July 15th


Clerk: Jeff Downham,

Email: thursbypc@gmail.com Tel: 07795484126

Draft Minutes of Thursby Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 15th July 2014

Council Members: Wendy Bowe (Chair), Peter Hunter (Vice Chair), Margaret Howard, Ken Peerless,

Cumbria County Councillor: Duncan Fairbairn,

Allerdale Borough Councillor: Apologies given

Members of the public: Seventeen

Parish Clerk: Jeff Downham

Procedural Items

 1. Apologies: Apologies received from Allerdale Councillor Patricia Macdonald

2. Minutes of previous meeting: The chair signed as correct minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 17th June 2014

 3. Chairman’s announcements: NALC are running an information and networking event “Exploring Finance and Funding, Openness and Transparency issues in our sector” on 24th and 25th September, booking through CALC. Playground Inspection Training – CALC are looking to run a practical course on this, cost for a course of 20-25 people would be £35 to £43, booking through CALC.

4. Dispensations: No dispensations

 5. Declarations of Interest: Wendy Bowe declared an interest in the Sports and recreation Committee, no other declarations.

6. Public Access defibrillator: A presentation was given by Rhona McKinnon, Cumbria Ambulance Service and Laura Watson Green Urban Technologies on the benefits of an additional defibrillator in the parish. Concern was raised that before a defibrillator could be used a 999 call to the emergency services would have to be made and mobile phone coverage in the parish is patchy. Currently two defibrillators in Thursby housed in First responders homes. The boxes housing the defibrillator should be placed on an external wall of a building ideally centrally to the parish or in a location with a large footfall and would require a power supply to keep at a constant temperature. Boxes could either be left locked or unlocked and if locked the access code could be restricted as agreed by the parish. The cost of the defibrillator would be £650 with the cabinet and additional £745. Local arrangements would be made for box and the machine to checked fortnightly and North West Ambulance/Green Urban Technologies would carry out and annual service. It was agreed that this was a good idea and that NWAS would leave a number of collection boxes to start fund raising locally.

 7. Connecting Cumbria Fibre Broadband: No one from Cumbria County Council was able to attend. Contact had been made with Lynn Singleton, Project Manager – Communication & Engagement, Connecting Cumbria who had agreed to attend a future meeting or prepare a report as to progress in the parish.

Action: Clerk to follow this up and arrange attendance for the September meeting

8. Use of grassed play area at the top of the Paddocks estate, Thursby.  A member of the public raised the issues of children playing ball games on this area of land and damaging the fencing, there is no sign saying no ball games are permitted, a request was made to put up a sign stating games not permitted. The land is owned by the Parish Council with the deeds stating no restrictions apply on it. Discussion was around who owned the fences being damaged with it being reported that the fences at either end were owned by the Parish Council with the side fences being owned by the respective houses. It was suggested that an article appear in the Throstle encouraging children to play on the sports field with further checks to be made as to ownership of the fencing, and to look at other preventative measures.

Action: Check to be made with the deeds to confirm ownership of fences.

9. The Jubilee group proposals for the village green: The council discussed the proposal from the Jubilee group and a site visit had taken place but it was felt that a further site visit was required to include someone from the highways in order to get a clearer picture as to what was being proposed.

Action: Clerk to contact highways and a member of the Jubilee group committee to arrange a site visit with members of the Parish Council

10. Public Participation: A number of members of the public raised the planning application at Evening Hill with it being reported that over half of the residents in that area had been spoken to and were intending to object to this application. The planning application is currently only an outline planning application with only scant details as to numbers of houses and types of properties. Highways have stated that the access to the site is not wide enough and there are safety issues, also issues were raised about the capacity of the sewage in that area and that a high tension electric cables runs across the site. The site is designated as a green field site and does not meet Allerdale BC criteria for development neither is it highlighted in the local plan. It was stated that Allerdale is currently looking to adopt a policy of refusing planning applications from wind turbine developers over 25m high if they fall within 800 metres of a residential home, this application at Evening Hill would fall within an existing wind turbine development with this policy having been approved by a national planning inspector. It was pointed out that Thursby does need some redevelopment in order to maintain services but this development needs to be carefully considered with the council supporting small development of affordable housing and bungalows.

The 3rd of August was raised as the national day of remembrance of the start of WW1 and the church is to hold a service on that date with members of the Parish Council invited to attend. An offer was made by the council to assist with the cleaning of the war memorial if it was considered appropriate.

