April 15th


Clerk: Veronica Stockdale, Holly House, Sebergham,Carlisle,CA5 7HS.

Tel:016974 76035 Email:thursbypc@gmail.com


Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 15 April 2014 in Thursby Village Hall



Chair                 Wendy Bowe

Vice Chair         Peter Hunter

Councillors        Margaret Howard, Ken Peerless.

David Pattinson arrived 8.30pm


Agenda items part one

Procedural Items


185/4/14 Apologies

No apologies received for absence


186/4/14 Minutes 18 Feb 2014 and 18 March 2014

Councillors resolved to authorise the Chair to sign the minutes of the meetings held on Tuesday 18 February and Tuesday 18 March as a true record.


187/4/14 Dispensations

No requests received since the previous meeting for dispensations to speak and\or vote on any matter where a member has a disclosable pecuniary interest.


188/4/14 Declarations of Interest

No declarations by elected and co-opted members, of interests in respect of items on this agenda.


189/4/14 Public Participation

The chairman adjourned the meeting to allow members of the public an opportunity to ask questions or raise matters of interest. No members of the public present.


News from County Councillor

Councillor Fairburn reported that there would be a meeting at the end of May to make a decision on the Carwath Wind Turbine.

There have been some discussions with Stagecoach Bus Company regarding the services through Thursby. Although subsidy to some of the services is due to be withdrawn, it is planned that the services will continue.

Regarding the problem with parking along School Road, Highways acknowledge that there is a problem with access for emergency vehicles. Highways are to discuss possible way forward with Home Group. There is the possibility of a capital expenditure programme.

Councillors enquired about the continued traffic of wood wagons travelling to the west of Cumbria, adding a danger to the traffic flow. Councillor Fairburn acknowledged these concerns but there were no current plans for any change.


News from Allerdale Borough Council

Councillor MacDonald was not in attendance.


Reports from local Groups

a Cumbria Constabulary, no report.

b Thursby Parish Hall, no report.

c Sports and Recreation, no report.

d Thursby School, no report.

e Broadband, the Chair reported that it is possible that only 70% of Thursby Parish may have superfast broadband. It is difficult to know at this point whether there is a need to apply to European Development for funds as a disadvantaged area.

f Neighbourhood Forum, no report.

The Chair then reconvened the meeting.



190/4/14 Planning

Councillors  considered the following planning applications.


Planning Applications Received

2/2014/0176 Mr and Mrs John Rickerby, Evening Hill House, Thursby. Demolish existing garage and replace with two storey extention. Resolved, no objections.


Planning Decision Notices

2/2014/0001 Mr Mark Trow, 1 The Park Thursby, first floor extension above existing garage.26 February 2014. Approved

2/2013/0892 Mr Andy Ross,demolition of existing building and erection of new office space. West Park Farm, Thursby. Approved.


191/4/14 Footway Lighting

Following some discussion it was resolved on the following action points.

1.For an update from Borough Council, the clerk will contact Councillor Mac Donald and propose that a short report be given at the Parish meeting in May.

2.Request that information be published in The Throstle informing parishioners that they can raise their objections with The Allerdale Borough Council.

3.Councillor Howard to design a petition, expressing the concerns of parishioners, which councillors will then circulate to parishioners.

4.To hold a public meeting on Tuesday 29 April 2014 in Thursby Parish Hall, when parishioners will have the opportunity to discuss their concerns.


192/4/14 Damage to Village Green working Group

It was proposed that a working group be set up to consider possible measures for repair of village green and prevention of any future damage. The group will have representation from the parish council and parishioners. Karen Henderson, Liz Rowland, Sandra Watson Anna Swindells and Graeme Latimer have expressed an interest in being part of the group.

The group will bring their considerations to the parish council to resolve on any actions to be taken.

Resolved that the above parishioners along with Councillors Bowe and Hunter form a working group, to meet in two weeks.


193/4/14 Speed Indication Devices (SIDs)

Chris Broadbent, road safety co-ordinator with Cumbria County Council, is undertaking a survey of the location and condition of SIDs which it owns. Councillors considered whether to have future involvement in the management of SIDs in the parish.

Thursby Parish Council is in pocession of a SID. Resolved that the clerk will contact Chris Broadbent and enquire about the possibility of maintenance. Councillor Hunter will act as liaison on this matter.


194/4/14 Clerks telephone contact

Although it was previously proposed that the clerk would have a separate telephone number for the parish council, problems with BT management have made this difficult. Resolved therefore, to use the clerks’ home number.


195/4/14 Clerks Hours in Parish Hall

The parish council arranged for the clerk to spend a period of time each week in the Parish Hall, to allow parishioners a point of contact. However, successive clerks have noted that there are not significant numbers of parishioners attending during this time. The administration commitments of the current newly appointed clerk command increased working hours. It was resolved therefore that at the current time the hours at the Parish Hall be suspended and reconsidered at a later date. Parishioners will continue to have effective communication links through, telephone, mail and email; they can also contact Councillors or attend meetings.


196/4/14 Community Plan

The Chair gave a report, following attendance at a presentation on Community Planning. The presentation had been informative and offered support to parish councils undertaking a community plan. As the current Thursby community plan is out of date it was felt that a new plan be produced.

Resolved that Councillors Bowe, Hunter, Pattinson, Peerless and Howard form the start of a steering group. The councillors will approach village groups to enquire if they would like to have a representative on the group.

The Chair will also give a short presentation at the Parish Meeting.


197/4/14 Developments on parish issues

A. Parish Councillor Vacancy, nothing new to report.

B. Dog Ban/dogs on leads ( NB Control order has been approved and should be in place end May)

C. Home housing- hedge cutting, clerk is in discussions with Home Housing to ascertain ownership of land.

D. Jubilee Field, nothing new to report.



198/4/14 Payments and receipts

Owing to a delay in receiving bank statement from the Cumberland, accounts will be presented at the next meeting.

199/4/14 Resolved that the following payments be made.

Clerks salary is to be paid monthly by standing order.

Vodafone         £6.09    (note, this contract is now terminated)

Donation CAB   £50       (resolved March 2014)


No agenda items part two


Date of next meeting: Annual Meeting, Tuesday 20 May 2014 Thursby Parish Hall 7.30pm


Note, This will follow the Annual Parish Meeting 7pm

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