June 17th


Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com Tel: 07795484126


Draft Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 17th June 2014


Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair), Margaret Howard, Ken Peerless,

Cumbria County Councillor: Duncan Fairbairn,

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Patricia Macdonald

Members of the public: Two

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham



Procedural Items


1. Apologies: No apologies received


2. Minutes of previous meeting: The chair signed as correct minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 20th May 2014


3. Chairman’s announcements: Allerdale Parishes three tier meeting to be held in Wigton market Hall on Thursday 19th June.

Action: Peter Hunter to attend the represent Thursby Parish


4. Dispensations: No dispensations


5. Declarations of Interest: Wendy Bowe declared an interest in the Sports and recreation Committee, no other declarations.


6. Connecting Cumbria Fibre Broadband: No one from Cumbria County Council was able to attend.

Action: Clerk to follow this up and arrange attendance for the July meeting


7. The Jubilee group proposals for the village green: The council discussed the proposal from the Jubilee group but it was felt that a site visit was required in order to get a clearer picture as to what was being proposed.

Action: Clerk to contact Jubilee group committee to arrange a site visit.


8. Public Participation

The Mayor of Wigton requested an update on the roll out broadband in the parish and the chair informed him that the take up in the parish had been exceptional which had allowed BT to draw in extra funding with 70% of the parish likely to be covered. There was a further 5 stage process to extend coverage even further which required champions to be identified in Crofton, Micklethwaite and Nealhouse to work through these stages.

Councillor Howard reported that the grass cutting issue around Shawk Crescent had been resolved with Home Housing acknowledging that the two pieces of land in question were owned by Home Housing and as such they were responsible for the maintenance of them, they agreed would continue to cut the grass and as a gesture of goodwill will clear up the grass from the next cut as a one off due to its current length.

Action: – Clerk to write a letter to Mike Rorke thanking him for his efforts


A complaint had been received from a resident at The Paddocks regarding the use of the play area at the top end of the Paddocks estate.

Action: This item was deferred to the next council meeting on the 15th July


Reports from local Groups

News from Cumbria County Council: Councillor Fairbairn in formed the council that the parking issues around School Close, Shawk Crescent was still being pursued and was awaiting a response from the Highway’s Engineer. The speed of the traffic from Thursby roundabout to Dobbie’s roundabout on the A595 was an issue and at a recent meeting with officers from Allerdale and Carlisle it had been agreed that the matter would be referred to the Casualty Reduction And Safer Highways Group (CRASH) for it to be reviewed before being referred on to the Local Committee and Highways engineer for Carlisle.


News from Allerdale Councillor Macdonald: Councillor Macdonald informed the group that planning application laws had changed with regard to turbines if above 15 metres with a pre-application consultation required. This required a consultation with local property owners and parish councils and then a submission to Local Authorities, two pre consultations are currently being carried out in the Great Orton area.


Sports and Recreation: The Sports and recreation group were currently meeting with the group having recently been successful in securing additional funding.


Broadband: The council felt that there was a need to have someone in attendance to explain current progress and the need to have recruited parish volunteers to take forward the 5-stage process.

Actions: Cllr Wendy Bowe to produce a short article for the Throstle requesting volunteers. Clerk to contact Lynn Singleton, Cumbria County Council to invite her to the July meeting.



The Chair then re-convened the meeting



9. Planning

Councillors are asked to consider the following planning applications.


Planning Applications Received

Reference 2/2014/0346 – No Council objections

Reference 2/2014/0355 – Erection of agricultural shed at How End Farm, the Parish Council requested that objection be made on visual amenity and that the council be informed to call in the planning application and request full details of the application, Councilor Macdonald stated she would do the same.

Planning Decision Notices

Reference No. 2/2014/0270 James Wilson, Evening Hill farm – application granted.


10. Footway Lighting: The petition against the proposals to remove street lighting to go to the Ship Inn, Post Office, School, Church, Chapel and Village Hall. The next meeting of the Allerdale sub committee on street lighting to take place in July. In relation to the removal of the streetlight at Curthwaite Road, this appears to have been removed without approval of Allerdale BC.

Action: Clerk to write to North Western Electricity and request it be replaced.


11.Dog Control Orders (Procedure) Reg’s 2006) The Council were in favour of this order and supported it


12. Thursby Community Plan: The Council agreed to set up a steering group to include all members of the Council, a date to be set at the next meeting for the first meeting of the steering group with invites to all local groups.


13. HGV Core Action Group; Minutes of the last meeting held at Aspatria on the 27th May read out, next meeting to take place on the 24th June 7.30 at Aspatria Library


14. Public Access Defibrillator: The group agreed that an additional defibrillator in the village may be worth pursuing and that a representative from the North West Ambulance Service Trust be invited to attend a council meeting to outline the benefits, also an invite should be extended to a member of Thursby First Responders.

Action: Clerk to invite Lauren Watson, Chain of Survival Coordinator to next meeting.


15. Clerks Contract: Councillors approved the following: –

Contracted hours -10 with 3 hours spent at the hall twice per month

NJC pay scale – point 18

Mileage allowance – 45 per mile

Use of mobile phone – £10 per month

Allowance for lighting, heating and electricity due to working from home – £10 per month





17. Payments and receipts: Data protection registration invoice received.


18. Authorisation granted for the following payments:

Public Loan Works Board – £1,811.64

Envirocare – £618

Withdrawal of funds from 90-day account for Sports and Recreation Committee – £8000

PL Gauntlet Accounts Ltd Preparing receipts and payment accounts for year end 31st March 2014 – £130


19. Accounts audit: The 2013/2014 accounting statements were agreed and signed by the chair.

Action: Vice Chair Peter Hunter to forward accounts to Lawrence Haytons Accountants, Wigton.


20. Changes to signatories and addresses for accounts/statements: Cumberland Building Society contact details amended.



Date of next meeting, Tuesday 15 July 2014 Thursby Parish Hall 7.30pm

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