Two planning applications were discussed at Swainsons Farm, How end Farm for the erection of two buildings, this was to replace buildings lost at Crofton and should attract no additional farm traffic on local roads.

Action: Clerk to send letter to church accepting invite to councillors to service on the 3rdAugust

 11. Reports from local Groups

News from Cumbria County Council: Councillor Fairbairn  informed the council that the parking issues around School Close and Shawk Crescent was still being pursued and a meeting was about to take place with highways to try and resolve this problem. The subsidy for the 600 bus route was ceasing on the 6/7th September and the next neighbourhood forum is to be a Rosley Village Hall on Thursday 24th July 7pm. A question was put to Cllr Fairbairn as to whose responsibility is it to cut the grass on the verges in the middle of the village and he reported that it is not highways but the responsibility of those properties with verges in front of their houses.

News from Allerdale Borough Council: Cllr Fairbairn reported that Cllr Macdonald was pursuing the light removal from the streetlight on Curthwaite Road

 Thursby Parish Hall: Problems were being experienced with planning regarding the erection of a small porch at the rear of the building but this was ongoing.

 Broadband: Regarding the roll out of broadband in Thursby, some residents were experiencing difficulty in getting a connection, if residents are on a BT contract they should be able to get it but some internet service providers are reluctant to promote superfast broadband with residents encouraged to shop around with other service providers.

Neighbourhood Forum: The next neighbourhood Forum is in Rosley Village Hall at 7pm on Thursday 24th July with presentations by   Keven Kerrigan, Head of Development Services at Allerdale BC on the new Local Plan, including the renewable energy policy and David Morton on Connecting Cumbria

The Chair then re-convened the meeting


 12. Governance: This item to be held over until the September meeting.

 13. Planning

Councillors are asked to consider the following planning applications.

 Planning Applications Received

Reference 2/2014/0419 – Council decision to object to this application on visual impact due to saturation and an oversized turbine relative to need, and a question as to why alternative renewable power source not considered i.e. solar panels.

Reference 2/2014/0447 – Council decision to object on the grounds of insufficient information as to development, access, outside Allerdale’s  proposed Local Plan, sewage capacity, high tension power cable running through site,  strong opposition by residents, local school capacity and within 800 metres of a turbine.

Reference 2/2014/0436/0474 – No council objections

Ongoing consultation on proposed erection of single wind turbine (74 metres blade tip height) on site at Black Brow Farm, Great Orton – Councils decision to object on the grounds of visual impact, saturation of the area and the accumulative impact and an oversize turbine in relation to need.

Planning Decision Notices

Reference No. 2/2014/0346 James Wilson, Evening Hill farm – granted application

 14. Footway Lighting: Regarding the removal of the streetlight at Curthwaite Road, it was suggested that the Parish Council consider standing the cost of replacing the light with a proposal to attempt recovery of the cost from Allerdale BC.

Action:  Clerk to contact highways with a cost for re-instating the light.

15. Rural Housing Policy Review: Survey completed by the council

 16. Thursby Community Plan: Date of 23rd September 2014 set as a community meeting to look at development of a new plan, invites to go out to community groups and residents promoting the date.

Action: Peg Eastwood to provide clerk with a list of e-mails addresses of known groups and put article in Throstle. Clerk to send out invites

 17. Dog fouling notices: Council agreed to purchase 50 dog fouling stickers as an initial trial

18. Thursby Playing Field development: Council agreed that the Sports and Recreation committee be invited to the September meeting to discuss the current grant.

 19. Application to be a Thursby Councillor: An application by e-mail had been received from a resident of the parish requesting to become a councillor; they were informed by the clerk that the request needs to be in the form of an official letter which is still awaited.


Authorisation granted for the following payments:

Vidahost – £69.60

Payment to internal auditor – £60

Envirocare –      £618.00

JRB Enterprise – £62.16

Previous clerks expenses – £99.23

Clerks Salary – July £315.27 – August 315.27

Clerk’s expenses – £127.92

Accounts audit

Financial statement of 15th July agreed.

Changes to PAYE- council agreed that this should be paid electronically to be set up with CBS

Reclaim VAT – Completed and forwarded 13th July 2014

Parish Council additional hours and travel claim forms adopted by the council

Date of next meeting, Tuesday 16th September 2014 Thursby Parish Hall 7.30pm

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