have a new password to the site.


b) ‘Dogs on leads’.

Helen Graham (Environmental Warden) has advised that all applications have been passed on to the ABC legal team, who have now submitted a report. Helen is now waiting to hear the outcome of that report. Once it has been signed off by the legal team the report then goes to the Executive Committee for approval. Helen will then inform the PC once a decision has been made. The PC will work towards an eventual dog ban on the Jubilee Field.

Dog Fouling

Members agreed that the dog fouling problem is now worse than ever. It is possible that irresponsible dog walkers are using the dark mornings and evenings as a cover for not clearing up after their dog. Clerk to order more dog waste bags for the lamppost dispenser.

Any member of the public can report dog fouling in confidence to: or tel: 01900 702800.


c) Parking on School Road.

The clerk has arranged a site meeting for 28th January 2013 with representatives from CCC, Highways, Home Group, Thursby School and the PC. 


d) (1) Beech trees by the Parish Hall.

Clerk to accept a quote of £45 to trim the beech trees obscuring the street lamp to the right of the entrance to the PH car park.

d) (2) Fence surrounding the Paddocks play area.

Clerk to check the two quote received are like for like and if so, to accept the cheapest of the two quotes.


e) A596 Road Safety. In an email dated 11.10.12 Mr Jonathan Smith (Highways and Transport Manager) stated that Highways have been working closely with Connect Roads to find a way to implement the various recommended modifications to the centre line road markings and are now in a position to proceed. Connect Roads who maintain the A596 on behalf of Cumbria County Council will carry out the work as soon as possible.

No work has been carried out to date. Put on next agenda.


f) Repair and re-painting of the Parish Benches and Bus Shelters.

Clerk to email thecontractor to find out if the work can be carried out in this financial year.Put on next agenda.


g) Grit Bins. At the December meeting the clerk had been asked to find out the cost of one new filled grit bin but after further discussion the PC would like to order two new bins. The price of two new filled grit bins is understood to be £388.79. Clerk to order two new filled bins and give Highways Cllr Rorke’s contact details to discuss the exact locations.

In addition the landlord at The Ship Inn has kindly agreed to store a small grit heap in the corner of the car park. Clerk to inform Highways.    

Cllr Harland offered sincere thanks on behalf of the PC to Cllr Rorke for compiling a comprehensive report on the condition of the contents of the grit bins in the village. Rock salt in some bins was found to be too hard to use and others needed to be topped up with grit.

The report has now been forwarded to the Highways team. 

The clerk handed ‘snow champion’ information to Cllr Rorke as requested.


h) Thursby Roundabout 

The Thursby roundabout is on a list of 5 or 6 roundabouts currently being considered by the Highways Engineer for enhancement. Members discussed the possibility of contributing PC funds to the project.


That the Parish Council would not allocate funding to help enhance the roundabout as there are other parish projects that take priority.


i) Timber Wagons

The Parish Council discussed the forthcoming very significant increase in the tonnage of logs to be transported from Kielder to the processing plant at Workington. Members of the PC unanimously agreed that West Cumbria is highly dependant on the ‘A’ road network with, among its users, a vast number of people travelling to and from work on the A595 and A596.  

The safety record for both these major routes is poor and members of the PC considered that such an increased in slow moving wagons as that proposed would be unacceptable.


That the Parish Council recommends any increase in timber transportation should be taken by rail.


14) Items for Next Agenda Any new items to be with the clerk by Friday 8th February 2013.


15) Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 19th February 2013 in Thursby Parish Hall.


Cllr Rorke informed the meeting that the magnets have been removed from the village notice board. Clerk to try to obtain more magnets.


The meeting closed at 9.10pm.